Season 8 AFLW preview: Richmond

SEASON 7 was a certainly a momentous one for Richmond.

The Tigers finished fourth and made their debut finals appearance, and despite going out in straight sets it was a huge step forward for those in yellow and black.

However there has been a fair amount of list turnover in the offseason, so the question will be can they maintain that growth and go even further in 2023?


#1 Grace Egan

#2 Eilish Sheerin

#3 Katie Brennan

#4 Monique Conti

#5 Courtney Jones

#7 Sarah Hosking

#8 Molly Eastman

#9 Caitlin Greiser

#11 Jess Hosking

#12 Sarah D’Arcy

#13 Meagan Kiely

#14 Poppy Kelly

#15 Rebecca Miller

#16 Laura McClelland

#17 Katelyn Cox

#18 Libby Graham

#19 Kate Dempsey

#20 Beth Lynch

#21 Charley Ryan

#22 Ellie McKenzie

#23 Shelby Knoll

#24 Charli Wicksteed

#25 Stella Reid

#26 Stephanie Williams *

#27 Emelia Yassir

#28 Gabrielle Seymour

#29 Jemima Woods

#31 Lilly Pearce

#35 Maddie Shevlin

#36 Amelia Peck

#37 Tessa Lavey *

#38 Meg Macdonald

* inactive


In: Courtney Jones, Molly Eastman, Caitlin Greiser, Shelby Knoll, Lilly Pearce, Charli Wicksteed, Charley Ryan (back from inactive)
Tessa Lavey (inactive), Stephanie Williams (inactive), Maddy Brancatisano, Kodi Jacques, Sophie Molan, Saraid Taylor, Courtney Wakefield


Round 1: vs. Brisbane @ Brighton Homes Arena
Round 2: vs. Adelaide @ Ikon Park
Round 3: vs. GWS @ Blacktown International Sports Park
Round 4: vs. Carlton @ Ikon Park
Round 5: vs. Fremantle @ Ikon Park
Round 6: vs. Gold Coast @ Ikon Park
Round 7: vs. Essendon @ Ikon Park
Round 8: vs. Hawthorn @ Cazalys Stadium
Round 9: vs. Geelong @ Ikon Park
Round 10: vs. Collingwood @ Victoria Park


  • Broke the finals glass ceiling
  • Favourable fixture
  • Strong midfield

The Tigers made finals for the first time in Season 7, which is a huge barrier to break through in their development as a club.

They also have a very favourable fixture, with four consecutive games at Ikon Park in the middle of the season and only one of their interstate trips is against a fellow Season 7 finalist. This really does put the possibility of another finals berth in their hands.

You cannot talk about Richmond without talking about its star studded midfield. Led by Monique Conti and joined by the likes of Grace Egan and Ellie McKenzie, it really is the core of Richmond’s success.


  • Effects of high list turnover
  • Are they really a top four side?

There are eight new faces in the Richmond line up this season, which is almost a third of its list. Many of their departures were getting regular game time too, so how much of an effect will such a high list turnover have on the side?

The Tigers did make the top four last season but went out in straight sets, so was it just luck of the draw that got them there or are they really a top four side?


It is tough to go past star midfielder Monique Conti when talking about Best and Fairest contenders.

She finished second in last year’s count and consistently finishes high in the count in other years, and there is no reason to suggest that Conti’s form is going to drop this season.

She also does not have too many team mates that will likely pinch votes from her.


New Tiger Caitlin Greiser comes across from St Kilda after some up and down seasons but primed to really make an impact in new colours. She is no longer the sole tall target in attack so she will not always take the best defender, and with the likes of Katie Brennan beside her to guide her, this is the perfect opportunity for Greiser to truly show why she was so talked about back in her debut season.


Richmond took a huge step forward in Season 7, making the finals for the very first time.

Although the Tigers went out in straight sets, this showed that perhaps they are not yet a top four team but during the season they showed they are definitely a finals quality team now.

With a few key additions made Richmond should definitely make finals again in 2023, but with a high list turnover it is unclear if top four is a possibility.

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