Scouting Notes: 2024 Coates Talent League – Round 1

THE 2024 Coates Talent League season kicked off over the weekend, with a bunch of bright talent from 12 of the 13 full-time regions stepping out in style. A bumper five top 10 draft prospects featured in one game, headlining the season’s first edition of Scouting Notes.

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  • Team
  • Northern Knights
  • Western Jets

Northern Knights 19.9 (123) def. Western Jets 12.8 (80)


#1 Jesse Dattoli
Forward/Midfielder | 179cm | 07/08/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 3 marks, 1 goal

A player who comes to life with ball in hand, Dattoli showcased his usual tricks in Northern’s big win. The top-ager started forward but was progressively afforded more midfield exposure as the game wore on, looking dangerous when playing on instinct and facing forward. He tended to bite off too much at times, but dipped into his bag of tricks with a few jinks around opponents and an outrageously good one-handed mark in term two.

#7 Zak Johnson
Midfielder | 185cm | 24/12/2006

Stats: 28 disposals, 10 marks, 1 goal

The main man in midfield for Northern, Johnson was everywhere in the first half and clearly best afield at that point. He accumulated possessions away from the contest with a combination of smart and hard running, proving efficient with his ball use and clean in his handling. Johnson faded a touch in the second half but was excellent at full flight.

#11 Lucas McInerney

Stats: 28 disposals, 7 marks, 2 goals

McInerney’s game suits the wing role perfectly, and he collected plenty of outside ball on Saturday. There were countless times where he popped up in acres of space as Northern looked to transition the ball, driving forward in short spurts and capping his work with excellent decision making. His kicking was superb and helped land two terrific long-range goals in the first half.

#18 Thomas Sims

Stats: 14 disposals, 7 marks, 5 goals

Sims’ impact on the result cannot be understated, as he booted three consecutive goals after Western equalled the scores in term three. His one-touch overhead marking, leading patterns, and steady set shot conversion all proved pivotal in a haul of five goals, which ended up being a round-high tally. At 199cm, he tests well athletically and may have upside to build into.


#2 Daniel Snell
Forward/Midfielder | 184cm | 24/08/2006

Stats: 13 disposals, 4 tackles, 4 inside 50s

Snell is blessed with terrific athleticism and showcased that in his spring-heeled vertical leap on Saturday. While clean marks seemed to evade him once he got hands on the ball overhead, the top-ager got into dangerous spots as a forward who eventually rolled through midfield. Another of his weapons, his left foot, was utilised to slide a couple of neat passes inside 50.

#3 Lucca Grego
Midfielder | 184cm | 15/09/2006

Stats: 22 disposals, 6 tackles, 1 goal

Grego is clearly Western’s top prospect for 2024 and took on plenty of ball winning responsibility through midfield. His hands were clean off the rucks’ taps and he tended to take a no-nonsense approach, often clearing the ball quickly off one or two steps. Driving his legs and picking out more dynamic options from the contest are things he can look to improve. On the other hand, his toughness and hard tackling could hardly be faulted. Grego also rested forward and slotted a clutch goal towards the end of term three.

#11 Thomas McGuane
Midfielder | 177cm | 27/08/2007

Stats: 18 disposals, 12 handballs, 3 marks

Western’s midfield brigade is on the small side but makes up for it with smarts, and McGuane is part of that. The 2025 Collingwood father-son prospect started out on the wing but was shifted into the centre bounces and began to get his hands on the ball. While clever, finding space in and around the clinches proved a challenge as Northern ran over the top after half time.

  • Team
  • Murray Bushrangers
  • Tasmania Devils

Murray Bushrangers 15.10 (100) def. Tasmania Devils 11.7 (73)

By: Adrian Dixon


#1 Joshua Murphy
Forward | 190cm | 28/11/2006

Stats: 10 disposals, 4 marks, 4 goals

Playing alongside Whitlock in the forward line, Murphy demonstrated a strong work rate with his movement, especially up the wing – including one play where he came up the wing to participate in a passage of play. His movement and aerobic underpinnings are exceptional for a power forward, and he also showed great leading and running patterns. Knew where to position himself at the contest while also showing great decision making.

