2023 ANZ Premiership Team of the Week – Round 2

IT is time once again for the ANZ Premiership Team of the Week, with plenty of star performances from across the league.

It was the shooting end that was the hardest battle this week, with plenty of goal shooters worthy of a spot in the team but not enough spots available for everyone to get a place.

GS – Maia Wilson (Stars)

Like a number of her Stars team mates over the weekend, Wilson posted a couple of stellar performances.

Against the Magic, Wilson shot 44 goals from 48 attempts but also recorded two assists, three feeds and a deflection.

Then against the Steel she shot 59 goals from 61 attempts and recorded four rebounds.

GA – Georgia Heffernan (Steel)

Now it was not a particularly inspiring week from goal attacks in the ANZ Premiership on the weekend, but Heffernan was the pick of the bunch for her efforts against the Pulse.

Against the defending champions, she shot 20 goals from 22 attempts, and also recorded 15 feeds, six assists and five rebounds.

WA – Gina Crampton (Stars)

Much like Wilson, Crampton put in two stellar performances over the weekend.

Against the Magic she recorded a whopping 55 feeds, 37 assists, four gains, three intercepts and three deflections, while against the Steel, she recorded 38 feeds and 29 assists.

C – Mila Reuelu-Buchanan (Stars)

Much like Wilson and Crampton, Reuelu-Buchanan put in two excellent performances over the weekend.

She recorded 34 feeds, 18 assists and a deflections versus the Magic and 46 feeds, 28 assists and three intercepts against the Steel.

WD – Michaela Sokolich-Beatson (Mystics)

In her side’s win over the Tactix, Sokolich-Beatson was certainly busy out in wing defence, finishing with four deflections, two gains, an intercept and even a feed.

GD – Phoenix Karaka (Mystics)

Much like team mate Sokolich-Beatson, Karaka was a star as her side beat the Tactix. Playing the whole game out in goal defence, Karaka finished with five gains, two intercepts, two rebounds, an assist and a feed.

GK – Kelly Jury (Pulse)

The Silver Ferns stalwart was in fine form again over the weekend, finishing with a massive 13 gains, as well as seven deflections, five intercepts and five rebounds in her side’s win over the Steel.


Grace Nweke (Mystics)

Nweke had another stellar performance under the ring, but did not quite match her Round 1 numbers to earn a spot in the starting team.

She did however finish with 46 goals from 52 attempts, five rebounds, four feeds, two assists, two deflections and one gain in her side’s win over the Tactix.  

Claire Kersten (Magic)

It was a tough battle for the midcourt this week yet again, but Kersten’s 35 feeds, 22 assists and one intercept against the Stars could not quite top the double stellar performances from some of the Stars midcourters to gain a spot in the starting line up.

Jane Watson (Tactix)

Their defenders really kept the Tactix in the match against the Mystics, and Watson was one of the absolute stars of the Tactix’s defensive group. She finished with five gains, four deflections, two intercepts and a rebound.

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