2023 FAST5 day two recap

DAY TWO of the FAST5 international netball tournament is in the books after six of the best nations went head-to-head across multiple matches. We review how the clashes went down.


Jamaica (27) defeated by England (33)

MVP = Abbeygail Linton (JAM)

The opening game of the day could have gone either way as neither side was willing to step up and assert their dominance. Once England took the lead in the second term, they ran with it for the rest of the game after a close call late in the third from a Gezelle Allison six pointer.

Abbeygail Linton was the main ball winner for Jamaica with four gains, but Jamaica found it difficult to find their shooters across the game. Eventually they found some rhythm and sinked some long ones, but the damage was done by England in the fourth off the hand of Paige Reed slotting the long ones.

Malawi (24) defeated by Australia (42)

MVP = Georgie Horjus (AUS)

From the get go, Australia get the game in their pocket. Once Malawi had a slight lead, it was Australia from there as they reached a game high 19-point lead early in the fourth term. Australia’s game plan of chipping off the one pointers and going for more when they could paid off as they didn’t force the long goals, but went for them when they wanted.

Georgie Horjus was ready to shoot the long goals this game as she did it with accuracy. She was the highest scorer for Australia out at goal attack and took on the most centre pass receives. Horjus was able to finish off her hard work at the post which would have felt really rewarded.

New Zealand (41) defeated South Africa (33)

MVP = Shannen Bartlett (RSA)

South Africa led by as much as seven points, but New Zealand came into their own in the second half and took the game right from under South Africa’s feet. The lead tinkered back and forth throughout the game, but some goals in the two point range let the Kiwis turn the game on its head and dominate.

Kate Burley was winning ball from everywhere for New Zealand as she racked up seven gains, five of those being intercepts and two rebounds. She was a true headache for the South African shooters. Shannen Bartlett stayed cool, calm, and collected though as she controlled the play for South Africa. She controlled the pace of the game and was not afraid to give the ball to any of her shooters in any zone.

Australia (37) defeated England (16)

MVP = Ash Ervin (AUS)

Consistency was key for Australia as they took out all four quarter but comfortable margins and kept England scoreless in the last term. A panicked England side tried to attempt after attempt in the three point zone in the dying moments of thee game, but they just weren’t dropping.

Ash Ervin again stood up to the occasion and performed right when she needed. Her six rebounds kept the England shooters quiet as volume and accuracy was down immensely. Lucy Austin was then able to convert down the other end relatively easily with her 23 points, significantly more than the other Aussie shooters.

New Zealand (50) defeated Jamaica (16)

MVP = Tiana Metuarau (NZL)

New Zealand blew Jamaica out of the water in the last quarter, leaving them goalless in the last six minutes of the game. It was really a game Jamaica want for forget, they were in the contest by half time, but the second half set New Zealand up for success.

Tiana Metuarau got her highlight reel with three six pointers, leaving her and the other Kiwis speechless. New Zealand’s 36-point victory was what they needed heading into the goal medal match now with three shooters who are willing to shoot long not under pressure. It was also a fairly equal shooting load across all Kiwi shooters giving them all time to show what they were capable of.

Malawi (31) defeated by South Africa (37)

MVP = Towera Vinkhumbo (MAL)

A low scoring first quarter was a tough pill to swallow as most of the shooters for both nations couldn’t get the ball in the middle of the ring. It picked up though in the second term with each goal shooter carrying the shooting load from a relative distance. Malawi led by one at half time, but South Africa claimed the third convincingly to sett themselves up for success in thee fourth.

Towera Vinkhumbo did a lot of attacking work for Malawi down court and on the centre passes, butt Zandre Smit was able to sink the important ones shooting all but one goal from the two point zone.


Jamaica (36) defeated Malawi (31)

MVP = Romelda Aiken-George (JAM)

Both nations had their eye in the one point game and it paid off. Both sides put a lot of pressure on each other and eventually Malawi slipped and were forced to go for the two pointers. Jamaica kept on ticking away at the score though as Romelda Aiken-George was constantly present at the post and not afraid to move around when needed. Malawi were heavily carried by Joyce Mvula‘s 29 points and Thandie Galleta‘s work rate. Galleta had 24 feeds and 15 goal assists in 20 minutes of game time.

England (30) defeated South Africa (22)

MVP = Paige Reed (ENG)

A very scrappy game all round was visibly painful for both nations, but it was a close game as England just pulled through under a tough challenge from South Africa. A missed six pointer by South Africa lost them the win and Paige Reed was able to convert down the other end with a four pointer just before the final siren.

The last quarter was what England really needed this game with neither side able to pull away. Taylor McKevitt was good for England with 12 feeds and two gains, but it was a tough contest between her and Shannen Barlett who provided the perfect transition between attack and defence. After a frustrating outing, both nations were able to keep composed and make the most of their scoring opportunities.

Australia (35) defeated New Zealand (23)

MVP = Matilda Garrett (AUS)

Australia had a solid start breaking away quickly from New Zealand. The Kiwis responded well in the second term, but the Aussie defence was consistent and caused doubt in New Zealand’s feeds and shots. The lean on the shot from both nation’s defenders was clean and caused a lot of missed, especially from long distance.

There were patches of play where it would be really scrappy, and Australia would be able to cope under the pressure and eventually be calm on the ball while putting speed on transition. The low shooting percentage is what hurt the Kiwis the most, having to rely on the longer shots to get themselves back in the game, but they weren’t dropping.

1st = Australia

2nd = New Zealand

3rd = England

4th = South Africa

5th = Jamaica

6th = Malawi


New Zealand (38) defeated South Africa (31)

MVP = Junior Levi (NZL)

New Zealand led every minute of the game and never let South Africa allow them to crumble under the pressure. Whenever South Africa reduced the deficit, the Kiwis would extend their lead even more. he Kiwis had a good range of goals from the different shooting areas, but it was Junior Levi who kept on ticking the score over with his 13 points, the South Africans to go for the big points.

It was a better game under the post for South Africa rather than from distance, but Shane Labuschange kept South Africa in the contest with his 22 points, but Njabulo Nekhawambe kept winning ball back for South Africa with two gains. Similarly, New Zealand’s Jake Schuster got four of his own.


New Zealand (51) defeated Australia (34)

MVP = Thomson Matuku (NZL)

The third quarter was the icing on the cake for New Zealand taking it by 14 points. Slick shooting was all around, but the Kiwis were able to make the most of the super shot period while only allowing Australia to score seven points in the second half.

Again, Thomson Matuku take a bow. His 30 points won New Zealand the game shooting only long goals, most coming from the super shot period. His confidence was at an all time and brought the stadium alight. Alistair Punshon was the go to ball winner for Australia, slowly winning ball back mainly in the second half with three gains. Jordon Webb was able to finish it off at the post from distance and keep the Aussies in the contest for most of the game.

1st = New Zealand

2nd = Australia

3rd = South Africa

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