2023 WAFLW State Scouting notes: Round 13

JUST two games took place in Round 13 of the WAFL Women’s, with the other four teams to go at it next weekend as part of a split round. For this week’s State Academy Scouting notes, we looked at five players who fared well, particularly in challenging conditions.

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#32 Liliana Grassenis (West Perth)

The sole current State Academy member and top-age talent was in defence throughout the game and had a clean first touch early in the match to get a handball away. She took a strong intercept mark in defence in the same term, but was also beaten shortly after one-on-one as the Royals skipper Jess Valvasori kicked a goal after bringing it to ground. Nonetheless, Grassenis continued to play aggressive football while being accountable, taking another great intercept mark early in the second term and looking to run in transition.

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  • East Fremantle
  • South Fremantle


#38 Zippy Fish (East Fremantle)

The smooth-moving bottom-ager found plenty of the ball throughout the game, and though the wet conditions did dampen foot skills, Fish was still able to rise up and show her class. Regardless of the ground condition, she was largely clean off the deck and positioned herself well to intercept on a number of occasions. Fish had a great play in the second term where she sidestepped and opponent and kicked inside 50, and continued to offer herself up as a running option down the ground.

#33 Molly O’Hehir (South Fremantle)

Though perhaps those in charge of cleaning might not have been too excited about O’Hehir’s mud-soaked jumper post-game, it showed just how much she got involved at ground level. Known for her aerial ability and nous to take the ball at the highest point, O’Hehir was equally clean at ground level and looked to run and carry wherever possibly. She showed quick and clean hands in traffic and was able to plug and play in a number of different roles.

#7 Georgie Cleaver (East Fremantle)

Rolling through the ruck then rotating forward, Cleaver’s highlight of the game came 13 minutes into the first term when she kicked a ripping goal on the run from 40 metres out. That shot bounced through to give the Sharks a nice boost, though in the second term she also had a chance from 15 metres out straight in front and kicked it into the player on the mark. Overall considering the conditions, Cleaver was still impressive, and particularly at ground level, applying enormous amounts of defensive pressure.

#29 Natasha Entwistle (East Fremantle)

Playing a key role behind the ball, Entwistle took a number of intercept marks or mopped up in the back half to drive it forward. Finding herself one-on-one with the sneaky McNaughton, Entwistle laid a brilliant tackle in the first term, and remained involved throughout the four quarters. One of the better Sharks on the day.


South Fremantle’s Renee Morgan was the pick of the rest, having a terrific second game in the red and white and earning valuable midfield minutes. It was not a great night for forwards, with her teammate Noa McNaughton always under pressure. The bottom-age small did apply four tackles though. For the Sharks, Anjelique Raison had direct goal assists in two of her side’s three goals, so even missing out on kicking one herself, still contributed to the scoreboard. Caylen Crook had an impressive game in midfield, while Taya Chambers was quieter but like McNaughton applied great defensive pressure.

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