Scouting Notes: 2024 South Australia U18 vs. U20

SOUTH Australia’s Under 18 side has made it two wins from as many trial games in 2024, after defeating the state Under 20s in Saturday’s annual Youth Match at Thebarton Oval. The younger outfit trailed by two points at the opening two breaks but piled on seven goals in term three to take the ascendancy.

Having led by 26 points at the final break, the Under 18s withstood an early fourth quarter push from their comparatively wasteful elder counterparts to win 15.4 (94) to 9.13 (67). With their Under 18 National Championships opener scheduled for Sunday, we noted the Croweaters’ top prospects.

SA U18 2.1 | 4.4 | 11.4 | 15.4 (94)
SA U20 2.3 | 4.6 | 6.8 | 9.13 (67)

SA U18: C. Nicholls 3, N. Bowman 2, J. Newton 2, R. Borlace 2, C. West 2, E. Bradley, S. Draper, T. Rosenzweig, T. Welsh
SA U20: B. Thomas 3, A. Lovelock 2, J. Dignan, H. Wissman, J. Matz, N. Sadler

SA U18: C. Nicholls, B. Camporeale, D. Sharp, J. Newton, N. Bowman, A. Clarke
SA U20: K. Ryan, N. Sadler, B. Thomas, H. Wissman, A. Holt, B. Ridgway

SA U18: Charlie Nicholls (Central District)
SA U20: Kobe Ryan (West Adelaide)

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#2 Lucas Camporeale (Glenelg)
Wing | 186cm | 21/07/2006

Plying his trade out on the wing, Camporeale worked into each third of the ground as a typically prominent connection piece. Some of his ball use and decision making was tested under pressure, but the Carlton father-son prospect still managed to find a good amount of possessions between the arcs and waxed well with teammates when moving the ball by hand.

#3 Ben Camporeale (Glenelg)
Midfielder | 185cm | 21/07/2006

Arguably unlucky not to be named best afield in both trials, Camporeale thrived as the Under 18s’ go-to at stoppages. His clean hands, size and speed became significant factors in the midfield battle, allowing for a balance of clean extraction on the inside and powerful bursts to the outside. Camporeale’s work by hand was more polished than his kicking, though he got good purchase on each clearance and brushed off opponents with authority.

#4 Ned Bowman (Norwood)
Forward | 186cm | 12/09/2006

Having risen to prominence on the back of an absolute screamer in the SANFL Under 18s, Bowman again showcased his aerial ability in a busy outing across half-forward. The Norwood product took a couple of great high marks; one leading to his first of two goals, and the other seeing him soar above a pack, to bookend a solid outing with typically eye-catching highlights.

#5 Evan Bradley (North Adelaide)
Forward/Wing | 174cm | 17/01/2006

Another active member of the Under 18 forwardline, Bradley helped add fluency to his side’s transitions between the arcs. He worked up the ground and also spent time on the wing, often baulking past the man on the mark to put speed on the ball and snatch quick metres. The small also popped up with a classy goal in the third quarter, finishing well from a tight spot on the move.

#6 Benny Barrett (South Adelaide)
Forward/Midfielder | 174cm | 01/05/2006

Returning from a hamstring injury, Barrett was eased into proceedings in the second half. He started up forward but injected great energy to the midfield group once rotated on-ball, immediately winning a clearance with his turn of speed and following up to half-forward in a repeat surge. His energy was evident and helped the Under 18s kick away in a decisive third quarter.

#7 Sid Draper (South Adelaide)
Midfielder/Forward | 182cm | 05/07/2006

Having made his return last week on limited minutes, Draper ran out a full game on Saturday in the midfield-forward rotation. The state captain had to adjust after going to ground with contact in the early stages, but began to lean on his work rate and show good composure as the game opened up. He produced multiple moments of class, often looking inboard with his kicks, using his agility to buy extra time in possession, and slotting a terrific goal on the run in the last play of the game.

#16 Angus Clarke (Glenelg)
Defender | 188cm | 02/11/2006

Clarke has been given a clear role as South Australia’s designated kicker in defence and proved the ball was in safe hands on Saturday. He displayed good range from the restarts, bringing the ball back into play over long and short distances, and hitting low-percentage kicks with confidence. The emerging talent filled his boots in the face of the Under 20s’ inaccuracy, but is also capable of winning his own possessions.

#17 Jacob Newton (Norwood)
Forward | 178cm | 20/03/2006

Newton is a solid operator and after a relatively quiet first half, ran out the game strongly. He bagged two goals in the third quarter, showcasing his strengths with a punchy finish off one step and clunking an overhead mark which defied his 178cm standing. Newton’s strong defensive acts also kept him in the game and his work rate as a high forward bodes well for South Australia.

#19 Harley Barker (Sturt)
Wing | 187cm | 02/05/2007

A bottom-ager with promising traits, Barker lined up in his customary wing role on Saturday. He tracked both ways and covered ground nicely, proving nimble with possession and having the size to win the ball in dispute. Barker’s powerful blind turn in the final quarter showed he might have the ‘it factor’ to make an impact in this Under 18 side as a bottom-ager.

#24 Dyson Sharp (Central District)
Defender/Midfielder | 188cm | 23/05/2007

While not quite as prolific as he was in last week’s trial, Sharp split his time well between the defence and midfield. He was productive on the overlap when stationed behind the ball, taking up aggressive positions and timing his runs well. The bottom-ager was dominant in the first quarter and showcased a good ability to win inside ball, but also accumulate on the outside. He was strong in each phase of play and particularly efficient by hand, but had a relatively quiet second half.

#25 Charlie Nicholls (Central District)
Key Forward | 197cm | 08/06/2006

Named MVP for the Under 18s, Nicholls bagged an equal game-high three goals and was a prominent marking target up forward. Whether stationed deep inside 50 or presenting up the ground, the mobile tall was reliable in the air and displayed a strong set of hands to go with his sound skills in open play. Nicholls has clearly been watching the likes of Harry McKay with his two set shot snap goals, to go with another more conventional finish over the mark.

#40 Alex Dodson (Sturt)
Ruck | 203cm | 15/06/2006

Dodson’s exposure in either trial game suggests he’ll be South Australia’s primary ruck this year, and he has shown strong development having come from basketballing commitments. The nimble big man displayed good range in the ruck to feed his midfielders and seemed to gain confidence with his work away from the stoppages. Dodson can develop his contested marking but was clean below his knees and produced a great goal assist for Welsh with an intercept in the corridor.

#42 Tyler Welsh (Eagles/Adelaide)
Tall Forward | 191cm | 15/08/2006

It hasn’t always been the case this year, but Welsh got going straight away on Saturday with a strong mark off the opening centre break. The Adelaide father-son prospect brought his typical physicality and presence when leading up the ground, but also threw himself at the aerial ball closer to goal. Welsh hit the post with an early set shot but bagged a nice goal on the run in term three as the Under 18s established a handy lead.


Perhaps out to make a statement after being cut from the senior state team, West Adelaide midfielder Kobe Ryan was everywhere in the opening stages. The 20-year-old earned MVP honours for the Under 20s in what was a typically industrious display.

Ryan was supported ably through midfield by the likes of Adam D’Aloia and Ben Ridgway, while skipper Nick Sadler booted a crucial final quarter goal and was busy out on the wing. Fellow Sturt product Alex Holt also provided his usual run and work rate in transition.

West Adelaide defender Will Patton, who was the Under 18s’ MVP in last year’s fixture, stood tall down back with a series of intercept marks. At the other end, Beau Thomas was wasteful but spearheaded the attack with three goals, while crafty small Archie Lovelock bagged two.

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