#9 Joe Berry
Forward/Midfielder | 180cm | 18/04/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 3 marks, 4 goals

Prominent early around the footy. Covers the ground exceptionally well and was a key to Murray’s good start, finishing with four goals with the best of them coming late in the second quarter off the ground. His delivery to hit up his forwards was excellent, as was his evasiveness. Defensive pressure was very good and his reaction times to changes in play on turnover were also a highlight. Finished with 16 disposals going between the midfield and the forward line.

#11 Jack Glanvill
Midfielder | 186cm | 09/05/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 4 marks, 1 goal

Glanvill was excellent in the contest and moved around the ground very well. Finishing with 18 disposals and four marks, he was front and centre at the contest while his ball use by foot was very neat. Took an excellent pack mark early in the game which set the tone for the Bushies.

#20 Jack Whitlock
Key Forward | 200cm | 16/05/2006

Stats: 20 disposals, 7 marks, 4 goals

Finished for the day with four goals and easily could have been more. He’s an excellent mover for his height and excellent overhead. Positions himself well in the contest to make it hard for his opponent and managed to take a few marks, while also drawing a few free kicks in the contest. He worked well alongside Murphy in the same forward line, however can work on his set shot kicking on an angle, finishing with four behinds. His work rate with his leading patterns were fantastic.


#4 Geordie Payne
Forward/Midfielder | 184cm | 06/11/2005

Stats: 16 disposals, 5 tackles, 3 goals

Was tried in an on-ball/forward line rotation as opposed to the role he played as a defender in 2023. Provided plenty of grunt work around the contests in the midfield as well as leadership, proving a fierce competitor. Made every contest a scrap, especially with his layer two defensive work around the packs and demonstrated excellent athleticism, showcasing strong overhead marking ability. Set shot kicking early on was erratic, having numerous chances in front of goal without taking them. Although as a forward, he read the play well and provided good leading patterns, booting three goals in the last term. One was from a great snap and another a set shot from an overhead mark.

#11 Max Mapley
Key Forward/Ruck | 199cm | 27/10/2005

Stats: 14 disposals, 4 marks, 2 goals

Kicked the first goal from 45 meters out and competed well after that, displaying an excellent work rate and providing a huge presence in the contest. Got the ball into good spots inside 50 however ball delivery could do with some improvement. Went into the ruck and on one occasion won his own clearance. If he’s not marking them he’s at least bringing the ball to ground and provides an excellent vertical leap.

  • Team
  • Sandringham Dragons
  • Calder Cannons

Sandringham Dragons 16.14 (110) def. Calder Cannons 9.6 (60)


#3 Levi Ashcroft
Midfielder | 179cm | 18/12/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 3 marks, 2 goals

It was somewhat of a frustrating day for Ashcroft, who copped close attention from the get-go but ended up with the last laugh. He was dragged to the floor at the opening centre bounce as a sign of things to come, and engaged in plenty of niggle with his Calder opponents – giving away one 50-metre penalty and being helped off the ground in term three. In terms of impact, Ashcroft booted a couple of goals but was arguably less expansive than usual in what was a heated contest.

#6 Harrison Oliver
Defender | 181cm | 15/06/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 10 kicks, 2 rebound 50s

Oliver quickly emerged as a player of serious class on Saturday, utilising his sharp kicking skills to perfection. The left-footed defender worked into aggressive positions where his disposals would hurt the opposition, carving up Calder with spearing balls through and over the top of the defensive structure. His attacking nature and penetrative style were particularly prominent in the first half.

#11 Nathaniel Sulzberger
Midfielder/Forward | 187cm | 06/05/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 5 tackles, 2 goals

A potential surprise packet among Sandringham’s stack squad, Sulzberger showcased his power in several exciting moments. Whether it was his pack mark and rundown tackle in the opening quarter, or goal off a couple of steps in the second, the Tasmanian proved capable of producing special passages of play as a damaging midfielder-forward.

#22 Murphy Reid
Midfielder | 180cm | 30/07/2006

Stats: 28 disposals, 10 marks, 6 inside 50s

Arguably the best player afield across four quarters, Reid accumulated possessions with usual aplomb and did so in all areas of the ground. He played both out on the wing and in the middle, slowing time with ball in hand and picking out the right options more often than not. Reid’s calm approach would sometimes draw more pressure than he would have liked, but it hardly hindered his effectiveness.

#23 Luke Trainor
Defender | 194cm | 10/04/2006

Stats: 20 disposals, 17 kicks, 7 marks

At 194cm, Trainor possesses serious class and uses the ball like a small. He sat behind the play and made intercepting look relatively easy, before utilising his punchy kicking to pick apart holes in Calder’s defence. His foot skills were sublime and showcased the sound technical ability which makes him a rare commodity for his size.

