SANFL Women’s Player Focus: Shineah Goody (WWT Eagles)

ARGUABLY the cleanest player in the 2023 AFL Women’s Draft crop, skilful utility Shineah Goody produced an outstanding performance during Woodville-West Torrens’ 37-point win over West Adelaide in the SANFL Women’s. The Round 5 match saw Goody pick up 23 disposals, kick a terrific goal and set up a number of other scoring chances, and she was our Player Focus for Round 5.

Shineah Goody

Height: 162cm

Weight: -

DOB: 08-11-2005

2023 SANFL Women’s: Round 5
Woodville-West Torrens 8.9 (57) def. West Adelaide 2.8 (20)

STATS: 23 disposals (13 kicks, 10 handballs), 5 marks, 5 tackles, 1 clearance, 4 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50s, 1 goal, 1 behind


Shineah Goody won her clearance at the opening stoppage after starting on a wing and running forward after the ball-up to receive the handball. Her kicking early was on-song as she was clean at ground level and able to dispose of the ball time and time again with success.

At the four-minute mark, Goody produced a slick pickup off the deck and was able to handball to a teammate and set up a goal to Yasmin Duursma. It is those 50/50 balls that Goody wins not through strength, but rather smarts and being a one-touch player that allows her to set up scoring plays.

Midway through the term she nailed an outstanding kick inside 50 to Abbey Dowrick, again needing to scoop it off the deck. She had the know how that when under pressure just tapped the ball on to fellow State Academy member Marlie Fiegert, and then a minute later produced one of her trademark perfectly weighted handballs.

Goody might be known for her offensive plays, but she is equally outstanding on the defensive end, spoiling an opponent then laying a follow-up tackle. Her cleanliness was what set her apart from everyone else on the field, and perhaps the first blemish for the teenager was a free kick against in the final few minutes for diving on the ball. Goody ended the opening term with six disposals, most of which were sensational.


Of the quarters, the second term was her quietest despite still remaining on the wing to start with. Though she might not have had as much production wise, she did have a clean pickup at a stoppage, spun one way, then the other and got off a handball effectively. Then having the smarts that few could dream of, Goody crept forward, went goal side then darted back once she saw a kick heading to about 40m out.

The Eagles’ talent hit the ground ball at speed, and with one-take burst past the opponents who were also chasing the ball, spun onto her right, composed herself and nailed the goal in what was poetry in motion. Later in the quarter, Goody leapt back with the flight to hold onto a strong mark, and while she only had the handful of touches in quarter two, kicked a goal and still looked dangerous.


For those really watching Goody on the weekend, the start of the third term is a perfect example of her work rate. She would cover so many metres starting on the wing, running to one flank, then the other. Goody offered herself as a handball receive option, and though ultimately unrewarded, really put pressure on her opponent to match her running capacity. The clamps were tightened on her early, and Goody won a few touches while being immediately tackled but still got the ball away.

As the quarter wore on though, Goody’s work rate was just impossible to match for any opponent. Her ability to test any opposition’s endurance rate is outstanding, and midway through the quarter got back quicker to intercept mark in the middle.

She would take another mark a moment later and use the ball well in transition, then almost won against three opponents in the closing stages of the quarter. Goody read the play to a t, but unfortunately copped a bad bounce for her troubles. She would collect one more touch with a nice play from defence to the wing to give it off to Leah Cutting, and end the quarter with 17 disposals for the match thus far.


Dipping into her ridiculous endurance base, Goody just never stopped running. Early on she ran behind the centre stoppage, won the handball receive and kicked inside 50, burning off her opponent through sheer work rate.

At the four minute mark, she won the ball via hand again, took and bounce and ran inside 50. For the most part her subsequent shot looked good but a right-angle bounce in the goalsquare saw the footy have other ideas.

Close to kicking her second goal, a minute later she was back in defence, using her body well t half-back and able to get a clean handball away to set up a transition from defence into attack. Her final touch came in the last few moments of the match, with another clean handball to end the game on 23 disposals and clearly as one of the best afield.


Shineah Goody is such a unique prospect. Though South Australia has a lot of talent in its State Academy, few could argue Goody is the cleanest player, both in the air, and especially at ground level. Her point of difference is her work rate and game sense that allows her to just burn off opponents. If a player is going to tag her, then that player is going to need to dip into their emergency energy reserves because Goody will not stop running.

An unselfish player who sets her teammates up be it in defence or attack, she is one of those prospects who does not have a major weakness. She is smaller than other top prospects, both in height and strength, but her higher footy IQ and cleanliness helps her punch above her weight in that regard. The match might have been her best of the season thus far, but Goody is such an outstanding all-round prospect and a player who can do things that no one else in this draft crop can.

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