Allies thunder to devilish win over Rams

A FIVE-GOAL third quarter onslaught has seen the Allies defeat NSW-ACT by 40 points at Blacktown International Sportspark on Monday afternoon, before the best of each side merges to create the final Allies Under 18 squad.

The combined Tasmanian and Northern Territory team trailed at the first break, but clawed ahead by a single point at half-time, before breaking the game open with a flurry of majors to set up a match defining lead.

On their home patch, the NSW-ACT Rams had the better run of play early on. Booting three-straight goals in the opening quarter, the hosts looked efficient inside forward 50 as top-ager Jaimee Kitchener (two goals) combined with over-ager Georgie Jacques (one) as the key attacking targets.

The Allies were also stung to start the second term, owning much of the territory before NSW-ACT skipped up the other end and converted a major through Zarlie Goldsworthy. A goal-for-goal period of play made for exciting viewing, with the Allies’ own number nine, Claire Ransom also getting on the board.

The Allied Thunder applied plenty of pressure late in term two to go in with the slimmest of leads, before transferring that momentum into the all-important third term. Shooting out to a 33-point advantage with double the Rams’ total, the final quarter was somewhat of a formality.

The Allies added three goals to the Rams’ two to extend the final scoreline to 13.7 (85) to 7.3 (45), as both teams did their best to run out the game in hot conditions under the blaring western Sydney sun.

Tasmanian Brooke Barwick was prolific for the victors, getting better as the contest wore on to showcase her speed and skill with 17 disposals and a goal. Fellow Apple Isle products Meghan Gaffney and Mackenzie Williams had their say at either end of the ground, while top-agers Ransom and Courtney Hingston showed glimpses throughout the match.

Territorians Sophie Berry and J’Noemi Anderson were also among the Allies’ best. The former was one of three players to boot two goal for the Thunder, while the latter was at her imposing best at the contest with 12 tackles and five clearances.

The top NSW-ACT players were easily identifiable, with star midfielder-forwards Cynthia Hamilton (25 disposals, six clearances, one goal) and Zarlie Goldsworthy (17 disposals, five clearances, one goal) taking control for their side. Goldsworthy’s fellow Murray prospects Zara Hamilton and Olivia Cicolini were also solid, with the latter returning from injury.

Kianha Davis-White was also in the thick of things up forward alongside Jacques and Kitchener, thought the Rams just ran out of contributors in a tough loss. Now, the final Allies team will be selected before a clash against South Australia on Friday.

NSW-ACT 3.0 | 5.2 | 5.3 | 7.3 (45)
ALLIES 2.1 | 5.3 | 10.6 | 13.7 (85)


NSW-ACT: J. Kitchener 2, G. Jacques, C. Hamilton, Z. Goldsworthy. O. Cicolini, K. Davis-White
Allies: G. Whittaker 2, S. Berry 2, G. Mulvahil 2, M. Gaffney, C. Ransom, E. Gikas, E. Starc, J. Anderson, G. Clark, B. Barwick


NSW-ACT: C. Hamilton, Z. Goldsworthy, G. Jacques, O. Cicolini, Z. Hamilton
Allies: B. Barwick, M. Gaffney, M. Williams, S. Berry, J. Anderson

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