Women’s Footy Rewind: 2016 AFLW Draft

WITH less women’s footy over the summer months than fans have become used to, we here at Rookie Me Central take you down memory lane and look back at key moments in women’s footy history from the past few years.

In today’s inaugural article, we rewind to the very first AFLW Draft, which was held in 2016 ahead of the debut AFLW season the year after.

There were ultimately 145 picks made in that draft, and after a lottery GWS had the honour of the first pick, which was used to select Nicola Barr.

Four of those first eight selections are still at their original clubs, and in an interesting coincidence all four are the non Victorian clubs’ inaugural picks – Barr, Emily Bates, Hayley Miller and Ebony Marinoff.

Carlton’s first pick Bianca Jakobsson is now at the Saints, the Western Bulldogs’ choice Jaimee Lambert is now at Collingwood, Collingwood’s selection in Nicola Stevens is now at St Kilda, while Melbourne’s pick Elise O’Dea is now at Carlton.

The highest pick no longer on an AFLW list is pick 10 Heather Anderson, whose career was cut short by injury. Tragically, the 2017 premiership Crow passed away in November.

Meanwhile, the lowest draft pick still on an AFLW list is Rebecca Privitelli, who was picked up at 142 by Carlton but then went to the Giants and is now at the Swans.

The full 2016 Draft is below:

