2023 ANZ Premiership Team of the Week – Round 7

CENTRAL Pulse has dominated this week’s 2023 ANZ Premiership Team of the Week, with four players in Round 7 side. The Pulse lead all-comers while Southern Steel and Mainland Tactix had two apiece, with Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic and Northern Mystics contributing the remaining two members of the team.

GS: Amelia Walmsley (Pulse)

Making her first Team of the Week for 2023, Walmsley put in two solid performances over the weekend for the Pulse. Her shooting was a little down against the Mystics (only 35 goals from 50 attempts), but she also had five rebounds, one feed and an assist. Things picked up from her against the Steel though, where she finished with 52 goals from 58 attempts as well as a deflection.

GA: Georgia Heffernan (Steel)

Back in the Team of the Week again, Heffernan put in two solid performances over the weekend for the Steel. Against the Stars she finished with 14 goals from 17 attempts, as well as 12 assists, three deflections, one intercept and a gain. Then against the Pulse she finished with 18 goals from 23 attempts, as well as nine feeds, eight assists and a deflection.

WA: Whitney Souness (Pulse)

This is remarkably only Souness’ first Team of the Week, but it was certainly well earned. Against the Mystics she finished with 40 feeds, 19 assists, one gain and a deflection.

C – Maddy Gordon (Pulse)

Someone who has earned plenty of Team of the Week nods is Gordon, who once again gets the coveted Centre spot after a solid performance against the Mystics in which she ended with 35 assists, 20 assists, four deflections, two gains and an intercept to her name.

WD: Claire Kersten (Magic)

Kersten is back in the Team of the Week, and deservedly so after a solid four feeds, one assist, one deflection game vs the Tactix.

GD: Karin Burger (Tactix)

Burger also makes another Team of the Week appearance, after she finished with six deflections, two gains and an intercept against the Magic.

GK: Kate Burley (Steel)

After fending off some tough competition for a coveted starting spot in this week’s team, Burley got the nod after two solid performances over the weekend. Against the Stars she recorded seven gains, four deflections, two intercepts, two rebounds, while against the Pulse she finished with eight deflections, three gains and a rebound.


Kelly Jury (Pulse)

After a quite game against the Mystics, Jury certainly rebounded to her usual standards against the Steel, finishing with nine gains, eight deflections, four intercepts and two rebounds.

Grace Nweke (Mystics)

Nweke had another solid week, but just did not put up the numbers Walmsley did. Against the Pulse Nweke finished with 41 goals from 44 attempts, as well as three rebounds, two deflections, two feeds and an assist.

Kimiora Poi (Tactix)

As usual it was a tough battle for midcourt spots in the Team of the Week, with shear numbers the reason Poi was relegated to the bench. She still put in a solid shift against the Magic, finishing with 40 feeds, 19 assists and a deflection.

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