#30 Taj Hotton
Forward/Midfielder | 182cm | 17/06/2006

Stats: 28 disposals, 8 marks, 3 behinds

Hotton is a player who usually operates in the low-possession/high impact category, but that was slightly different on Saturday as he led all-comers. He had several opportunities to hit the scoreboard in the early stages and tended to be lively around the ball with his explosive athletic traits. He could have done a better job at taking his chances, but got into dangerous spots.

#31 Bailey McKenzie
Forward | 191cm | 10/03/2006

Stats: 11 disposals, 4 tackles, 2 goals

A real moments player at this stage, McKenzie’s raw talent was on show as he bagged a couple of seriously handy goals on Saturday. Both were hit purely, the first being a snap and the second a set shot. The 191cm forward could have had three majors if not for a bad bounce, but did nicely to manufacture the chance with a baulk.

#77 Samuel Marshall
Midfielder | 185cm | 19/01/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 9 marks, 3 inside 50s

Marshall is a real workhorse in midfield and worked typically hard as part of Sandringham’s midfield-forward rotation. He may not have the polish or flair of others, but is beginning to drive his legs out of the contest with power to go with his ability to accumulate on the outside. He’ll be one who wins wars of attrition to eventually impact the game.


#2 Isaac Kako
Small Forward | 175cm | 07/03/2006

Stats: 12 disposals, 3 tackles, 2 goals

Kako’s speed and energetic nature troubled Sandringham from the get-go, setting a positive tone with improved defensive pressure and work rate up the ground. Afforded relatively limited opportunities from only 26 Calder inside 50s, the Essendon NGA member snared one goal on a fast break and another over the back. He wasn’t afraid to engage in a bit of argy-bargy and impacted from a relatively low disposal haul as one of the classier Cannons afield.

#3 Jayden Nguyen
Defender | 177cm | 27/07/2006

Stats: 24 disposals, 5 marks, 8 rebound 50s

Another product of Essendon’s NGA, Nguyen looks to have put on some size after spending time with the Bombers in preseason. Though small, the top-ager proved up for the contest and was one of Calder’s main drivers from defence. He took the game on with more vigour as it wore on, utilising his turn of speed to break the lines. Polishing up his kicking and decision making would have boosted his hurt factor even further.

#10 Damon Hollow
Midfielder | 180cm | 30/03/2006

Stats: 20 disposals, 9 inside 50s, 1 goal

In his first game as Calder captain, Hollow set the tone with plenty of niggle around the ball and a key role on Ashcroft. He got under the skin of his opponents and turned his long kicking into a weapon with nine forward 50 entries. Hollow’s acceleration was another asset around the ball as he broke away from congestion, gaining serious metres in combination with his kicking. Above all, his competitiveness and intent were outstanding features on the day.

#18 Harry O’Farrell
Key Defender | 196cm | 03/05/2006

Stats: 10 disposals, 1 tackle, 4 rebound 50s

O’Farrell looms as a hot commodity in this year’s draft as one of the rare talls available, particularly given he can play at both ends of the ground. He was utilised in defence and had the job on 2023 APS leading goalkicker Harry Armstrong. O’Farrell flew nicely for the ball without much reward and a couple of crash landings, but showed strong potential with his ability to use it neatly at 196cm.

  • Team
  • Oakleigh Chargers
  • Eastern Ranges

Oakleigh Chargers 7.12 (54) def. by Eastern Ranges 13.4 (82)


#4 Patrick Retschko
Wing | 186cm | 28/02/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 4 marks, 5 inside 50s

A mainstay out on the wing, Retschko provided outside drive and running power in a first half where dynamic transition was difficult to achieve. The endurance beast got his legs pumping on the outside and helped Oakleigh connect between the arcs, even sharpening up his kicking ability on the fly. Running remains his real strength, but he’s also strong and competitive.

#5 Finn O’Sullivan
Midfielder | 182cm | 30/05/2006

Stats: 15 disposals, 4 tackles, 5 inside 50s

O’Sullivan was hampered by a thumb injury sustained early in the game and while it may have impacted his overall output, he still managed to showcase his class. The early pick one frontrunner got involved at the opening centre clearance and tried to make things happen during the all-important third term, finding the right targets when delivering five of his 15 disposals inside 50.