PickPlayerDrafted toRecruited from
1Nicola BarrGWSSydney University
2Emily BatesBrisbaneYeronga
3Bianca JakobssonCarltonCranbourne
4Hayley MillerFremantleCoastal Titans
5Jaimee LambertWestern BulldogsEastern Devils
6Nicola StevensCollingwoodMelbourne University
7Ebony MarinoffAdelaideMorphettville Park
8Elise O’DeaMelbourneDarebin Falcons
9Deanna BerryMelbourneMelbourne University
10Heather AndersonAdelaideWaratah
11Steph ChiocciCollingwoodDiamond Creek
12Aasta O’ConnorWestern BulldogsDarebin Falcons
13Brianna GreenFremantleEast Fremantle
14Kate Gillespie-JonesCarltonSeaford
15Tahlia RandallBrisbaneWilston Grange
16Ashleigh GuestGWSVU Western Spurs
17Aimee SchmidtGWSCoastal Titans
18Nicole HildebrandBrisbaneMelbourne University
19Sarah HoskingCarltonSeaford
20Ashley SharpFremantleSwan Districts
21Hannah ScottWestern BulldogsEastern Devils
22Sarah D’ArcyCollingwoodEastern Devils
23Jenna McCormickAdelaideCoorparoo
24Richelle CranstonMelbourneGeelong
25Lauren PearceMelbourneDarebin Falcons
26Deni VarnhagenAdelaideMorphettville Park
27Brittany BonniciCollingwoodSt Kilda Sharks
28Kirsten McLeodWestern BulldogsCranbourne
29Lara FilocamoFremantleCoastal Titans
30Gabriella PoundCarltonMelbourne Uni
31Leah KaslarBrisbaneCoolangatta
32Rebecca BeesonGWSUniversity NSW
33Kate StantonGWSWollongong
34Jess WuetschnerBrisbaneEast Fremantle
35Danielle HardimanCarltonCranbourne
36Tiah HaynesFremantleCoastal Titans
37Kimberley EbbWestern BulldogsSeaford
38Bree WhiteCollingwoodVU Western Spurs
39Sally RileyAdelaideTracy Village
40Alyssa MifsudMelbourneVU Western Spurs
41Shelley ScottMelbourneVU Western Spurs
42Georgia BevanAdelaideMorphettville Park
43Caitlyn EdwardsCollingwoodEast Fremantle
44Hayley WildesWestern BulldogsCranbourne
45Kira PhillipsFremantlePeel Thunder
46Shae AudleyCarltonDiamond Creek
47Ally AndersonBrisbaneZillmere
48Erin McKinnonGWSMosman Swans
49Mai NguyenGWSUniversity NSW
50Breanna KoenenBrisbaneUniversity of Queensland
51Bella AyreCarltonBendigo
52Tayla BreslandFremantlePeel Thunder
53Brooke LochlandWestern BulldogsMelbourne University
54Alicia EvaCollingwoodMelbourne University
55Sophie ArmitsteadAdelaideWanderers
56Katherine SmithMelbourneEastern Devils
57Emma HumphriesMelbourneBurnie Dockers
58Talia RadanAdelaideBelconnen
59Amelia BardenCollingwoodDiamond Creek
60Bailey HuntWestern BulldogsMelbourne University
61Amy LavellFremantleCoastal Titans
62Lauren BrazzaleCarltonDiamond Creek
63Megan HuntBrisbaneUniversity of Queensland
64Amanda FarrugiaGWSMacquarie Uni
65Jacinda BarclayGWSUniversity NSW
66Sam VirgoBrisbaneUniversity of Queensland
67Breann MoodyCarltonCranbourne
68Stacey BarrFremantleSwan Districts
69Ellyse GambleWestern BulldogsBurnie Dockers
70Stacey LivingstoneCollingwoodPort Melbourne Colts
71Rachael KillianAdelaideWest Adelaide
72Stephanie De BortoliMelbourneDiamond Creek
73Lily MithenMelbourneNorth Geelong
74Rhiannon MetcalfeAdelaideGungahlin
75Jess CameronCollingwoodDiamond Creek
76Lauren SparkWestern BulldogsMelbourne University
77Melissa CaulfieldFremantleEast Fremantle
78Jess HoskingCarltonSeaford
79Kate LutkinsBrisbaneWilston Grange
80Britt TullyGWSGungahlin
81Kristy De PellegriniGWSSouthern Power
82Kate McCarthyBrisbaneYeronga
83Natalie PlaneCarltonSeaford
84Cassie DavidsonFremantleEast Fremantle
85Nicole CallinanWestern BulldogsDarebin Falcons
86Jasmine GarnerCollingwoodSt Kilda Sharks
87Anne HatchardAdelaideMorphettville Park
88Ainslie KempMelbourneVU Western Spurs
89Mia-Rae CliffordMelbourneSt Kilda Sharks
90Tayla ThornAdelaideSt Mary’s
91Emma GrantCollingwoodBendigo
92Lisa WilliamsWestern BulldogsDiamond Creek
93Taylah AngelFremantleSwan Districts
94Sarah LastCarltonBendigo
95Shaleise LawBrisbaneZillmere
96Renee TomkinsGWSUniversity NSW
97Clare LawtonGWSArmy 3rd Brigade
98Selina GoodmanBrisbaneCoolangatta
99Tilly Lucas-RoddCarltonSt Kilda Sharks
100Belinda SmithFremantleEast Fremantle
101Lauren MorecroftWestern BulldogsDiamond Creek
102Penny Cula-ReidCollingwoodSt Kilda Sharks
103Abbey HolmesAdelaideWaratah
104Brooke PattersonMelbourneDarebin Falcons
105Jessica AndersonMelbourneMelbourne University
106Stevie-Lee ThompsonAdelaideWanderers
107Lauren TesorieroCollingwoodEastern Devils
108Tiarna ErnstWestern BulldogsDiamond Creek
109Stephanie CainFremantleSwan Districts
110Katie LoynesCarltonDiamond Creek
111Sharni WebbBrisbaneUniversity of Queensland
112Ella RossGWSQueanbeyan
113Stephanie WalkerGWSSydney University
114Nikki WallaceBrisbaneCoolangatta
115Madeline KerykCarltonMelbourne University
116Kelly ClinchFremantleSubiaco
117Kate TyndallWestern BulldogsDiamond Creek
118Melissa KuysCollingwoodKnox
119Jessica SedunaryAdelaideMorphettville Park
120Madeleine BoydMelbourneNorth Geelong
121Pepa RandallMelbourneEastern Devils
122Sarah AllanAdelaideSalisbury
123Cecilia McIntoshCollingwoodMelbourne Uni
124Courtney ClarksonWestern BulldogsCranbourne
125Demi OkelyFremantlePeel Thunder
126Kate DarbyCarltonVictoria
127Jamie StantonBrisbaneCoolangatta
128Jade RansfieldBrisbaneYeronga
129Alison DownieCarltonDiamond Creek
130Dana HookerFremantleCoastal Titans
131Jess GardnerWestern BulldogsSt Kilda Sharks
132Christina BernardiCollingwoodDiamond Creek
133Justine MulesAdelaideMorphettville Park
134Sarah LampardMelbourneVU Western Spurs
135Jasmine GriersonMelbourneCranbourne
136Monique HollickAdelaideUniversity NSW
137Ruby SchleicherCollingwoodEast Fremantle
138Kirsty LambWestern BulldogsDiamond Creek
139Akec Makur ChuotFremantleSwan Districts
140Laura AttardCarltonDiamond Creek
141Brittany GibsonBrisbaneBurnie Dockers
142Rebecca PrivitelliCarltonEastern Devils
143Laura BaileyWestern BulldogsSt Kilda Sharks
144Tara MorganCollingwoodSouth Fremantle
145Sarah JollyMelbourneGippsland Galaxy

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