Scouting Notes: 2024 AFLW U16s – Day 1

ALL Pool A sides were in action on day one of the 2024 AFLW Under 16 Championships with South Australia, Vic Country and Western Australia coming away with victories. We took note of a few of the players who caught the eye in those games, with all notes the opinion of the individual author.

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#4 Emily Mableson (West Adelaide)
Defender | 170cm | 05/05/2008

Using her experience in the SANFLW this season, Mableson really stood out against her peers. She was composed with ball-in-hand and so clean with her use, more often than not making good decisions. She is right foot dominant, but also recovers well with second and third efforts that stand out.

#7 Georgie Fielder (Glenelg)
Midfielder | 170cm | 28/07/2008

The sole Glenelg representative in the squad, Fielder was regularly involved in the play through midfield and getting the ball inside 50. Her release by hand and clean ball use was impressive, with her hard running between the arcs noticeable. She had a snap on goal in the first term but missed to the right.

#11 Charlee Brooksby (Norwood)
Midfielder | 171cm | 26/01/2008

The sister of Port Adelaide’s Molly, Brooksby bears a striking resemblance in game style to her sister. She uses both sides of her body and was able to kick goals off both sides as well, while smoothly gliding around the ground. She accumulated more touches than anyone else and more often than not remained balanced, bringing others into the game with her forward half disposal.

#12 Emma Charlton (South Adelaide)
Forward/Midfielder | 160cm | 18/06/2008

Another player with SANFLW experience and as a sister-of (Teah, Adelaide), Charlton looked comfortable in the forward line while rotating further afield at times. She might not be tall but is damaging with a lot of her touches and if given any space can pinpoint passes with precision. Only 160cm but enormous upside. Also played in this carnival as a bottom-ager last year.

#23 Charlotte Copson (Sturt)
Defender | 172cm | 13/03/2009

A bottom-ager at this year’s event, Copson more than held her own as that medium-tall defender coming out of the back 50. She provided some nice rebound, and while she did not win as much of the ball as others, seemed to impact each contest she was involved in. Copson was impressive one-on-one and made good decisions when it came her way.

#24 Nevaeh Ebert (North Adelaide)
Midfielder/Defender | 164cm | 23/07/2008

A player who largely spent time as a defender at North Adelaide but is more than capable of playing midfield, Ebert runs hard between the arcs and gets to the right spots. She is extremely quick by hand and her connection between hand a foot is good. She can tend to throw it on the boot a little bit, but her tenacity and 100 per cent competitive attitude is clearly evident in the way she goes about it.

#27 Miyu Endersby (Central District)
Defender/Ruck | 178cm | 01/06/2008

The Central District ruck was able to spend more time in defence and pinch-hit when others rested, with her intercepting ability the main feature of her game. Strong in the air and clean with her hands, Endersby is a smart player with plenty of upside. At 178cm, she could grow beyond 180cm, and already has remarkable athleticism. One with high upside for the future.

#28 Polly Turner (North Adelaide)
Forward | 177cm | 16/01/2008

The Adelaide and Carlton father-daughter prospect is a strong marking forward who has natural goal sense kicking four goals in the win and even leaving a couple out there. She was too good one-on-one for her opponents and it showed with her majors coming from different ranges and formats. Five minutes into the second term she brushed off an opponent while running forward with ease much to the cheer of the home crowd.


#8 Leni Lockyer (Oakleigh Chargers)
Defender | 163cm | 26/03/2008

The daughter of Collingwood 200-gamer Tarkyn, Lockyer held her own at half-back and had some nice plays. She attacks it fiercely and is not afraid to put her body on the line, winning a holding the ball free kick in the early stages of the game. She continually provided some run throughout the game and offered herself up as a switch option even in a tough outing for the defenders.

#10 Chloe Shipton (Sandringham Dragons)
Midfielder | 163cm | 30/04/2008

A high-potential player, Shipton has a great burst of speed that immediately catches the eye and has the ability to win the ball on the inside or outside. She does tend to throw the ball on the boot a bit, especially under pressure, but with her clean hands and athleticism, she ticks a lot of boxes already, and will only improve from here.

#17 Brylee Anderson (Eastern Ranges)
Defender | 172cm | 25/03/2008

Was the standout Vic Metro player on the day, with the Ranges defender providing enormous amounts of rebound and worked hard throughout the four quarters. She cleared the ball time and time again and was clean in the air and at ground level which stood out in the game. In the end, her six marks and 10 rebound 50s were game-highs, while also finishing with 23 touches.

#20 Charli Calleia (Calder Cannons)
Defender | 169cm | 28/10/2008

Another brave defender who kept getting it out of danger the best she could, Callelia had a real crack for four quarters. At times she was forced to kick under pressure or just go for distance, but tried to create some run as well and looked to dish off when she could at times. Had the 17 disposals, four marks and five rebound 50s.