#7 Jagga Smith
Midfielder/Forward | 181cm | 28/01/2006

Stats: 30 disposals, 22 kicks, 8 inside 50s

As is so often the case, Smith led all comers with 30 disposals and had little trouble finding the ball. He started at the centre bounces but also spent plenty of time up forward, looking smooth with each possession despite a lack of space. His balance was a standout trait when absorbing contact, seldom losing his feet and finding enough room to deliver effective passes. His goalkicking was a touch off though, missing a pair of set shots in term three.

#9 Tom Gross
Midfielder/Forward | 181cm | 15/09/2006

Stats: 26 disposals, 8 tackles, 1 goal

Gross’ burst speed and intensity suited the frantic pace of the game at times, albeit if it meant he looked a touch rushed in some instances. He drove his legs out of stoppages, tackled hard in there, and filled his boots with 26 touches. The main thing Gross can look to work on is his finishing on goal, particularly at speed on the run.

#11 Louis Emmett
Ruck | 198cm | 23/03/2007

Stats: 11 disposals, 3 marks, 18 hitouts

A bottom-aged ruck with plenty of development left, Emmett put his high-end traits on show in what was his fifth Talent League outing. He only clunked three marks but competed hard aerially and fulfilled his ruck duties with a game-high hitouts tally. Boasting a strong running capacity and good size, he looms as a versatile tall talent with high upside and presence.


#4 Jak Ryan
Small Forward | 176cm | 25/07/2006

Stats: 13 disposals, 3 inside 50s, 2 goals

A diminutive and quick player, Ryan broke the lines for Eastern and brought great intensity to the contest. He brought a bit of pizzazz to the play and utilised his speed in repeat efforts, joining in as the Ranges moved the ball forward. He also got on the board with two goals, including a cherry on top the win in term four.

#8 Lachy Dovaston
Small Defender | 176cm | 29/05/2007

Stats: 14 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles

Having mostly cut his teeth as a small forward capable of playing on either side of midfield, Dovaston had his first competitive in a new role across half-back. The clever small made excellent decisions with ball in hand, often relieving pressure on the last line of defence and opening up the play with his use by foot.

#9 Christian Moraes
Midfielder/Forward | 183cm | 08/11/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 7 marks, 2 goals

Moraes was one of the many top-end talents afield who rose to the occasion, especially after half time. He started in midfield and eventually found his groove, but looked particularly dangerous in the forward half. Moraes began to chain his possessions and find pockets of space, finishing with two majors and proving fairly unselfish – or indecisive – in looking to give off a few forward 50 chances.

#26 Josh Smillie
Midfielder | 194cm | 17/05/2006

Stats: 24 disposals, 3 marks, 2 goals

Our Round 1 Player of the Week and arguably the prospect who boosted his stocks the most. After an indifferent first half, Smillie stepped up in the third term and helped Eastern get well on top, using the ball beautifully by foot and imposing himself at the contest. His power and size proved a handful at stoppages, particularly inside 50 where he booted two goals and lifted his side in celebration.

#59 Cooper Trembath
Key Defender | 193cm | 17/10/2005

Stats: 22 disposals, 7 marks, 5 rebound 50s

There are few more imposing physical presences in the Talent League than Trembath, who fared typically well aerially on Sunday. He hit the contest hard and clunked a game-high seven marks, looking best when afforded a clean run and jump at the ball. With VFL experience under his belt, he will be pushing to showcase his improvements and vie for midseason draft honours.

  • Team
  • GWV Rebels
  • Bendigo Pioneers

GWV Rebels 7.13 (55) def. by Bendigo Pioneers 10.13 (73)


#2 Harry Charleson
Midfielder | 182cm | 26/06/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 2 tackles, 9 inside 50s

Coming into his draft year off a strong body of work as a bottom-ager, Charleson made a solid start to the season on Sunday. The brother of Port Adelaide draftee, Lachlan, was utilised through midfield where he proved a capable connection piece with his ability to move the ball on the outside and pump it long inside 50.

#3 Rhys Unwin
Small Forward/Midfielder | 178cm | 11/10/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 4 marks, 3 inside 50s

With a trio of key names out for the Rebels, Unwin was their sole remaining Vic Country hub member and looked typically lively. He rotated through the midfield from his usual post as a small forward, venturing high up the ground before getting busy inside 50. A goal eluded him, but he showed good craft to earn a couple of opportunities.

