Scouting Notes: 2024 VFLW – Round 5

IT was another big weekend of VFLW action and as we have each week, we took a look at some of the standouts from the VFLW-listed players in each match.

Williamstown 7.4 (46) defeated Western Bulldogs 3.7 (25)


#6 Emily Eaves (Midfielder)
18/04/2001 | 165cm

Stats: 15 disposals, eight clearances, four tackles, two goals

Another superb performance from Eaves, who continues to show that last year’s break out season was not a once off. Eaves continued to create plenty of drive out of and through the midfield, almost leading all comers in the clearance count. She also snuck forward and kicked two goals, and showed her strong game awareness in one of those goals.

#12 Erin Meade (Midfielder)
13/05/1996 | 165cm

Stats: 12 disposals, five marks, two rebound 50s, one tackle

It was a true captain’s game from the former Williamstown skipper. Playing off mainly half-back, Meade played a bit of a sweeper role to good effect. She would take the ball and drive the ball into attack, ready for the likes of Eaves and others to run on and keep the momentum going.

#20 Teagan Brett (Forward)
08/02/2001 | 157cm

Stats: Nine disposals, four tackles, two marks, two goals

Another one of Williamstown’s two goal trio, Brett was most dangerous closer to goal. She used her speed and her agility to dart around opponents and kick two majors from some ridiculous angles.

#39 Molly Simpson (Forward)
05/08/1996 | 175cm

Stats: 12 disposals, two goals, one tackle, one clearance

The third of the two-goal trio, Simpson survived an injury scare in the first half to come back and shine up forward. She was an ever present target up forward and was clever in how she kicked her goals, bending the ball at some pretty impressive angles.

Western Bulldogs:

#28 Dominique Carbone (Midfielder)
25/09/2001 | 161cm

Stats: 18 disposals, five tackles, three clearances, one mark

Playing through midfield she was influential in not only creating the drive forward for her teammates, but also via her tackling pressure to ensure her opponents could not do the same.

#46 Emily Ramsay (Midfielder)
15/11/1997 | 167cm

Stats: Nine disposals, two tackles, one clearance, one mark, one goal

One of the new Bulldog faces this season, Ramsay really stepped up on the weekend and showed her worth. Much like her captain, she was influential in providing a target on transition, and although her disposals was not as plentiful as others, she was still influential with them.

Box Hill 11.11 (77) defeated North Melbourne 4.3 (27)

Box Hill:

#45 Jessica Matin (Forward)
28/06/2002 | 164cm

Stats: Eight disposals, two marks, two clearances, one goal

On a day where AFLW-listed Hawks past and present outshone many of their VFLW listed counterparts, Matin was still able to shine through. She may have only kicked the one major, but she still presented well and was creating opportunities for her teammates while keeping her opponents on their toes.

 #60 Rosie Dillon (Midfielder)
19/03/1996 | 164cm

Stats: 20 disposals, seven tackles, six clearances, three marks, one goal

Dillon was a true driver through midfield for the Hawks on the weekend. Mostly working between half back and the centre, her best work was when she would take a strong mark and repel the ball back heading into the Hawks’ attack. She did however work her way forward at times, resulting in a clever major to her name.

North Melbourne:

#2 Tahlia Meier (Midfielder)
19/10/2003 | 155cm

Stats: 15 disposals, seven rebound 50s, four marks, two tackles

Meier has also slotted into her new role seamlessly. On a day where the Kangaroos defenders got little reprieve, intercept marks and rebounds out of defensive 50 were where Meier had the most influence over the game.

#34 Renee Tierney (Midfielder)
23/05/2002 | 166cm

Stats: 21 disposals, five marks, three clearances, two rebound 50s, one goal

It was a new role on the weekend for the young Roo. Playing more further up the ground in the midfield, she was able to use her strong marking ability to good use and create a target for her team mates to use on the transition.

GWS 14.10 (94) defeated Geelong 1.3 (9)

By: Peter Williams


#29 Caitlin Fletcher (Midfield)
02/10/2003 | 171cm

Stats: 11 disposals, one mark, six tackles, six clearances, two inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

A pure inside ball-winner, Fletcher was enormous in extracting the ball from the stoppage with most of her touches coming in that fashion. She was fierce and defensively minded, laying some strong tackles, and while she did not get a lot of outside ball, it was her clearance work that really stood out.

#32 Shiarna Tarasenko (Forward)
09/03/2001 | 173cm

Stats: 7 disposals, one tackle, one clearance, one inside 50, one behind

The former ice hockey player who made her move to the East Coast Eagles got to step up to the VFL Women’s for a second consecutive game, soccering it off the deck at the top of the goalsquare but hitting the post in the 12th minute of the first term. Considering the quality around her she flew under the radar but showed some promising signs fitting in.


#37 Caitlin Reid (Ruck)
09/04/1997 | 185cm

Stats: 11 disposals, three marks, nine tackles, 31 hitouts, five clearances, two rebound 50s, one behind

The towering ruck ticked another box, this time going up against AFLW rucks and being one of the Cats’ best. She found the football, provided the ground level pressure and was the dominant ruck on the ground with 31 hitouts. Doing the bulk of the rucking against the Giants listed duo of Courtney Murphy and Eilish O’Dowd, Reid had more hitouts than the pair combined thanks to her size and smarts.