#24 Jacinta Eteuati (Western Jets)
Defender | 180cm | 27/05/2008

One Metro defender who was consistently under serious heat, the Jets’ Eteuati thumped the ball clear outside the defensive 50 to give her backline some breathing space. Racking up 17 disposals, three marks, four tackles and six rebound 50s, Eteuati was a stable back there, and like the others tried to create some run and carry.

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#2 Scarlett Marsh (Dandenong Stingrays)
Defender | 160cm | 03/04/2008

A handy defender who got involved and tried hard coming out of the defensive 50. Her contest-to-contest work when required was strong, and she read the play well to get into good positions. One of a number of link-up Country players who got involved on the day, and was clean in wet conditions at times.

#8 Ava Bilyk (Geelong Falcons)
Defender | 167cm | 07/07/2008

The equal top ball-winner from Vic Country with 24 disposals, the Geelong Falcon also took a number of strong marks and provided rebound for her side. She was often having to kick under immense pressure and was right foot dominant, but cleared the ball to safety time and time again. Bilyk also took the game on when opportunities presented themselves.

#10 Sophia Green (Murray Bushrangers)
Midfielder | 171cm | 22/11/2008

Showed some potential through the middle, particularly in the air with a number of terrific marks. She was strong overhead and tenacious at ground level, laying a team-high nine tackles in the win, while also notching up four clearances. Though she did turn a few kicks over, her determination to win the ball back and put pressure on the opposition caught the eye.

#13 Grace Dillow (Gippsland Power)
Midfielder | 165cm | 03/06/2008

Dillow kicked the match-winner moments before the siren after playing an impressive game through midfield. That kick put her equal top in the disposal count for Victoria with 24 touches, while also having a team-high five clearances. She was more than comfortable around the stoppages, but did have the capacity to get to the outside as well, and laid a great smother in the third term to then pick up the ball and set up a goal to a teammate running into goal.

#16 Alice Cunnington (Dandenong Stingrays)
Midfielder | 172cm | 30/06/2008

A player who has plenty of hurt factor, Cunnington had less disposals than some others, but really made hers count. She seems to have time and space with ball-in-hand, as well as smarts to tap the ball to an advantage rather than take possession and has class beyond her years. She was rewarded for her hard work with a clever flying snap that bounced home in the first term, and she continued to have an impact driving the ball down the ground.

#18 Georgia Garlick (Bendigo Pioneers)
Forward | 175cm | 01/07/2008

A dangerous left-footed forward, Garlick made a set shot snap from the boundary line look easy in the first term, sending it between the big sticks. She had a few more chances throughout the game or to put it to dangerous spots, and just looked like a player capable of breaking the game open.

#25 Sophie White (Dandenong Stingrays)
Ruck | 181cm | 18/03/2008

The tall was the most impressive ruck, but she was not purely a stoppage specialist. White worked her way around the ground and presented a target up forward as well, while applying ground level pressure. She looked to thump the ball inside 50 and while still having areas of her game that can further develop, looked like a talented tall that Dandenong develop well.


#2 Molly Ferguson (Maroochydore)
Midfielder | 160cm | 20/08/2008

The standout midfielder not just in the game but across the first day’s action had the ball on a string with 33 disposals, but her sheer impact with each touch was noticeable. Clean with ball-in-hand and damaging by hand or foot, she was simply outstanding after a great carnival last year that saw her named MVP for the Lions Academy. She was the subject of our Player Focus.


#7 Zoe Petrides (Morningside)
Midfielder/Forward | 163cm | 28/09/2008

The Morningside midfielder is a player who can impact offensively well both through midfield and when inside 50. She kicked a goal for the Lions Academy when soccering home one off the deck just before half-time, and though another set shot fell short, it was marked by McIlwain for a goal. She continually put the ball into good spots and remained involved.

#8 Enah Desic (Coorparoo)
Defender | 163cm | 24/01/2008

Played her role throughout the match and picked up big numbers defending bravely. The 16-year-old finished with 23 disposals, five marks, 10 tackles and five rebound 50s, to be the next highest ball-winner behind Ferguson. She brought the heat and not only got it done at ground level, but provided an outlet in the back pockets to dish off to so she could run. A strong aerial player too.

#10 Stella Scott (Sherwood)
Midfielder | 164cm | 19/12/2008

While the focus was on Ferguson and Geere in the midfield, Scott went about her business unassumingly but quite impressively. She was quick and clean by hand out of the stoppage and had a shot on goal that just bounced the wrong way. Another player who was not afraid to get her hands dirty, laying eight tackles in the narrow loss.

#11 Mia Geere (Wilston Grange)
Forward/Midfielder | 171cm | 08/04/2008

A stranger to few given she has already played at QAFL Women’s level and was an All-Australian at this carnival 12 months ago. A good size and so strong both in the air and at ground level, Geere worked in tandem with Ferguson well. She clunked eight marks and kicked one of the goals of the day on the run, presenting consistently in the corridor to use her booming kick to full advantage.