#5 Wil Rantall
Tall Defender | 192cm | 19/10/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 4 marks, 4 rebound 50s

Rantall, a prolific junior basketballer, was super impressive down back on Sunday. The 192cm defender matched up on James Barrat and showcased his athleticism going both ways. He was solid aerially and closed on each contest quickly, while also proving mobile enough to move fluently with ball in hand. A player with raw potential to keep an eye on.

#6 Jack Ough
Midfielder | 194cm | 15/12/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 6 tackles, 1 goal

A big body on the inside at 194cm, Ough was a clean extractor for the Rebels with one-touch handling and the ability to stand up in the clinches. He would win the contested ball and dish it off cleanly consistently, while also nabbing a late goal over the mark in his time up forward.

#7 Oliver Hannaford
Midfielder | 180cm | 01/09/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 4 tackles, 4 inside 50s

Hannaford is another Rebel with notable bottom-age experience which has put him in good steady to attack his draft year. Often utilised as a defender, he spent most of his time in midfield on Sunday to good effect. Hannaford was combative and refused to be tackled, going on to use his lateral movement and incisive kicking on the outside.

#20 Floyd Burmeister
Key Forward | 198cm | 04/05/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 2 marks, 7 hitouts

Burmeister falls into the category of raw and athletic key position prospects, with the lean 198cm top-ager showing great signs on Sunday. He moves well for his size and even went on a couple of runs with the ball, making a positive all-round impact in his role up forward. Burmeister also got involved with rucking duties and went close to hitting the scoreboard.


#2 Archer Day-Wicks
Forward | 186cm | 13/05/2006

Stats: 11 disposals, 4 marks, 2 inside 50s

Unlikely to play in Round 2 after copping a bad corkie, Day-Wicks had a relatively quiet day by his standards but still produced moments of class. The left-footed forward operated up on the flank as a connection piece going inside 50 and managed two scoring shots – albeit both behinds. The second came after getting clobbered for a free kick in term three.

#3 Tobie Travaglia
Defender/Midfielder | 187cm | 26/10/2006

Stats: 30 disposals, 10 marks, 4 tackles

Travaglia has been labelled as one of the hardest working players in the competition and had a terrific game rolling through midfield from defence. He racked up a round-high 30 touches and 10 marks, providing Bendigo with rebound power as he consistently looked to give and go. He worked hard into space and moved the ball with vigour, often snatching ground ahead of him.

#12 Jobe Shanahan
Tall Forward | 194cm | 02/08/2006

Stats: 8 disposals, 3 marks, 1 goal

Bendigo’s second National Academy member, Shanahan was also posted up forward and had his moments throughout the match. The dynamic 194cm marking target presented nicely on the lead and showcased his strong hands out in front, clunking the ball effortlessly. Shanahan’s lone goal came in the third quarter as he converted a 25-metre set shot.

#17 Lachlan Hogan
Defender/Midfielder | 177cm | 13/01/2006

Stats: 22 disposals, 5 marks, 11 rebound 50s

One of the more productive smalls afield on Sunday, Hogan racked up the ball in the back half and looked to get busy with each possession. He provided decent drive out of defence by running past for overlap handballs and pumping his legs into space. His creativity and energy made him a player consistently Bendigo looked to give the ball to.

#42 James Barrat
Tall Forward | 193cm | 23/11/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 7 marks, 3 goals

Barrat was superb in Bendigo’s forward 50 all game, but capped off his performance strongly with consecutive fourth quarter goals. The 193cm marking target led up at the ball nicely to manufacture easy avenues to goal, but also seemed to have a happy knack of producing gilt-edge chances from nowhere. He ended up with 3.5 from eight scoring shots but was a real presence for the victors.

  • Team
  • Geelong Falcons
  • Dandenong Stingrays

Geelong Falcons 9.6 (60) def. Dandenong Stingrays 8.9 (57)


#13 Xavier Ivisic
Midfielder | 180cm | 01/06/2006

Stats: 20 disposals, 4 tackles, 5 inside 50s

Pegged as one of Geelong’s top prospects for the year, Ivisic is one of the region’s two Vic Country talent hub members at this stage. The classy midfielder spent most of his time there on Sunday and accumulated possessions on the back of smart running, going inside 50 with a quarter of his touches without being massively expansive. Still, a solid start to a big year ahead.

