South Australia announces 2023 Talent Hub

SOUTH Australia’s most promising AFL Draft prospects for the next two years have been named in the state’s 2023 Talent Hub announced today. A total of 45 players were named in the squad, which was headlined by 13 under-agers who are not eligible until the 2024 AFL National Draft.

Among those under-agers are potential father-son prospects Tyler Welsh (Adelaide), Lucas Camporeale (Carlton), Rome Burgoyne and Louie Montgomery (Port Adelaide). They were not the only father-son eligible players named, with top-age draft hopeful Will McCabe (Hawthorn) among the top South Australian prospects for next year.

Looking at the 2023 AFL Draft crop, a few names to remember include South Australian excitement machine Jack Delean, Glenelg ball-winner Ben Ridgway, Eagles’ forward Patrick Weckert, Sturt duo Alex Holt and Luca Slade and West Adelaide’s Will Patton. However the top South Australian prospect at this stage is Glenelg high-flyer, Ashton Moir. Among the pick one contenders, Moir has proven himself at the Under 18 Championships with his remarkable athleticism – in particular his leap – and X-factor when inside 50.

In terms of club representation, Woodville-West Torrens have a league-high 10 representatives in the 45-player squad, with Sturt (eight) and Glenelg (seven) also impressive. South Adelaide (five), Central District, North Adelaide and Norwood (all four) and West Adelaide (three) round out the sides.

The 2023 South Australian Talent Hub will take place in two separate camps, the first of which will run from December 5-9, and the second from January 16-20. There, the athletes will complete a balance of on-field tests and off-field education to prepare them for a huge 2023 and for some, 2024. The squad for the AFL Under 18 Championships is often chosen from the Talent Hub, though early season performances from eligible players can change selectors minds.

2023 South Australian Under 18 State Talent Hub:

Liam Fawcett22/4/2005Central District
Jayden Matz23/4/2005Central District
Will McCabe29/9/2005Central District
Trent Tattoli14/4/2005Central District
Lucas Camporeale21/7/2006Glenelg
Harry Francis19/6/2005Glenelg
Ashton Moir15/4/2005Glenelg
Bowen Payne9/2/2005Glenelg
Eli Redman18/1/2005Glenelg
Ben Ridgway12/1/2005Glenelg
Bodie Ryan20/4/2005Glenelg
Jed Dignan3/2/2005North Adelaide
Luke Harvey22/2/2005North Adelaide
Kane McAullife1/3/2005North Adelaide
Louie Montgomery24/4/2006North Adelaide
Logan Evans7/10/2005Norwood
Brayden Rachwal2/6/2005Norwood
Will Rowlands19/6/2005Norwood
Orlando Turner16/5/2005Norwood
Benny Barrett *1/5/2006South Adelaide
Jack Delean15/4/2005South Adelaide
Sid Draper5/7/2006South Adelaide
Phoenix Hargrave15/9/2006South Adelaide
Tom Wheaton14/11/2005South Adelaide
Ned Atkinson31/7/2006Sturt
Alex Dodson15/6/2006Sturt
Fraser Greaves15/1/2005Sturt
Alex Holt28/1/2005Sturt
Ted Newman8/3/2005Sturt
Loch Rawlinson1/6/2005Sturt
Chad Reschke20/12/2005Sturt
Luca Slade3/11/2005Sturt
Max Downs13/10/2005West Adelaide
Jack Oates19/6/2005West Adelaide
Will Patton4/1/2005West Adelaide
Rome Burgoyne29/8/2006Woodville-West Torrens
Riley Davey18/2/2005Woodville-West Torrens
Harry Dodd5/2/2006Woodville-West Torrens
Callum Fairall27/8/2005Woodville-West Torrens
Jett Hasting22/5/2006Woodville-West Torrens
Tom Luck6/4/2006Woodville-West Torrens
Oscar Pearce11/6/2005Woodville-West Torrens
Patrick Weckert23/1/2005Woodville-West Torrens
Tyler Welsh15/8/2006Woodville-West Torrens
Charlie West1/2/2006Woodville-West Torrens

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