2023 ANZ Premiership Team of the Week – Round 6

IT is Wednesday, which means it is time once again for another ANZ Premiership Team of the Week. After another weekend full of excellent performances, who stood out enough to make our Round 6 team?

GS: Grace Nweke (Mystics)

It was another solid performance from Nweke with plenty of goals coming from her.

In her side’s narrow win over the Magic, she finished with a league high 50 goals from 55 attempts, as well as two rebounds.

GA: Ameliaranne Ekenasio (Magic)

As she regularly does, the Silver Ferns’ captain had an influence both inside and outside the shooting circle.

Against the Mystics, she finished with 25 goals from 27 attempts, plus 20 feeds and 10 assists.

WA: Elisapeta Toeava (Mystics)

It was another brilliant performance from Toeava, who is continuing to have a really solid season.

In her side’s win over the Magic, she worked well with Nweke and finished with 43 feeds, 29 assists, one gain and an intercept.

C: Kimiora Poi (Tactix)

Pocket rocket Poi was a solid contributor in her side’s win over the Steel, finishing with 34 feeds and 18 assists.

WD: Karin Burger (Tactix)

Burger may have only played one quarter at wing defence, her game was too good not to get a place in this week’s Team of the Week.

In her side’s win over the Steel she finished with five gains, four intercepts and three gains.

GD: Phoenix Karaka (Mystics)

In another solid performance from the Silver Fern, Karaka ended her side’s win against the Magic with three gains, two rebounds and a deflection.

GK: Erena Mikaere (Magic)

It was a tough battle for the starting keeper spot in this week’s team, but with two great performances Mikaere was the obvious choice.

Against the Mystics she finished with five gains, five deflections, one intercept and a rebound, and she finished with five gains, three deflections, two rebounds and one intercept against the Stars.


Aliyah Dunn (Tactix)

Dunn had another solid game under the ring for the Tactix, finishing with a perfect 40 goals from 40 attempts, as well as three feeds and an assist.

Gina Crampton (Stars)

Crampton had another brilliant game over the weekend, but just missed out on a starting spot in this week’s team due to purely numbers.

Against the Pulse, she finished with 46 feeds and 26 assists.

Jane Watson (Tactix)

Watson makes the Team of the Week yet again, but in a tough battle for the starting goal keeper spot is relegated to the bench.

In her side’s win over the Steel, she finished with seven deflections, four gains and two intercepts.

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