Women’s Footy Rewind: Historical Stats Central

WITH less women’s footy over the summer months than fans have become used to, Rookie Me Central takes you down memory lane and look back at key moments in women’s footy history from the past few years.

In today’s edition, we look at historical individual stats record holders. These are the players who hold the highest averages across the entire history of the AFLW, not just one calendar year like last week’s piece was.

The piece will focus primarily at the historical records of more obscure stats, rather than regular weekly stats.


No one in the top five of the average disposals tally should surprise anyone who has followed AFLW for long enough. Roo Ash Riddell tops the tally with an average of 23.3 disposals a game, with Ebony Marinoff second on the tally with an average of 21.8. Madison Prespakis (21.2), Alyce Parker (20.9) and Amy McDonald (20.4) round out the top five.

Time on Ground

Unsurprisingly it is defenders who tops this list of endurance queens, with some impressive numbers from all of the top five. Roo Jasmine Ferguson tops this list with a Time on Ground (ToG) percentage of 96.3. Second on the list is Dee Libby Birch with 95.8 per cent, followed by Stacey Livingstone (95.2) and Tigers teammates Eilish Sheerin (93.8) and Rebecca Miller (93.6).

Disposal Efficiency

Although she may have recently retired, former GIANT Tanya Hetherington holds the record for the most efficient player with the ball in the history, with a disposal efficiency of 81.7 per cent. Second on the list is Rebecca Ott with an efficiency of 79.5 per cent. The remaining members of the top five are not the biggest names in their respective sides, but that does not matter in terms of their reliability with ball in hand. They are: Sarah Wright (78.1), Eloise Chaston (77.5) and Bella Eddey (77.4).


It is some of the biggest name midfielders who fill the top five spots in this category. The top five in order is: Ebony Marinoff (average 6.1 turnovers a game), Mimi Hill (5.3), Kiara Bowers (5.2), Alyce Parker (5.1) and Charlie Rowbottom (5.0).

Clearances – Centre versus Stoppage

Finally, a look at both centre clearances and stoppage clearances, and see how the two lists compare.

The historical top five for centre clearances is Ash Riddell (average 1.6 a game), Ebony Marinoff (1.5), Charlie Rowbottom (1.5), Kiara Bowers (1.5) and Madison Prespakis (1.3).

Meanwhile the historical top five for stoppage clearances is Kiara Bowers (4.5), Amy McDonald (3.8), Alyce Parker (3.5), Georgie Prespakis (3.3) and Charlie Rowbottom (3.3).

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