Scouting Notes: 2022 SANFL Under 17 Futures

SUNDAY marked another instalment of the annual SANFL Under 17 Futures showcase, with the next bunch of prospects battling it out on Adelaide Oval. It was Team Yellow who comfortably came up trumps, downing their Blue counterparts by 31 points on the back of a four-goal to nil third term.

Though Under 16 and 18 grand finalists were unavailable, along with an injury list including Ashton Moir, there was still plenty of talent to monitor in the latest edition of Scouting Notes.

TEAM YELLOW 3.3 | 6.6 | 10.10 | 11.11 (77)
TEAM BLUE 2.2 | 4.3 | 4.4 | 6.10 (46)


Yellow: T. Tasker 3, J. Hansen 2, B. Barrett, R. Pearsons, L. Montgomery, L. Fawcett, A. Dodson, J. Agnew
Blue: J. Delean 2, W. McCabe, P. Carlin, M. Downs, T. Tattoli


Yellow: T. Tasker, L. Slade, A. Holt, G. Pope, A. Dodson, L. Montgomery
Blue: J. Newton, T. Tattoli, S. Draper, N. Atkinson, J. Jones, J. Delean



#6 Judd Hansen (West Adelaide)
25/02/2005 | 174cm | 68kg

Playing mostly as a creative small forward, Hansen snared two first-half goals and worked hard to get involved beyond the attacking arc. Both of his majors snuck home from 40-metre set shots, but Hansen was also accurate when picking out short passes to keep the attacking flow going. After his early scoreboard impact, Hansen racked up possessions much higher up the ground.

#10 Benny Barrett (South Adelaide)
1/05/2006 | 174cm | 69kg

A standout state and SANFL Under 16 performer, it took Barrett little time to enter the fold as he booted the game’s first goal. He was the beneficiary of a shoddy Team Blue kick-in passage, and could have launched a few more shots if not for unselfishly passing off from right on his range. Not afraid to carry the ball, he continued to be busy once moved on-ball, even if he sometimes ran himself into trouble. Although, his creativity is usually a decent watch.

#16 Loch Rawlinson (Sturt)
1/06/2005 | 178cm | 68kg

Rawlinson slotted into Team Yellow’s midfield and impacted both at and away from the contest. He constantly found a way to wriggle his arms free to flick a handball out, and spread around the ground to accumulate numbers once a Yellow player won possession. With a bit of outside run, he was one of the more productive players for his side.

#24 Luca Slade (Sturt)
3/11/2005 | 183cm | 70kg

One of the more highly touted prospects heading into the game, Slade proved his potential with a mix of game time between the defence and midfield. Starting down back, he clunked an early intercept mark and helped spark Team Yellow’s transitions, driving his legs and using the ball in an accomplished way. He continued to impress once moved into midfield, and has no trouble finding the pill at every level he plays.

#26 Alex Holt (Sturt)
28/01/2005 | 180cm | 75kg

A bottom-ager with state Under 18 experience, Holt joined his Sturt teammate Slade down back before shifting on-ball. He started steadily but looked to be positive with ball in hand; wheeling towards the corridor, taking on opponents, and distributing by foot. He leant on his power when attending stoppages and competed hard at the coalface, coming into his own as the game wore on.

#28 Louie Montgomery (North Adelaide)
24/04/2006 | 183cm | 73kg

While his numbers may not have jumped off the page on Sunday, Montgomery was as lively as anyone with his work up forward. The son of Port Adelaide premiership player, Brett, his athleticism is eye-catching and makes for a combination of high marks, slick running passages, and strong defensive pressure. His hand were also clean to boot, which helped as Montgomery snared the ball and steadied to kick the day’s final goal.

#36 George Pope (Sturt)
22/03/2005 | 186cm | 80kg

Pope is another of the many Sturt players to have had impressive games on the big stage, and he showed improvements along the way. While still somewhat of an awkward kick, he proved accurate and got good penetration by foot when bursting forward, lowering his eyes nicely to spot up forwards. He’s still a touch raw in the way he uses his power, but can be a real game-breaker through the middle with a bit more polish.

#52 Tom Tasker (North Adelaide)
2/01/2006 | 190cm | 85kg

Another son-of (Sean), Tasker was arguably best afield as Team Yellow’s forward centrepiece. The North Adelaide prospect booted a game-high three goals and looked versatile as a 190cm target, presenting on the lead and proving mobile enough to impact once the ball hit the deck. His hands were super clean at both levels, and Tasker’s ability to create contests brought others into the play. His third quarter gather and snap was his best moment, capping off a top outing.

