2023 Preseason Testing Top 10s – Coates Talent League Girls

ALL 12 Victorian Talent League Girls regions convened at Narrandjeri Stadium on Sunday to partake in their annual preseason testing event, under the eye of Rookie Me. Up to 35 Under 18 athletes from each squad underwent a range of physical tests; from vertical jumps, to sprints and endurance running.

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It was a record-breaking day in Thornbury, with Calder Cannons midfielder Amy Gaylor setting a new benchmark in the standing vertical jump (61cm). The AFLW Academy member also topped the running vertical leap with GWV Rebels winger Jessica Rentsch, as both athletes soared to 73cm.

Another top-age AFLW Draft prospect to impress was Dandenong Stingrays standout Mikayla Williamson. The tall outside runner clocked in the second-best agility test time, while also achieving top 10 finishes in the standing vertical jump and yo-yo test.

The speed of the draft class was showcased as another two AFLW Academy members – Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner and Laura Stone – featured in the top 10 of the 20m sprint. Oakleigh’s Marlo Cockerill notched the quickest time (3.151 seconds), eclipsing the former Victorian record set by Amber Clarke.

Meanwhile, records were equalled in the yo-yo test. First place finishers Sarah Poustie (Oakleigh Chargers) and Nikita Harris (Dandenong Stingrays) both bowed out on level 17.08, matching the feat of Essendon draftee Mia Busch last year.



Amy Gaylor (Calder Cannons) – 61cm
Paige Duffy (Murray Bushrangers) – 59cm
Marlo Cockerill (Oakleigh Chargers) – 58cm
Grace Baba (Eastern Ranges) – 57cm
Ruby Murdoch (Dandenong Stingrays) – 56cm
Mikayla Williamson (Dandenong Stingrays) – 55cm
Maddison Albrecht (Calder Cannons) – 55cm
Amelie Moore (Eastern Ranges) – 54cm
Mary Robinson (Northern Knights) – 54cm
Amber Sciacca (Northern Knights) – 54cm


Jessica Rentsch (GWV Rebels) – 73cm
Amy Gaylor (Calder Cannons) – 73cm
Holly Ridewood (Northern Knights) – 72cm
Kayla Dalgleish (Dandenong Stingrays) – 71cm
Marlo Graham (Northern Knights) – 69cm
Kiara Woods (Geelong Falcons) – 68cm
Bianca Lyne (Dandenong Stingrays) – 68cm
Sara Howley (Geelong Falcons) – 68cm
Paige Duffy (Murray Bushrangers) – 68cm
Amelie Moore (Eastern Ranges) – 67cm


Marlo Cockerill (Oakleigh Chargers) – 3.151 seconds
Sara Howley (Geelong Falcons) – 3.180 seconds
Mary Robinson (Northern Knights) – 3.204 seconds
Amber Schutte (Gippsland Power) – 3.208 seconds
Maddison Albrecht (Calder Cannons) – 3.208 seconds
Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner (Western Jets) – 3.214 seconds
Laura Stone (Eastern Ranges) – 3.214 seconds
Georgia Stubs (Eastern Ranges) – 3.219 seconds
Jenna Bannam (Bendigo Pioneers) – 3.222 seconds
Ruby Murdoch (Dandenong Stingrays) – 3.241


Nikita Harris (Dandenong Stingrays) – 8.31 seconds
Mikayla Williamson (Dandenong Stingrays) – 8.50 seconds
Payten Johnston (Murray Bushrangers) – 8.50 seconds
Scarlett Orritt (Bendigo Pioneers) – 8.51 seconds
Nadia Peebles (Bendigo Pioneers) – 8.51 seconds
Lara Hausegger (Oakleigh Chargers) – 8.51 seconds
Ruby Murdoch (Dandenong Stingrays) – 8.58 seconds
Isabella Davies (GWV Rebels) – 8.61 seconds
Evie Lee (Northern Knights) – 8.62 seconds
Emily Tassiopoulos (Oakleigh Chargers) – 8.63 seconds

YO-YO TEST (level)

Sarah Poustie (Oakleigh Chargers) – 17.08
Nikita Harris (Dandenong Stingrays) – 17.08
Marlo Graham (Northern Knights) – 17.07
Isabella Davies (GWV Rebels) – 17.06
Hannah Scott (Northern Knights) – 17.05
Caitlin Charles (Geelong Falcons) – 17.03
Mikayla Williamson (Dandenong Stingrays) – 17.02
Jemaya Bressan (Dandenong Stingrays) – 17.02
Sophie McIntosh (Oakleigh Chargers) – 17.02
Maggie Mahony (Oakleigh Chargers) – 17.01

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