2023 FAST5 day one recap

DAY ONE of the FAST5 international netall tournament is in the books after six of the best nations went head-to-head across multiple matches. We review how the clashes went down.


Jamaica (36) defeated Australia (38)

MVP = Gezelle Allison (JAM)

Jamaica turned the game on its head in the second half, taking the win by the narrow margin of two-goals from the reigning champions in Australia. A relatively clean gam by the Aussies was not enough as their shooting accuracy was down, and the Jamaicans were able to capitalise down the other end, in particular Gezelle Allison who did the bulk of Jamaica’s shooting.

Allison topped her MVP performance off with 29 points. One of her three point goals was worth six during the super shot period which gave Jamaica the lead in the dying seconds form a penalty. The main ball winner for the Aussies was newly capped Diamond Matilda Garrett racking up four gains.

New Zealand (42) defeated Malawi (13)

MVP = Michaela Sokolich-Beatson (NZL)

New Zealand were the dominant side from the first whistle winning every quarter convincingly. The Kiwis prevented Malawi from reaching double digits in each quarter as New Zealand presented a dominant shooting display.

Loreen Ngwira (five rebounds and one intercept) and Joyce Mvula (nine points) tried to keep Malawi in the contest, but New Zealand were too good at the post and they were able to turn ball over too cleanly. New Zealand’s defence was an annoyance for the Malawi attack line with Kate Burley‘s her seven gains and Elle Temu‘s five and keeping two of the Malawi shooters scoreless.

England (37) defeated South Africa (26)

MVP = Paige Reed (ENG)

It was really a first half to forget for South Africa, only scoring four goals to England’s 20 by the major break. Accuracy was key for MVP Paige Reed only missing two goals and being as dominant as ever scoring 27 points, more than South Africa’s total score. She really topped off her performance with a six pointer in the last moments of the game.

Reed couldn’t have done it without Taylor McKevitt as her nine feeds all placed the England shooters in prime shooting opportunity. It was the same story for South Africa’s Shannen Bartlett with her 90 percent in her feeds resulting in a goal.

Jamaica (41) defeated Malawi (37)

MVP = Gezelle Allison (JAM)

It was a slightly surprising result but it was thanks to the ball getting to the Malawi shooters a bit easier and they were able to sink the ball through the middle of the ring. The score line continued to go back and forth as both nations could not feel comfortable with any established lead in this form of netball.

The longer the distance, the better the shot was for Allison who put on another MVP performance slotting 24 points sharing the shooting load in the two and three point zones. Malawi’s even shooting load kept the heads turning in the Jamaican defence line as they didn’t know who to focus on as they ticked over the score mainly focusing on the one pointers. Jessie Mazengera did a mountain of work in attack with the most amount of feeds for Jamaica while only missing one goal and slotting in 15 of her own.

South Africa (32) defeated by Australia (38)

MVP = Lucy Austin (AUS)

Another close game for Australia really put them to the challenge of the back the first quarter that set them up for victory. The Aussies led by as much as 12, but South Africa continued to knock down the six pointers to reduce the deficit, but it wasn’t enough as Australia just kept their lead through one pointers.

Tippah Dwan had a day at the post, scoring 14 points in only eight minutes of game time. She only missed one goal and contributed to the fairly even work load across the Australian attack line. Down the other end, it was Zandre Smit who was trying to keep South Africa in the contest knocking down two six pointers pull at Australia’s lead.

New Zealand (32) defeated England (21)

MVP = Georgia Heffernan (NZL)

A first quarter for the ages gave New Zealand a lot of wiggle room, but it was a relatively uncharacteristic game by England. That was due to New Zealand’s defensive pressure and ability to win ball and convert it. Tayla Earle had a big day at the office with 16 feeds and seven goal assists, one of the most dominant performances the whole day. Kate Burley also had four rebounds and a pick up.

South Africa (33) defeated Jamaica (17)

MVP = Ané Retief (RSA)

It was a great performance by South Africa who kept Jamaica quiet majority of the outing. South Africa only dropped off the in the last quarter, but other than then it was a relatively successful game. Ané Retief was an absolute menace for the Jamaican shooters by constantly disrupting the play and winning back ball for South Africa through four rebounds and two intercepts. Zandre Smit was able to convert down the other end, especially in the two point zone scoring 17 points, Jamaica’s total score.

England (41) defeated Malawi (30)

MVP = Paige Reed (ENG)

England had a great first half leading by 13-points and that really set them up for success. England really stood up in the second term and turned the jets on. Another MVP by Paige Reed was an obvious choice scoring 25 points in 24 minutes and most of her points came from the two point zone. Joyce Mvula was great support for the Malawi attackers, coming out of the circle, bringing the ball down swiftly on transition while scoring 18 points.

New Zealand (29) defeated by Australia (38)

MVP = Ash Ervin (AUS)

Probably the game fans were most excited for, Australia held on to take the game and make it an even playing field across three nations — Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and England — all with two wins and one loss. Another defender got MVP in Ash Ervin who had the job of covering the towering Grace Nweke who has taken New Zealand netball by storm.

Ervin continued to disrupt the play and stuck to the one on one hands over pressure, trying to clog up the space. Nweke herself had a great game though scoring 17 points and getting five rebounds, but she did more work outside of the circle because of the the Australian defenders were building up in the defensive third.


Australia (50) defeated South Africa (39)

MVP = Shane Labuschange (RSA)

It was really a tale of two halves as South Africa took the first and Australia took the second convincingly. It was a 17-goal lead by half time, but thanks to a 28-goal turnaround and a 25 point fourth quarter, Australia took the victory.

Shane Labschange was phenomenal for South Africa, not afraid to go to the post from distance. His 29 points kept South Africa in the contest through multiple goals in the super shot period. Similarly for Australia, Jordon Webb‘s 33 points is what allowed the Aussies to take the lead also shooting mainly from distance.

New Zealand (42) defeated Australia (29)

MVP = Thomson Matuku (NZL)

A slow start for Australia proved costly as New Zealand took advantage of every gain and put the pressure on Australia by leading at every moment.

Thomson Matuku had the ball on a string as his high shooting arch made it hard for the Aussie defenders to get a hand on the ball. He had no problem shooting from distance, making it look easy with his successful shots going straight through the middle of the ring.

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