NSL Player Focus: Hannah Joseph (Loughborough Lightning)

LOUGHBOROUGH Lightning continued their stellar start to their Netball Super League title defence with another big win on the weekend, this time downing Team Bath by 37 goals in the final match of the weekend.

A big part in the Lightning’s success, as she is just about every week, was Lightning midcourter Hannah Joseph.

Playing out at wing attack, Joesph was a workhorse, finishing with 32 feeds, three gains and two intercepts to her name in an impressive performance.

Let us take a deeper dive into her game and see what makes her such an impressive mid courter.

Joseph did not have the most positive of impacts on the game initially, being pulled up for contact in the opening minute. She rectified it a minute later, giving a well timed feed into Mary Cholhok to set up the Lightning’s first goal of the game.

Her teamwork with Natalie Panagarry and Rhea Dixon was impressive.

She was also not afraid to switch sides of the court in attack, working well in unison with Panagarry and Dixon to not get in each other’s way and work seamlessly to get the ball into the best position for Dixon and Cholhok to shoot as quickly as possible.

Even when on the transverse line waiting for the attacking centre pass, it was clear the communication between Joseph and Dixon was strong. One would go our for the first phase while the other one would hold back to be the option for the second phase, and it was all done very smoothly.

Early on in the match when Bath had the ball in attack Joseph would not stay long on the defence side transverse line, opting to drop back and be that waiting option in attack, leaving the likes of Dixon, Panagarry and Beth Cobden to be the ones to bring the ball back down the court.

Her forward vision is very impressive, at one stage throwing a feed from the edge of the centre third over all the congestion and straight into Cholhok on the base line.

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