Reserves Wrap: VFLW Round 5

ANOTHER weekend meant another round of VFLW and another round of AFLW stars trying to prove themselves in the VFLW to get back into the AFLW. We take a look around the league and see how they all went.

In Collingwood’s win over Port, Eloise Chaston had 14 touches, three marks, a tackle and a goal, while Bella Smith had 12 touches, six marks, nine hitouts, two clearances and a tackle. Ebony O’Dea had five touches, two clearances and a tackle, while Imogen Barnett had seven touches, four marks, two tackles, a hit out and a clearance. Meanwhile for Port, Ingrid Houtsma had nine touches, three marks, three tackles, two clearances and a goal, while Stella Reid had five touches, two marks and a tackle.

In the Western Bulldogs’ loss to Hawthorn, Elizabeth Snell had 14 touches, four clearances and a whopping 10 tackles, while Jemima Woods had 13 touches, three marks, four tackles, a hit out and a clearance.

For the Southern Saints in their draw with Essendon, Tahlia Meyer had 16 touches, two tackles and a mark, while Lucy Burke had nine touches and three marks.

For Carlton in its loss to Darebin, Lauren Brazzale had 17 touches, two tackles and a clearance, Charlotte Hammans had a goal, nine touches, a mark and three tackles and Imogen Milford had four touches, two marks, six hitouts and a clearance. Annie Lee had 11 touches, three tackles and a clearance, while Poppy Schaap had 11 touches, six tackles and two clearances.

There were plenty of AFLW listed Roos in action on Sunday as North’s VFLW side finally got their first win on the board for 2022.Jess Duffin had a stellar game, with 21 touches, 10 marks, two tackles and a clearance. Brittany Gibson had 11 touches, five marks, two tackles and a hit out, while Amy Smith had 17 touches, two marks, four tackles and two clearances.

Alexia Hamilton had two goals, 13 touches, six marks, two tackles, seven hit outs and a clearance, while Tess Craven had two goals, 19 touches, two marks and three tackles. Alice O’Loughlin had two goals, 11 touches, five marks, four tackles and a clearance, while Ella Maurer had 19 touches, four marks, two tackles and four clearances.

There were plenty of AFLW stars on both sides down at Deakin Uni as Casey defeated Geelong.

For Casey Lauren Magee had 25 touches, seven tackles, five clearances and a mark, while Alison Brown had 20 touches, four tackles and two marks. Jacqueline Parry had a great game with a goal, 23 touches, five marks, two tackles, two hit outs and a clearance, while Brenna Tarrant had 14 touches, three tackles, a mark and a clearance

Georgia Campbell had seven disposals, three marks, four hit outs and four clearances, Maggie Caris had 15 touches, two marks, 20 hit outs and four clearances while Krstel Petrevski had 20 touches, three tackles and four clearances.

Meanwhile for Geelong Gabbi Featherston had six touches, three marks, five tackles and a clearance, while Rene Caris had six touches, ten hit outs, a mark, a tackle and a clearance. Georgia Clarke had two goals, eight touches, two marks and five tackles, while Zali Friswell had 13 touches, five tackles and four clearances. Claudia Gunjaca had 14 touches, four marks and five tackles, while Carly Remmos had 25 touches, three marks and three tackles.

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