Greet eyes more Roosters success

NORTH Adelaide winger Erica Greet wants nothing more than another Roosters premiership in 2022. The hard running outside midfielder got a taste for it when North went undefeated in 2020, and now she wants more. The former basketballer has had quite the journey through the pathways, and at 23-years-old still has plenty of time left in her career.

“I was a basketballer all through school and was getting a bit sick of the culture out there,” Greet said. “My sister wanted to play footy, so we went out to Port Adelaide footy club before they folded and played. “I spent my first year on the sidelines injured, I only played like a game. “Then I got picked up by North as a train-on and I’ve been there ever since. “That was in 2017-2018.”

It is not hard to imagine what Greet’s fondest memory in the red and white might be, describing the 2020 flag as “unreal”.

“Just all the hard work coming together, especially through the COVID year,” Greet said. “I think we were the most united we’ve ever been, and to be able to feel that on and off the field was just incredible.”

When asked what it would take to get back to the premiership dais lifting the cup aloft once more, Greet said it was about rekindling that same successful team chemistry.

“I think we’ve recruited really well, so we’ve got the girls now,” she said. “Our on-field and off-field bond is what’s going to help us get there, so if we know each other off the field, we’re going to know each on the field, and then the success will just follow.”

As an individual, Greet does more than just play a role, she earned SANFL Women’s Team of the Year honours last season. Named on the wing, Greet admits she was shocked at the time, and still remains shocked to this day.

“I didn’t think I was that good, so to win that award and be in that team was probably the highlight of the year,” she said.

As for her game, Greet is acutely aware of both her strengths and improvements. Her outside and work rate are among her best traits, whilst she is looking to become a better contested player in the future.

“My hard running and my ability to read the play and get to the right positions,” Greet said. “I love playing defensively so I’ll always be behind the ball. “I think I’m a pretty clever player, so getting to those right positions so that whether I’m used or not, I’m there.

“I want to become a bit more contested. “I’m very much an outside player. I think if I can get in there and be a bit more contested and put a bit more pressure on my opponent, that will help me take a step forward.”

As for the next 12 months, Greet has enjoyment and success at the forefront of her mind.

“I just want to continue to enjoy my footy, playing with my friends,” Greet said. “Running around, hopefully help North get to another premiership.”

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