2023 WAFLW Team of the Week: Round 2

SUBIACO’S impressive performance over Swan Districts has seen the Lions fill up 25 per cent of the Rookie Me Central WAFL Women’s Team of the Week for Round 2. With the results across Round 2 largely one-sided, the winning sides made up 19 of the 24 players in the overall squad, as Claremont (five) and South Fremantle and East Fremantle (four apiece) were also well represented. West Perth was the only losing side to have multiple representatives (two), with Peel Thunder, Swan Districts and East Perth having one each.

Subiaco’s half a dozen players include skipper Tarnica Golisano who was a driving force in the victory, named in the centre and as our hypothetical team’s vice-captain. She is alongside a host of teammates including Tiah Toth (half-forward) and Jessica Ritchie (full-forward) up front, while Beth Schilling (back pocket) and Madison Dodd (half-back) are also in the starting 18.

Dodd played further afield on the weekend, but has the capacity to roll into defence, and due to the strength of the midfielders and forwards in Round 2, would slot into the role in a hypothetical sense. Also in the side was second gamer Joanne Cregg who was outstanding through the midfield.

Claremont enjoyed a dominant victory over Peel Thunder, with the likes of midfielders Jasmin Stewart and Jayme Harken named on the wings due to the abundance of quality inside midfielders, while Claire Ortlepp was named at half-back. Rolling through the ruck is Matilda Dyke, while Jacinta Valentini was named among the six-player interchange bench.

South Fremantle effectively supplied the forward line this round, with all four representatives named on-field inside 50. Small forwards Noa McNaughton and Makaela Tuhakaraina were named in the pockets, with Tahleah Mulder at half-forward next to tall Bethany Bond.

East Fremantle dynamo Gabby O’Sullivan was a standout in Round 2 and named captain of our hypothetical side following a dominant performance against West Perth. She was named starting onball alongside Ashleigh Gomes, while fellow midfield talents Beth Beckett and Jae Flynn were among those on the bench.

Of the losing sides, West Perth was the only team to record multiple representatives as defender Brooke Hongell provided a steady hand in the back 50, while defender-turned-forward, top-ager Liliana Grassenis was named on the bench. Of the individual representatives, Peel Thunder double bottom-ager Evie Cowcher heads up centre half-back, while East Perth defender Lillian Ninyette battled hard in the Royals’ big loss. Swan Districts midfielder Kayley King was her side’s representative.

The three emergencies this week were Claremont’s Rachel Ortlepp, as well as Swan Districts skipper Jess Cox and Peel Thunder’s Krystal Carter.


B: Brooke Hongell (West Perth) – Lillian Ninyett (East Perth) – Beth Schilling (Subiaco)
HB: Madison Dodd (Subiaco) – Evie Cowcher (Peel Thunder) – Claire Ortlepp (Claremont)
C: Jasmin Stewart (Claremont) – Tarnica Golisano (Subiaco) (vc) – Jayme Harken (Claremont)
HF: Tahleah Mulder (South Fremantle) – Bethany Bond (South Fremantle) – Tiah Toth (Subiaco)
F: Noa McNaughton (South Fremantle) – Jessica Ritchie (Subiaco) – Makaela Tuhakaraina (South Fremantle)
R: Matilda Dyke (Claremont) – Gabby O’Sullivan (East Fremantle) (c) – Ashleigh Gomes (East Fremantle)

INT: Beth Beckett (East Fremantle) – Liliana Grassenis (West Perth) – Joanne Cregg (Subiaco) – Jae Flynn (East Fremantle) – Kayley King (Swan Districts) – Jacinta Valentini (Claremont)

EMG: Krystal Carter (Peel Thunder) – Jess Cox (Swan Districts) – Rachel Ortlepp (Claremont)

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