#20 Lachie Jaques
Defender | 184cm | 01/06/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 5 marks, 6 rebound 50s

Co-captain of the Falcons this year, Jaques kicked off his campaign with a team-high 25 touches out of defence. He was tasked with the kick-in duties – into the wind at first – and favoured going by foot for most of the day. He would often be sighted chasing up his initial kick for a second touch on the overlap, proving a productive rebounder of the ball.

#22 Zac McInnes
Key Forward | 196cm | 13/01/2006

Stats: 6 disposals, 4 hitouts, 1 goal

It was by no means a massive outing from McInnes, but he had the final say with the game-winning goal. After being impeded in a marking contest, the key forward converted coolly with the last kick of the game to hand his side an unlikely victory, having only led for three minutes of game time. He had a tough matchup one-on-one but did his best to work up the ground and impact each contest.

#27 Liam Kershaw
Wing | 185cm | 17/10/2005

Stats: 17 disposals, 7 marks, 1 tackle

An over-ager who garnered interest late last year, Kershaw is back with the Falcons in 2024. He has taken on a relatively new role, too, posting up on the wing having previously featured down back. He dropped back nicely to help Geelong transition the play, but also showcased his aerial ability with a series of handy efforts overhead.

#29 Joe Pike
Ruck | 203cm | 17/05/2005

Stats: 14 disposals, 27 hitouts, 1 goal

Another over-ager in the Falcons’ program, Pike looks to have worked hard in the off-season. The 203cm ruck imposed himself on the contest around the ground to go with a game-high 27 hitouts. He also had a say when resting forward with a strong mark close to goal which he converted on the snap. Still plenty of potential to work with.


#2 Harvey Langford
Midfielder/Forward | 190cm | 15/03/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 7 marks, 3 goals

As far as non-key position players go, there would have to be very few better at clunking contested marks than Langford. The Stingrays co-captain was a thorn in Geelong’s side when resting forward, booting three goals and reeling in a series of strong grabs. He was also productive through midfield, assessing his options nicely and proving incisive with his favoured left foot. At 190cm, his craft is clean and he’s strong on the inside, but also impactful away from centre stoppages.

#10 Ben Hopkins
Defender | 190cm | 28/07/2005

Stats: 27 disposals, 5 marks, 3 rebound 50s

Returning to the Stingrays’ program with a full VFL preseason under his belt, Hopkins has started strongly on his journey to becoming a midseason draft contender. The fleet footed defender looked to generate his usual overlap run and outside drive, taking the game on with his legs and ball use. In the end, he was undeniably prolific.

#16 Cooper Hynes
Midfielder/Forward | 190cm | 28/02/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 5 tackles, 9 inside 50s

Along with co-captain Langford, Hynes was an absolute beast on the inside and imposed himself through sheer size. His kicking left a lot to be desired at times, but Hynes’ ability to break tackles and get handballs away while absorbing contact was terrific. His strength was a real asset around the ball and with a more polished end product, he could have extended his impact to the scoreboard.

#22 Jordan Doherty
Ruck | 199cm | 21/02/2005

Stats: 10 disposals, 7 marks, 5 hitouts

Having grown to 199cm over the last few years, Doherty has had to translate his game from that of a wingman to genuine key position prospect. The over-ager was Dandenong’s starting ruck on Sunday and while he didn’t win a heap of taps, took seven marks and showcased handy aerial range. He also moves well for his size and may be a late bloomer of sorts to monitor.

#45 Elwood Peckett
Midfielder | 187cm | 26/03/2006

Stats: 15 disposals, 3 tackles, 3 rebound 50s

A father-son candidate for St Kilda recruiters and fans alike to monitor, Peckett had his moments rolling through the Stingrays’ midfield. Part of the side’s leadership group, he showed good courage with an early intercept mark in the corridor and laid a strong tackle to ping the Falcons’ ruck holding-the-ball. There’s a bit to work with at 187cm.

#65 Tairon Ah-Mu
Ruck/Forward | 198cm | 06/06/2007

Stats: 10 disposals, 3 marks, 2 goals

Ah-Mu started the game in strong form, booting the game’s first two goals with towering marks inside 50. Whether holding his ground under a high ball, owning front position, or going back with the flight, the bottom-ager proved difficult to handle aerially. That translated to his ruck craft, pinch-hitting to win a team-high 12 hitouts.

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