PODCAST | Got Next Season 2, Episode 14

A BUMPER episode of the Got Next Podcast has dropped after another massive week in Australian basketball. From the Opals achieving success at the Olympic Qualifiers, to an enthralling penultimate round of NBL action, there is a lot to digest. Join Host Michael Alvaro and Basketball Analyst Liam Badkin as they run you through how it all went down. Check it out below.

Got Next Podcast Season 2, Episode 14

– Introduction (0:00-0:44)
– Opals make Olympics (0:44-2:20)
– Lauren Jackson retirement (2:20-3:42)
– NBL Weekend Wrap (3:42-5:49)
– NBL Top Performers (5:49-7:36)
– NBL Next Star Standout (7:36-9:48)
– Tips (9:48-14:42)
– Ladder Prediction (14:42-18:40)
– Outro (18:40-19:28)

Podcast Link – Listen Here

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