NSL Player Focus: Jasmine Brown (Stars)

LAST weekend saw the Netball Super League return with a bang, with all 10 teams gathering in Nottingham for the season opener.

One of the sides to score a big win on the opening day was the Severn Stars, who defeated the Leeds Rhinos.

A major figure in that opening day success was defender Jasmine Brown. Starved of much court time in 2023, Brown really made the most of being given the starting goal keeper role.

This article aims to take a deeper, focused look at Brown’s game, and how she came to be so influential for the Stars.

Brown stuffed the stats sheet as goal keeper, finishing with eight gains, six deflections, two intercepts and five rebounds in a magnificent performance.

She did this all while opposed to international star Joyce Mvula, making her numbers all the more impressive.

From the very first centre pass she stuck to Mvula like glue, with strong and consistent defensive pressure ensuring the Malawian star did not have much room to break free and impact.

Her body work and positioning in the air were impressive. She is able to roll her body away from the opponent to not only ensure she cleanly intercepts the ball, but also to ensure she does not get called for contact.

Her teamwork with fellow circle defender and coach Jo Trip also stood put. They timed leaps well and never got in each other’s way, even when they were both trying to intercept the same pass.

The threat that the pair created caused a lot of mistakes from the Rhinos attackers trying to get the ball into Mvula. They were more often than not going the aerial route, but passing too high for even the 1.85m Mvula to reach.

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