AFLW Rising Star Player Focus: Cynthia Hamilton (Sydney)

IN our new series of Player Focuses, we are taking a specific look at one of the Rising Star nominees each week, and their nominee worthy performances. 

This week’s focus is on young Swan Cynthia Hamilton, who starred despite her team’s tough day at the office in Geelong.

AFLW Season 7: Round 9 – Geelong 15.12 (102) def. Sydney 4.3 (27)

Player Focus: Cynthia Hamilton (Sydney)
Stats: 19 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles


It only took a matter of seconds for Hamilton to get involved in the play, as the first centre bounce tap went straight down her throat but she was unable to maintain possession due to the tackle pressure from her Geelong opponent.

It continued to be a manic opening minute for the young star as she got possession of the ball in the centre square, was stripped of the ball but mere seconds later tackled Nina Morrison and won herself a holding the ball free kick. She continued to be involved in the play as the Swans started to build some good play forward that ultimately didn’t come off.  

Hamilton found herself as the receiver of a tap down again later in the quarter, but thankfully for her this time she had the space to be able to do something with the possession. She later attempted to smother a Julia Crockett-Grills kick, but unfortunately for her she was unsuccessful.

Hamilton took an intercept mark just inside their forward 50, and was able to set up Rebecca Privitelli for her first shot on goal, which ultimately was a goal. She remained busy though the middle of the ground as the Swans continued to push forward towards the back end of the term.


As Geelong really put the foot down in the second term, Hamilton took a while to get involved in the game. About six minutes into the quarter she laid a strong tackle on Amy McDonald but McDonald was able to get the ball free.

Not even a minute later Hamilton was involved with a handball in a passage of play in the middle that lead to Sydney’s first inside 50 of the quarter. She again helped clear a contest a couple of minutes later, but unfortunately the clearing kick she helped set up was turned over.

Late in the quarter she got moved forward of the ball, but unfortunately for Hamilton the one time the ball ended up there she got out marked by Claudia Gunjaca.


Starting the quarter out on the wing, Hamilton progressed into the middle as the quarter progressed which allowed her to get more involved in the game. She finally got involved in the action about halfway through the quarter, as she helped her team work the ball out of defence after being stuck in there for much of the quarter.

She had another touch later in the quarter but unfortunately took  too long to get rid of the ball, so was pinned for holding the ball. She was then down in defence less than a minute later, helping her team work the ball out of defence with a long, straight kick.


Hamilton was in the action early as she showed her tackling prowess in a contest on the boundary.   Towards the back end of the quarter she was able to get a really nice centre clearance that propelled her side forward towards goal.

A slight blemish on her game came inside the final three minutes of the quarter when she gave away a head high contact free, but her second efforts saw her land a solid tackle moments later. She also helped set up another forward 50 entry which resulted in the Swans’ last goal for the day.

She had a chance to thwart a Nina Morrison mark late but ultimately was not able to. However, her handball helped set up a chain of passes to clear the ball out of defence.

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