Medium Defender


Hamish Sinnott

height: 186cm

weight: 71kg

D.O.B: 25-11-2003

Leagues: Coates Talent League Boys

SNAPSHOT: "A raw outside type with good running capacity and evasive skills, Sinnott is a prospect who gets play moving in transition."

Hamish Sinnott is a lightly-built hard-working runner out of Camperdown for the Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels. The medium defender/wingman is an outside ball user who is quite raw in terms of his overall AFL Draft profile, but is a late-birth (November 25) who should he get picked up in the National Draft, would be celebrating his 18th birthday. He is clean overhead and works hard around the ground, playing in a very aggressively running manner. Whilst more of a rookie type, Sinnott does have some nice speed and endurance which helps him impact contests, and provide options around the ground.


+ Aerial smarts
+ Positioning
+ Run and carry
+ Speed
+ Endurance


- Strength
- Inside game

Sinnott has plenty of pluses to go with his areas of improvement, including his ability to get to space through a combination of work rate, endurance and bursts of speed. He is often one to receive the handball and either give-and-go, or mark uncontested and look inboard or to the free player running on his outside, to give the ball to and keep it moving in transition. Despite being a lighter player, Sinnott does provide pressure to opponents, though his tackling numbers (one per game) are quite low. That is mostly due to his inability to stick tackles given his 65kg frame.

On his frame, it also means Sinnott is naturally an outside player, not really one to be thrown in at the coalface, and more one to receive and go from the outside. He can play off a half-back flank or roll off a wing, with his best work coming when he has time and space. The big question mark over whether Sinnott can make it at the next level will be in regards to his kicking, which for an outside player, needs to improve. He is right-foot dominant, rarely trying to be forced into using his left, and when under pressure or needing to move the ball quickly in transition whilst on the move, Sinnott can turn it over.

The aspect about Sinnott that has earned him an AFL Draft Combine invited, is his smarts around congestion, which, whilst he is not often a first receiver, is actually fairly consistent in winning a hard ball following a contest. He can spin out of trouble and evade opponents fairly well, seeing the game and using good vision to go forward. If he can iron out his kicking, then Sinnott already has the athleticism and vision to do some damage. His quick hands - often used when marking and then giving off to a teammate moving past - help to release teammates and keep the ball moving, and he is more damaging by hand than foot. His top three finish in the 2km time trial at the Vic Country Combine showcased his hard running ability.



Sinnott is still a raw prospect with plenty to improve on, but he does catch the eye with his ability to evade opponents and aggressively try and keep the ball moving in transition. Still a very light prospect who has areas to iron out, Sinnott works hard, and has a good balance of athleticism and endurance and it will hold him in good stead for the future. Unfortunately a lack of representative action has hurt him, though being a late year birth, is a perfect candidate to return as a top-age 19-year-old should he not be picked in this year's AFL Draft.

Aerial ability
Inside game

Coates Talent League Boys

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