PODCAST | Final Siren – Episode 156

THE FINAL Siren Podcast is back for another instalment, with Episode 156 covering the latest AFL Draft news and fallout. Host Peter Williams and Rookie Me Central’s Michael Alvaro reconvene to highlight those who impressed on the national stage and in representative trials, before looking ahead to the mid-season draft.

Tune in!


>> Listen to the full episode here

AFL Academy vs. Carlton VFL
Suns Academy guns – 0:47-2:37 
Where do they fit in? – 2:50-3:59

>> Jake Rogers Player Focus

Others who impressed – 4:10-5:39

>> Scouting Notes: AFL Academy vs. Carlton VFL

Themes of the 2023 draft crop – 5:46-7:29

2023 Young Guns Series
Who are the top mid-season draft chances? – 7:46-9:26
Who boosted their stocks for Vic Country and Metro? – 9:35-11:26

>> Scouting Notes: Young Guns – Game 1 | Game 2

South Australia vs. Giants/Swans Academies
Standout players – 11:44-13:29
What’s next? – 13:30-14:03

>> Scouting Notes: South Australia vs. Giants/Swans Academies

Coates Talent League return – 14:08-14:56

>> Refresher: 2023 Coates Talent League

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