Scouting Notes: 2023 Talent League Girls – Dandenong vs. Oakleigh

OAKLEIGH Chargers stamped their ticket into the 2023 Coates Talent League Grand Final on the weekend after overcoming last year’s grand finalists Dandenong Stingrays. The Stingrays came into the match off the back of a nine-game winning streak, but could not contain the rampaging chargers at Shepley Oval. We noted down some of the top performers from the clash in our Scouting notes.

All notes are the opinion of the individual author and focus on those Victorian representatives, Combine invites and bottom-agers.

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#6 Jemma Ramsdale
07/05/2005 | 174cm | Defender

The Stingrays skipper yet again played her role and all things being equal did a pretty good job on the taller McDonald. Though her biggest test in the past few weeks – and she has played on quality players – Ramsdale reduced the damage to 10 touches and a goal, while providing her usual level of defensive pressure and intercepting from the back half of the ground.

#7 Mikayla Williamson
08/05/2005 | 173cm | Midfielder

One of the standouts for the Stingrays, Williamson started in the middle and rested at half-forward, but worked hard to win the ball all over the ground. Her efficiency was a little hit and miss again, but she was clean by hand and moved well around the stoppages. Her ability to read the taps and hit the ground running was really important, and she does well to get back and help out the defence and begin defensive transitions.

#8 Meg Robertson
06/06/2005 | 171cm | Midfielder

Another consistent midfielder for the Stingrays, Robertson is very quick to get ball to boot or dish off by hand. Though sometimes rushed, she knows how to get into ball-winning positions and can impact forward of centre as well. Robertson had a nice play with Besanko going forward in the third term but her last shot wide and fell short.

#15 Jemaya Bressan
11/09/2006 | 171cm | Wing

The outside player ran hard down the wing and covered a lot of ground between the arcs to find the ball. She spreads and holds her line, though can tend to add another number at the stoppages at times. She is good at transitioning the ball and Bressan has some areas to improve on, but is a good size and has a nice turn of pace too.

#23 Zoe Besanko
25/05/2006 | 178cm | Forward/Ruck

Besanko did not win a lot of touches, but she influenced through the ruck with 25 hitouts, and converted a nice set shot in the second term, but unfortunately sprayed a shot up the other end to miss for a behind. All in all though, she was able to assert her influence on the game through the ruck and get first hands to it. A couple of times she handballed to space hoping a teammate would run onto it, but her follow-up work was really strong.

#25 Jemma Reynolds
29/04/2006 | 163cm | Midfielder/Forward

The bottom-ager has that class and composure under pressure, and that unique ability to stop, prop and make good decisions with ball-in-hand. Generally clean around the ball, Reynolds is a nice user, and can go forward and kick a major, making sure she took responsibility for an out of bounds ball. On a tight angle, she made no mistake converting the set shot for a ripping goal in the final quarter.

#26 Kayla Dalgleish
15/07/2006 | 161cm | Forward/Midfielder

A raw talent who just keeps bobbing up in the right spots, Dalgleish is often one to weave through traffic and dish off by hand. Her efficiency is a way to further complete her game, but her movement in close, and vision checks out. She might not have kicked a goal, but had some nice plays including a strong fend-off early in the match to get the ball forward.

#45 Elli Symonds
07/10/2006 | 177cm | Ruck/Forward

Capping off a wonderful debut season with the Stingrays, Symonds was everywhere for the losing side. She dominated through the ruck as predicted with her huge leap and follow-up work superb, while kicking a couple of great goals including one from a 50m set shot. Though her kicking is a work in progress, she wins so much of the ball and can get plenty of distance between her run and long kick, she puts it into spots that worry the opposition. A top tall talent for next year.

Jemaya Bressan provided great run on the outside | Image credit: Rookie Me Central


#1 Jacinta Baxter
18/01/2006 | 172cm | Forward

Baxter has settled into her forward role well, and was able to work hard to kick a couple of majors in the preliminary final. Her first came in the second term where she ran hard into the goalsquare, and while making the perhaps odd decision to pick the ball up in the goalsquare while under pressure, the desired result was still the same. Her second came from an intercept mark off a dump kick before sending it straight through the middle. A nice mover with some potential to improve next season.

#2 Sarah Poustie
05/01/2006 | 170cm | Midfielder

Continuing her consistent season, particularly in the back half of the season, Poustie worked hard all over the ground and produced a complete performance both offensively and defensively. Poustie missed a couple of chances on goal – including one touches on the line, but did deliver a nice major from a set shot. Her aerial ability for her size is superb, even outpointing the taller Symonds at one point. She was busy throughout the four quarters and was arguably Oakleigh’s best.

#3 Sienna Tallariti
10/07/2006 | 168cm | Defender

Unfortunately Tallariti’s day ended after a courageous attempt going back with the flight in the second quarter. She copped an accidental knee in the back from Sophie Butterworth coming out of full-forward and had to be helped from the ground, but prior to that provided some nice run and used the ball well from defence.

#5 Abbey Vicino
13/02/2006 | 158cm | Midfielder

Working hard around the stoppages, Vicino again bobbed up with some nice plays, weaving through traffic and getting the ball forward. Her burst speed and release by hand is what stands out, and while she is a smaller midfielder, is able to win the ball at ground level and take off, while adding the defensive pressure element as well.

#6 Maggie Mahony
19/10/2006 | 161cm | Midfielder

Standing up through the middle, Mahony brought the heat around the ball, and also worked hard to get to the outside and provide an option to drive the ball forward. A consistent inside ball-winner, Mahony was able to win plenty of contested ball and lay some huge tackles, while giving teammates the best opportunities to apply scoreboard pressure.

#8 Lara Hausegger
03/08/2005 | 170cm | Defender

Oakleigh’s skipper tried hard all day and had some moments that were not necessarily recognised on the stats sheet. In the first term, Hausegger produced a nice smother and was able to get away from Dalgleish to dish off. Though she can run into trouble some times, Hausegger is often one to relieve the pressure coming out of defence, while doing all the team things.

#10 Amy Cariss-Brett
20/03/2005 | 166cm | Midfielder

One of the better technical pure wingers running around, Cariss-Brett’s ability to hold her width and cover the ground well is superb. She knows where to run, and finds space well to often intercept dump kicks that come her way positioned a kick behind play. Not only that, but boasting some nice speed, she can take off and get the ball forward quickly.

#17 Lucy Cronin
10/05/2005 | 177cm | Defender

Earning an AFLW Draft Combine invite despite missing out on Vic Metro, Cronin’s underrated Talent League Girls season continued. Cronin intercepted on a number of occasions, but quite often mopped up getting deep in defence then kicked down the ground, supporting her fellow defenders well.

#24 Jemma Rigoni
04/06/2004 | 173cm | Wing

Fulfilling her new wing role well, Rigoni is never too far away from breaking a game open with her turn of pace. Rigoni gets into the right spots when defensively transitioning to sometimes intercept and then go forward, but sprints ahead of the ball to work into space and even have chances on goal. She kicked a nice major in the second term when doing just that, kicking a great goal that bounced home.

#25 Emma McDonald
18/04/2006 | 180cm | Forward

Though the key forward had a tough opponent in Ramsdale, she still did well working up the ground to provide strong defensive pressure. She competed in marking contests, won a free kick out of a ruck stoppage and converted a goal and even ran down Williamson on the wing to show off her outstanding pace and athleticism for a tall.

Amy Cariss-Brett was influential on the wing for the Chargers | Image credit: Rookie Me Central

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