Tunisha Kikoak

height: 180cm


D.O.B: 12-05-2005

Leagues: Vflw, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Tunisha Kikoak is as versatile as they come, having played across all three lines as a key position player, but moves like a midfielder. Boasting speed and a competitive edge both in the air and at ground level, Kikoak is still learning aspects of the game, but has improved greatly over the last two seasons.


+ Speed
+ Versatility
+ Strength
+ Aerial ability
+ Mobility
+ Defensive pressure


- Endurance
- Ruck craft


The Tasmanian talent is one player who would be seen as a blank canvas for clubs, having played as a key defender, ruck and even key forward at times. The latter came for the Allies at this year's national carnival, completing her all three lines representation. Though naturally more of a key defender with her ability to leap at the ball and take it strongly, Kikoak offers more than just an aerial presence.

The 180cm tall averaged 13 disposals per game in the 2023 Talent League season, though that average was brought down by her limited three-disposal Round 5 match. Otherwise, that went up to 14 touches per game, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 in an ultra-consistent production output.

What stands out about Kikoak is the fact that she can do plenty around the ground. Aerially, she is a fierce competitor, who if she does not mark it, will aim to bring it to ground. But rather than having to wait for crumbers to go to work, the Tasmanian tall is good at ground level and can win her own ball and compete against smaller players.

At ground level, Kikoak has some unique traits for a player of her size, such as her speed and ability to take the ball with nice power. Though still developing her craft around the ground and in particular the ruck, she backs herself and can dish off to teammates well enough.

Boasting a powerful burst out of congestion, Kikoak is also capable of applying defensive pressure, even if not always rewarded in tackles. Her strength and one percenters stand out, and adds to her overall profile which makes her a unique selection for clubs. Given she does hail from Tasmania, Kikoak will have to relocate to the mainland and could fill a role in a number of AFLW clubs.

From an improvements perspective, Kikoak is looking to improve her craft, particularly in the ruck, but also around the ground in terms of her running patterns and where she needs to be depending on the flow of the game. This element of her profile will improve as her endurance continues to develop, which is another area she can further make strides in going forward.

Overall, Kikoak has a lot of promising traits for the future, and while elements of her game are still raw and she needs to further develop her craft as well as her endurance, she has enough about her for clubs to get excited.


Tunisha Kikoak is more of a long-term prospect, but has the ability to play in a number of roles. With that in mind, and the fact she will have to relocate, a number of teams seeking a tall utility who can play all three lines will keep her name in the mix. She should be a candidate in the second half of the draft.

Aerial ability
Defensive pressure
Ruck craft


2023North Melbourne VFLW62830010005016.

Coates Talent League Girls

2021Tasmania Devils14923400913060134.
2022Tasmania Devils602888170020420185396.
2023Tasmania Devils836014316002515604091117.55.513.01.514.22.30.161

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Allies Girls961530023304024.
2023Allies Girls21133452512526874137.04.311.
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