#60 Alex Dodson (Sturt)
15/06/2006 | 201cm | 87kg

Dodson was one of the real finds of Sunday’s game, competing against Sturt teammate Fraser Greaves as Team Yellow’s primary ruck. The 201cm big man started with a couple of shaky moments – going to ground easily, and turning over his first handball – but soon showed enormous class for a player his size. Able to impact in all thirds of the ground, his kicking was impressive, whether it was coming out of defence or hitting teammates on the lead inside 50. He also shifted forward to good effect, converting a 50-metre set shot in the first quarter.

Will McCabe showed signs for Team Blue | Image Credit: Rookie Me Central


#7 Kobe McEntee (Sturt)
21/04/2005 | 170cm | 61kg

The brother of Port Adelaide small, Jed, McEntee’s end product was not always there but he was an important asset in the front half. He was not afraid to take the game on, jetting along the outside and up to half-forward where he unleashed long kicks inside 50. His work rate and ability to consistently get into space made him difficult to track for Team Yellow.

#9 Trent Tattoli (Central District)
14/04/2005 | 179cm | 68kg

An absolute ball magnet, Tattoli lived up to that tag once again on Sunday as one of Team Blue’s primary midfielders. The Central District product always seemed to be in the right spots to win or receive the ball, working both ways and accumulating plenty of possessions. He eventually shifted forward and prized a couple of shots on goal, eventually converting a major in the final term.

#11 Jedd Thomson (Woodville-West Torrens)
9/02/2005 | 179cm | 68kg

Thomson was initially stationed behind the ball as one of the designated kickers for Team Blue, before spending time up on the wing and delivering more of the same reliability by foot. He had a couple of shaky moments early, but generally used the ball efficiently and popped up for a couple of timely intercept marks in the second quarter.

#15 Sid Draper (South Adelaide)
5/07/2006 | 180cm | 70kg

This year’s state Under 16 captain, Draper showcased a few flashy traits similar to elder brother, Arlo. He started forward and while relatively quiet in the first half, looked to use his athleticism to break into attack. His turn of speed was incredibly powerful, leaving opponents in his wake with aggressive run and carry, and very nearly slotting a couple of running goals from 50 out. Draper just lacked that finishing touch in what was an impactful second half through midfield, but certainly got into dangerous positions.

#25 Jacob Newton (Norwood)
20/03/2006 | 176cm | 78kg

Along with Draper, Newton was the Team Blue midfielder who helped turn the tide late in the game, though he was arguably more consistent throughout. He started strongly with repeat inside 50 entries, and although they turned over, were proof of his ball finding ability. Newton often had enough strength to break from the centre bounces and boot long balls forward, gaining good meterage with that direct style of play.

#27 Jack Delean (South Adelaide)
15/04/2005 | 182cm | 72kg

It was no surprise to see Delean finish as his side’s lone multiple goalkicker, with his two majors coming from snaps on either foot. The crafty and natural forward could perhaps have looked inboard instead of towards the big sticks on a couple of occasions, but displayed greater instincts when twisting and turning his way out of trouble inside 50. He was also sighted taking kick-ins after half time, where his skill and decision making came in handy.

#29 Ned Atkinson (Sturt)
31/07/2006 | 180cm | 75kg

Along with state Under 16 teammate Draper, Atkinson began to come into his own later in the game as he racked up more possessions and began to pump Team Blue into attack. He was part of the mid-forward rotation and hacked a behind in the opening term, before finding his feet on-ball with a strong work rate between the arcs.

#45 William McCabe (Central District)
29/09/2005 | 196cm | 76kg

Utilised at either end of the ground, South Australia’s Under 16 MVP arguably looked more comfortable up forward in the second half. He started behind the ball and found it difficult to impact aerially, where his best strengths lie. Once swung into attack, he began to come alive at centre half-forward and displayed a bit of the dexterity which has Hawthorn fans excited about the father-son prospect. He capped his game with an excellent snap goal in term four, which just snuck over the line.

#55 Oscar Pearce (Woodville-West Torrens)
11/06/2005 | 197cm | 85kg

Another raw type of tall who showed glimpses of talent, Pearce slotted into the Team Blue defence nicely. His reach at 197cm came in handy with a couple of intercept marks, and Pearce was made to be composed under a fair bit of heat as Team Yellow took hold of the contest. He also looked relatively comfortable with ball in hand, as he has proven at SANFL Under 18s level this year.

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