Kalani Scoullar

height: 190cm


D.O.B: 27-02-2004

Leagues: AFLW, Vflw, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Kalani Scoullar is a strong ruck who has been one of the most consistent hitout exponents of the NAB League Girls the last two seasons. After missing games through injury, Scoullar returned to play some solid game, and though not the most athletic ruck, Scoullar has a number of impressive traits fo clubs looking fo a readymade ruck.

Kalani Scoullar is one of the tallest players available in this year’s AFLW Draft. Standing at an impressive 190cm, if drafted it would make the GWV Rebels one of the tallest players in the AFLW. She uses that height to advantage in the NAB League, quite often having 10cm-plus on many opponents, and with her impressive positioning at the ruck stoppages and being able to palm it down or punch it clear of the stoppage for teammates to run onto.

When you are as strong and big as Scoullar, it comes with drawbacks in the form of athleticism. Scoullar is not quick nor nimble, and she admitted at the preseason testing that the jumping tests, rather than the running ones were more her go. She is not going to be an athletic or explosive ruck, so the best way of developing Scoullar further is by improving her overhead marking. In many ways, Scoullar is actually more impactful at ground level rather than in the air.

Though she dominates at ruck stoppages, she is not a consistent marking target, only averaging 1.3 marks at NAB League Girls level, and 1.5 marks when representing Vic Country across two games at the AFLW Under 18 Championships. What she does well, is actually getting her hands dirty and laying strong tackles, almost mirroring her disposal and tackle counts. In the NAB League Girls, she laid 4.3 per game, which is impressive for a ruck, and she can tap the ball down and provide a strong second effort at ground level.

Scoullar might have some areas to work on going forward, but 190cm rucks with strength to not grow on trees, so Scoullar definitely offers something different for clubs. In a year where there are not a lot of rucks available, Scoullar has come through the Vic Country programs, and developed traits that could hold up against senior opponents.


Kalani Scoullar had 170 hitouts in the 2022 NAB League Girls season, the third most of any player despite only playing the eight games.

Defensive pressure
Ruck craft
Stoppage work
Aerial ability




2022Geelong Cats VFLW9918300875553042.
2023Geelong Cats VFLW212344700362431096092.

Coates Talent League Girls

2020GWV Rebels000000000000000000000
2021GWV Rebels21305430037188067092.
2022GWV Rebels29203690030159067074.

AFLW U18 Championships

2021Vic Country Girls459000317101022.
2022Vic Country Girls268300225202021.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Vic Country U17s516100218131115.
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