2022 ANC daily wrap: Day 2

VICTORIAN teams reigned supreme on day two of the 2022 Australian Netball Championships (ANC), as two of the state’s sides finished top of their respective pools. With four more fixtures under the belt, there is plenty of action to catch up on in our daily wrap.

QBE SWIFTS ACADEMY                12 | 12 | 11 | 18 (53)
WEST COAST FEVER RESERVES    15 | 14 | 13 | 12 (54)

The West Coast Fever have come off their bye in the perfect fashion, defeating the Swifts’ Academy by a single goal.

It was a tight affair to begin the game, with the Fever only leading by three goals at the first break. That lead was extended out to five at the major break, and seven at the final change, but a superb fourth quarter from the Swifts brought them right back into the contest.

They won the final quarter, but ultimately fell just short of a come-from-behind victory.

For the Fever Reserves, Rudi Ellis finished with five intercepts, while Emma Cosh (34 feeds, 19 assists) and Ingrid Moss (32 feeds, 15 assists) did a mountain of work through midcourt. As did Nat Medhurst, who not only finished with 17 feeds and nine assists but still shot at over 80 per cent.

Meanwhile for the Swifts, Lauren Woods only missed one shot for the whole game and supplied the bulk of their goals, while Sophie Fawns finished with a 100 per cent accuracy rate.

Meanwhile, Audrey Little (21 feeds and 15 assists) and Lili Gorman-Brown (20 feeds and 11 assists) both did a mountain of work through the midcourt.

TASMANIA                                      10 | 15 | 11 | 9 (45)
SUNSHINE COAST LIGHTNING     14 | 14 | 14 | 20 (62)

Sunshine Coast Lightning have bounced back from a first up loss on Monday with a sold 17-goal win over Tasmania.

The Lightning started off solidly with a four-goal lead at quarter time, but after the Tasmanians won the second quarter the lead was whittled down to three.

Sunshine Coast was able to extend the lead back out to six at the final change, but after a stellar 20-goal to nine final term, the Lightening proved runaway winners.

For the victors, Martina Reekers and Annika Lee-Jones only missed one shot between them and provided the bulk of the goals. Meanwhile Emma Walters (21 feeds and 11 assists) and Annabelle Lawrie (17 feeds and 15 assists) provided them with plenty of shooting opportunities.

For Tasmania, Hayley McDougall only missed four shots, but none of her fellow shooters could match her volume of shots.

Shelby Miller (26 feeds, 17 assists) and Ashleigh Probert-Hill (24 feeds, 14 assists) also had busy games through midcourt.

VIC FURY                           17 | 10 | 15 | 13 (55)
SOUTHERN FORCE           17 | 16 | 8 | 13 (54)

Vic Fury survived an almighty scare against the Southern Force, who were coming off a day one bye, but held on to keep their undefeated record in tact.

Things were tight in the opening quarter, but the Southern Force shot out to a six-goal lead at the main break.

However, the third quarter was where things fell apart for the Force, as the Fury formed a resurgence to take the lead. After the final quarter was dead even in terms of score, the one-goal advantage that the Fury had at the final change ultimately proved to be enough.

For the Fury, Emma Ryde did the bulk of the shooting and only missed one shot for the game. The Fury’s other shooters were also accurate but didn’t produce nearly the volume Ryde did.

Hannah Mundy (24 feeds, 10 assists) and Tayla Honey (20 feeds and 14 assists) were also busy through the midcourt.

Meanwhile Lucy Austin (38/42) did well to try and keep pace with the Fury and was well fed by Tyler Orr (25 feeds and 17 assists) and Georgia Dent (21 feeds and 18 assists).

COLLINGWOOD                              16 | 18 | 17 | 16 (67)
QUEENSLAND SAPPHIRES             13 | 16 | 18 | 16 (63)

In one of the highest scoring games of the tournament thus far, Collingwood kept its undefeated record in tact with a win over the Queensland Sapphires.

With both sides scoring at a rate normally seen at SSN level, the margin was tight for much of the game, only really blowing out briefly early in the third quarter.

Despite losing the third quarter and drawing the fourth, the Magpies still held on.

Jane Cook didn’t miss a shot, while Uneeq Palavi and Nyah Allen only missed three each. Maggie Lind (27 feeds and 19 assists), was also very busy through midcourt, as was Montana Holmes (14 feeds and 10 assists).

Meanwhile for the Sapphires, Mia Stower (30 goals from 35 attempts), shot well, but none of the other shooters could match her volume. Leesa Mi Mi (33 feeds and 26 assists) and Macy Gardner (21 feeds and 18 assists) were also hard workers through mid court.

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