List looking to continue basketball journey

BASKETBALL has been a central figure in Amy List‘s life, and she is eager to ensure that continues, looking to build an illustrious career.

The 19-year-old enjoyed the early stages of her basketball journey, crediting her father for furthering her interest in the sport.

“Basketball has been a part of my life from a very young age I was in my first basketball program at the age of three In my home town Darwin in the Darwin Basketball Association Aussie hoops,” she said.

“My dad – who is 6”9 – played basketball in his youth and I wanted to do that same especially since my height naturally lead me in that pathway too.

“I went through a couple different clubs in juniors but overall I enjoyed it so much with each different club giving me different skill sets and social interactions and friends.”

Despite the obvious difficulties aligned with a lack of a basketball pathway, List remained determined to keep pushing towards the top level.

“From a basketball perspective, during my younger years in basketball, the Darwin basketball system wasn’t as developed as it is now and the pathway wasn’t as secure so accessing good coaching in younger years was difficult,” she said.

“As a player, getting older allowed me to get better access but the numbers game came into play as the amount of people in the programs decreased and women mainly dropped out once they hit the U18s division, I remember only having three people on many occasions that made up the entire high performance group.

“Personally, I really struggled with personal confidence linked to self esteem and not wanting to let my team down when underperforming.

“But truly it’s the impact that support from people around you influence it so much. Having support from teammates, parents, friend and my partner made the most significant difference in everything that had to do with this.

“Persistence is the main thing that helps overcome challenges like that, so many people just give up and don’t keep working to continue their journey but overall giving up is the worst thing you can do. Showing coaches that you’re committed to them and they will be willing to put the effort into you.”

List also credits her coach as shaping her basketball journey and keeping her confidence high in trying times.

“My coach still to this day Rod Tremlett supported me from a very young age and has kept getting me what I need to improve and be the best basketballer I can.” she said.

Currently playing for Darwin in the NBL1 North, List has nothing but positive feedback for Australia’s fastest growing basketball competition, and the Salties as a club.

“I love playing basketball in general so any competition I can do is absolutely amazing and so much fun ever time,” she said. “Especially with the amazing people on the team is outstanding and they are the people that really make it next level enjoyment.”

List recently suited up for ACT at the National Championships, and says the experience was a highlight in her journey.

“Getting the call up to represent ACT, I didn’t even expect it at all,” she said. “Rod Tremlett found me a pathway and got me into it, which I’m so grateful for, it meant a lot for him to be able to get that kind of opportunity for me especially since I’d only been to one nationals before that and never thought that that was going to be my last one so I’m glad he could get me on another one.”

“Its been an absolutely amazing experience, I’ve gained so much knowledge and assets to add to my game from nationals it’s really taken my game to the next level just that small week game me a whole new perspective and style of play at the highest level in Australia for my age group making it the most fun and exciting experience.”

Lastly, List says she has a fair idea of what the future holds when it comes to her basketball pathway, motivated to get to the highest possible level.

“I’m going to keep working at it and staying committed to the game, coaches and teammates,” she said. “I’ll be looking into options in Melbourne as I’ve gotten into a couple degrees there and want to be a student athlete. Whether that’s Big V, NBL1 or WNBL development player, I am going to keep pushing to reach my full potential with the help from my support system around me.”

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