#28 Harlee McIlwain (Victoria Point)
Forward | 174cm | 07/04/2008

The weather conditions did not necessarily lend themselves to tall marking forwards, but McIlwain still showed some nice traits. Her athleticism in particular when in a pack saw her take a couple of good marks, particularly resulting in a goal to put her team seven points up early in the third term. Competes in the air and moves well at ground level.

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  • Western Australia U16s Girls


#3 Allie Cameron (Burleigh)
Midfielder | 160cm | 04/03/2009

The midfielder wasted no time stamping her authority on the game, with an early clearance and then gather 45m out, slotting a goal on the run. Unfortunately for her side, the Suns would suffer a heavy defeat, but Cameron did all she could to stem the tide. When the going got tough, Cameron answered with a second goal up the other end after marking inside 50 for an immediate response. Tried hard all match and definitely had impact throughout the game.

#11 Maddie Campbell (Tweed Coast)
Defender | 166cm | 16/02/2008

Did her best out of defence and tried hard for four quarters when the backline was under siege, particularly early in the match. She was clean off the deck and got into the right spots to intercept, and while she was more of a receiver to drive the ball out of defence, created some run for her team.

#19 Asia Single (Burleigh)
Defender | 169cm | 11/10/2009

The bottom-ager held her own against players a year older than her, with an impressive performance in defence. Testing well at the Preseason Testing Day, Single had 16 disposals, four marks, seven tackles and seven rebound 50s in the loss. Her defensive pressure both in the air and at ground level was admirable and she never stopped trying despite the mounting scoreline.

#20 Stephanie Aguinaldo (Broadbeach)
Defender | 169cm | 04/04/2008

The top ball-winner in the end from the Suns Academy, Aguinaldo finished with the 18 touches and was another player who worked hard in defence to clear the ball to safety. Aguinaldo got forward earlier in the game to win it in the middle and keep it moving, with he ground ball wins impressive at half-back too.


#2 Tiama Collard (Peel Thunder)
Forward | 160cm | 08/04/2009

Realistically was the spark that lit the West Australian flame with her two goals in the second quarter giving the Black Ducks confidence. Collard was lively early and looked like hitting the scoreboard, but it was the second term where she snapped two goals that got her teammates up and about. She would kick her third in the premiership quarter coming into attack from the centre clearance, and also provided great defensive pressure throughout the match.

#11 Mia Carlshausen (Perth)
Forward | 169cm | 10/04/2008

Showed her class at times kicking a couple of goals and setting up teammates inside 50, not needing much space to do damage. Her first came late in the second quarter where off hands she got ball to boot amongst congestion in the goalsquare. Her second came off a few steps three minutes into the fourth term as the Sandgropers extended their lead, and she was consistently involved in scoring chains for her side.

#13 Ada Duncan (Subiaco)
Forward | 167cm | 18/12/2008

Inflicted maximum impact on the opposition with three goals from eight touches in the win playing forward and being a menace around the forward half stoppages. She had a few chances that she missed as well, but converted the trio of majors, as well as having three clearances in the game.

#14 Lacey McKay (Subiaco)
Midfielder | 160cm | 24/09/2008

Led the midfield brigade well alongside Strachan to win it at the source and get well on top in the clearances. McKay found the pill more often than not at stoppages in the front half, winning seven clearances and six inside 50s from only 14 disposals. Her first three touches in the match were clearances and also laid five tackles in quarter one, showing her defensive intent from the first bounce, something she carried through the match.

#27 Bella Nelson (West Perth)
Forward | 171cm | 10/03/2010

An incredible double bottom-ager at this level, Nelson only turned 14 last month but held her own against the older crop of players. She was so clean at ground level and moved well in the forward half, converting a set shot goal after a free kick in the first half, then taking a good mark in the goalsquare to slot another. A good size at 171cm, and kicked 2.2 from 14 disposals.

#30 Lexi Strachan (West Perth)
Midfielder | 168cm | 30/09/2008

Easily the best on ground, Strachan brought her own ball to the game, racking up nine more disposals than anyone else afield. The West Perth midfielder finished with 27 touches, five clearances, nine inside 50s and a whopping 11 tackles to just be a beast on the inside. She could be a first or second possession winner and possesses a thumping kick, while using her strength well at ground level or in aerial contests, racking up the ball with ease.

#32 Avuya Nomlatyu (East Fremantle)
Ruck | 176cm | 10/10/2008

The mobile ruck did well throughout the course of the game, even sidestepping a smaller opponent during the second term and then shrugging off a would-be tackler. She worked hard to get a one-handed spoil in the third term, and set up a goal to Collard in the last with a clever tap and then follow-up to thump the ball inside 50. Nomlatyu was almost like a “fourth midfielder” winning 17 touches to go with her 13 hitouts.

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