Compare the Pair: Alyce Parker and Tilly Lucas-Rodd

HAWK Tilly Lucas-Rodd and GIANT Alyce Parker have had very similar roles in their AFL Women’s careers thus far, as that clearance midfielder that can quickly get things out of a stoppage and going for their respective sides. But how do they stack up against each other? Take a look at the stats and decide for yourself.


Tilly Lucas-Rodd: 1 x Runner Up Club Best and Fairest (2022), 1 x All Australian Squad of 40 (2022)

Alyce Parker: 2 x All Australian (2020 & 2021), 3 x Club Best and Fairest (2020, 2021 & 2022)


Disposal Efficiency59.2%57.9%
Metres Gained180.1m319.6m
Score Involvements1.32.6

As the stats show, some areas both midfielders are very evenly matched, while in others Parker leads pretty comfortably. Parker may average seven more disposals then Lucas-Rodd, but Lucas-Rodd is the slightly more efficient one with the ball.

Parker also comfortably has the higher average clearances and metres gained, which is crucial for any clearance midfielder, but there are other factors that have impacted Lucas-Rodd’s figures.


Although Lucas-Rodd has the better overall disposal efficiency of the pair, she is remarkably inefficient against Parker’s Giants, with her average efficiency 49.2 per cent the fourth lowest of all opponents.

Also in a stat that may surprise some considering her height, Lucas-Rodd has a hitout to her name, against Adelaide in 2017.


So in summary, although Parker does lead in many of the crucial categories for the type of player they both are, the career averages do not show the vast improvement in Lucas-Rodd’s game last season.

Lucas-Rodd averaged 4.2 clearances and 283.6m last season, but in the five seasons before that never averaged more than a clearance a game and no more than an average of 200m gained per match. Overall they both are talented individuals who are highly valued in their side, but the stats do not always paint the full picture.

It will be interesting to take another look back at these figures once they have both finished their careers because although Parker is the younger of the pair, Lucas-Rodd is moving teams this season, which may also impact how she performs in years to come.

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