WAFLW Draft Combine invitee notes: Grand Final

IN the final edition of the West Australian Football League (WAFL) Women’s Draft Combine invite notes, we take a look at the sole remaining representative who played in the grand final. Along with Madeleine Scanlon (Claremont now Fremantle), there were also a number of future talents who caught the eye in the biggest game of the year.

As always, notes are the opinion of the individual author.

AFLW Draft Combine invitees:

Madeleine Scanlon (Claremont)

Starting in the middle, Scanlon immediately had an impact with the first clearance out of the middle and then continued her good work around the ground. At times her decision making was not perfect, thumping at down the ground, or attempting to fend off Sharon Wong at one stage, but when given time and space, the newest Fremantle Docker was able to influence the match. She provided her usual run and determination, and took the game on, taking a number of good marks around the ground. Scanlon was one of the more productive players going around with her support for the Tigers midfield evident throughout the game, though did give away a costly 50m penalty late in the game to hand East Fremantle a goal.


Taya Chambers (East Fremantle)

Had an impressive game and was one of the Sharks best, often charging off half-back and putting the ball to boot thumping down the round. Her style could be hit and miss, but there was little doubt she gained great meterage. She took a number of good marks or intercept possessions in the defensive half, clean at ground level and then looking to put pressure on Claremont’s defence pumping it inside 50. Chambers also laid a fantastic tackle on State Academy teammate Slocombe, then won another touch after kicking it inside 50 by getting to the next contest.

Zippy Fish (East Fremantle)

The bottom-age winger was again lively across the course of the match, winning her fair share of touches and having a few of her ‘moments’. Fish is a speedy type with great skills and footy IQ, and she showed that on a number of occasions without even taking possession of the ball. She would cleverly tap the ball in front of her at times, or accumulate a few touches with lightning handballs. She took some good marks and produced some nice passes such as a one straight into the middle of the ground to open the game up. She laid a big tackle on Claire Ortlepp on the wing, and took a good intercept mark in the final term just outside defensive 50 to hold a firm line.

Anjelique Raison (East Fremantle)

Providing a target inside 50, Raison could hold her head high after two goals on the big stage and a stint in the ruck. The talented bottom-age forward provided good leading patterns and was able to mark and kick quickly to slam home a goal, with the other one being a quick kick off the deck to make it two in a row for the Sharks. She looked lively, and her hands were strong as always, setting her up for a big year next year, her draft year,.

Ella Slocombe (Claremont)

Always looked dangerous as per usual, winning the ball in the back half to start with, but certainly found the going tough in the big game, she would win the ball but immediately feel the pressure and have to give it off quickly. She had time in the second term when she produced a nice hit-up to Brooke Whyte just outside 50, then ran hard inside 50 to mark that next kick. Unfortunately her set shot fell short and was spoiled across the line. She tried to take the game on in the same term but was run down by Chambers, though did have a nice play in the last quarter with a clean pickup on the wing and spin, though her kick ended up being a turnover.

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