SSN Player Focus: Sasha Glasgow (West Coast Fever)

WEST Coast Fever star Sasha Glasgow is one of those players that often flies under the radar. While Jhaniele Fowler rightfully gets a lot of media attention for her height and the amount of volume she is able to shoot in a game, Glasgow is just as valuable to the Fever line up, doing a mountain of work out the front of Fowler which helps ensure the star Jamaican to be able to shoot the volumes in a game that she does.

Although she often flies under the radar, she certainly did not fly under the radar of the Grand Final MVP judges on Sunday night, earning the prestigious medal. This Player Focus will take a look at her award winning performance from that game.

Although often known for taking a back seat in the shooting volume department, Glasgow really shared the load with Fowler early in the first term.

However, she did eventually take a back seat in the volume department and got to work having an influence in other ways.

One thing that was evident in Glasgow’s game from the get go was her use of the space.

She very rarely went out for the centre pass, more often staying back and presenting as the second phase option for the Fever.

Even when the Fever were heading into the circle, in a sign of good team work Glasgow would stay in the outer areas of the shooting circle and never got into Fowler’s way. That way the Fever had both the tall option of Fowler to go to, or the short option in Glasgow, both of which are not always easy to match up on.

She also does a mountain of work out the front of the circle, ensuring Fowler is in the best spot to be able to take the shot.

She finished with 28 feeds, which is only six behind the midcourt pair of Alice Teague-Neeld and Verity Simmons, and 26 goal assists, which was significantly more then either of the Fever’s midcourters.

Whether it is intentional or not, she is the Super Shot specialist in the Fever line up.

She is not afraid to attempt the shot from long range, and although her accuracy was down on Sunday night she still nailed four super shots.

She is also a very tough customer, with one moment in particular in the second quarter showing that in full light, when she got squished between Jo Weston and the post, and got up and kept going.

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