Women’s Footy Rewind: 2022 Stats Central

WITH less women’s footy over the summer months than fans have become used to, we here at Rookie Me Central take you down memory lane and look back at key moments in women’s footy history from the past few years.

In today’s edition, we focus on a stats comparison between the two AFLW seasons in the 2022 calendar year, and see how much things changed and grew between seasons from a stats perspective.

The comparison will be with just overall team stats.


Back in Season 6, it was North Melbourne who had the highest average number of disposals per game with 240. That effort was closely followed by Carlton with an average of 239.6 and Melbourne with 234.5.

However move ahead to Season 7 and it is a totally different top three. Geelong was the biggest mover, increasing its average from 193.4 up to 233.1 a game, which was a jump from second last up to second on the leaderboard. That still was not as high as Melbourne, who ended the season with an average of 241.3. Adelaide was third on the Season 7 tally with 223.2.


Interestingly, in all three top three positions there was a drop in the average kicks per game from Season 6 to Season 7.

Season 6’s top three was Fremantle (average of 147.9), Adelaide (146.7) and North Melbourne (143.3), while last season’s top three was Brisbane (144.9), North Melbourne (141.2) and Fremantle (140.5).


Anyone who has watched Season 7 premiers Melbourne closely will not be surprised to know that the Demons were the ones to top the handball tally in both Season 6 and Season 7. They even increased their average between seasons, jumping from an average of 97.5 a game in Season 6 to an average of 104.5 in Season 7.

Second and third on the leader board though are very different between seasons. Season 6’s second and third was Carlton (97.4) and North (96.6) respectively, while Season 7’s second and third was Geelong (98) and GWS (93.6) respectively.


Thanks no doubt in large part to one Kiara Bowers, Fremantle was the tackle queen capital in both Season 6 and 7, and increased its average from 71.2 a game in Season 6 to 74.4 a game in Season 7.

Third place in both seasons was also occupied by the one club, and that club was Brisbane. Its Season 6 average was 67.4, but managed to increase their average up to 70.9 a game in Season 7.

Between Fremantle and Brisbane each season were two very different teams. Season 6’s second place was Geelong with an average of 68, but Season 7’s second place was competition newcomers Hawthorn, with an average of 71.


The hitouts tally is wildly different between the two seasons in terms of which teams make the top three, but also saw one of the highest jumps between seasons.

Season 6’s top three were Gold Coast (average of 29.4), Brisbane (27.3) and the Western Bulldogs (27.3), while Season 7’s top three were Carlton (36.2), the Western Bulldogs (35.2) and Gold Coast (33.6).

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