#52 Johanna Sunderland (Defender)
14/07/2005 | 165cm

Stats: 15 disposals, one tackle, four rebound 50s

Considering where the ball was, it was no surprise for Sunderland to be the top ball-winner for the Cats. Sharing the kick out duties at times, Sunderland played her typical rebounding role, trying hard up against a stacked Giants outfit. She remains one of the better players who missed out last season, and is piecing together an ultra consistent VFLW season.

Sydney 16.7 (103) defeated Casey 2.6 (18)


#1 Brooke Bailey (Forward)
23/02/2002 | 168cm

Stats: Nine disposals, two tackles, one inside 50, one goal

It was an in ways quieter game than her debut for Bailey, but she still stood up and influenced the game. Her goal was a lovely soccer off the deck in the first quarter, while she later laid down a lovely run down tackle that really stopped her opponent in her tracks.


#18 Meg Macdonald (Defender)
29/06/1998 | 170cm

Stats: 15 disposals, 10 tackles, four clearances, three rebound 50s, ne mark, one inside 50

It was another captain’s performance from the Dees skipper. Not afraid to get right under the bottom of a big pack, her hard work slowed the Swans’ progression through midfield.

#25 Samantha Johnson (Midfielder)
06/08/1992 | 176cm

Stats: 11 disposals, five marks, five inside 50s, four rebound 50s, three clearances, two tackles

Speaking of captain’s performances, the former Dees’ skipper also had what would be described as one but in a different way. She took crucial marks and created strong drive through midfield, but also played her football with a calm and composed aura that is crucial for a side that was in the situation the Dees found themselves in on the weekend.

Carlton 5.6 (36) defeated Port Melbourne 4.4 (28)


#61 Emily Hurley (Ruck)
12/04/2001 | 181cm

Stats: 29 hitouts, five disposals, one tackle, one clearance

It is not easy to get noticed as a ruck, but Hurley managed to do that on the weekend. Her endurance, athleticism and strength in the ruck contest all shone through on the weekend, helping her play an important role in the team’s win.

#64 Hannah Bowey (Midfielder)
09/10/1998 | 165cm

Stats: 14 disposals, four tackles, two marks, one clearance

Bowey played a slightly different role to her usual one on the weekend, but that did not diminish her ability to play a key role in the contest. Her run through the midfield, strong marking and strong tackling ability helped her help Carlton create plenty of drive through the midfield on transition.

Port Melbourne:

#36 Ava Seton (Midfielder)
19/04/2004 | 165cm

Stats: 12 disposals, seven tackles, five clearances

It was another starring game for Seton despite the ultimate result not falling in her team’s favour. Many of the key traits fans have come to know Seton for continued on the weekend, including a hunger for the ball, a strong clearance game and strong tackle game.

Darebin 2.1 (13) lost to Collingwood 6.5 (41)


#32 Simone Ruedin (Defender)
9/11/1992 | 173cm

Stats: 10 disposals, seven hitouts, four marks, three clearances, two tackles, one rebound 50

It certainly was not the easiest of outings for Darebin’s defenders, but as usual Ruedin was cool, calm and collected under pressure. Often playing as one of the last line of defence, Ruedin’s intercept mark game was strong, and she was able to rebound out of defence with a high reliability. She also did some pinch-hitting in the ruck, showing she is becoming more and more of a versatile player.

#44 Victoria Blackwood (Defender)
15/12/1999 | 171cm

Stats: 11 tackles, four disposals, one rebound 50, one clearance, one mark

Another member of Darebin’s well tested defence, Blackwood stood tall in ways that were different to Ruedin. An absolute tackle machine, Blackwood may not have racked up the disposals herself, but sure did ensure her opponents were not going to get any easy touches with her impressive tackling pressure.


#40 Carly Remmos (Midfielder)
16/08/2002 | 173cm

Stats: 30 disposals, 12 clearances, six inside 50s, four marks, three rebound 50s, three tackles, one behind

It was strong game from Remmos, who continues to show why she might just be one of the Lambert-Pearce Medal contenders this season. Seeing plenty of the ball, she was always in the right place at the right time to drive her team’s momentum forward. Her clearance game was also strong, finishing with double the number of clearances than any of her team mates.

#41 Lilly Pearce (Ruck)
31/12/2002 | 186cm

Stats: 42 hit outs, seven disposals, one clearance

Pearce finally seems to be settling into a groove at Collingwood and it is showing out on the field. Not only did she dominate the hitouts, but she did so in a way that allowed her to be really clever with how she tapped the ball. She would not just tap it in one specific direction, but chopped and change her angle to great affect.

Essendon 4.10 (34) defeated Southern Saints 3.7 (25)


#61 El Chaston (Defender)
23/02/2002 | 170cm

Stats: 21 disposals, four marks, two tackles

It was a wider ranging role for Chaston on the weekend, but one that was just as influential. Playing mostly in defence but sometimes venturing up to the forwardline, their strong marking ability and strong ability to drive through the middle on transition was again on show.

#79 Bailey Hunt (Forward)
26/09/1996 | 171cm

Stats: 13 disposals, five tackles, four marks, two goals

Despite playing a completely new position for completely different colours for the first time, it was certainly a club debut to remember for the former AFLW Bulldog. Playing up in the forward line as opposed to her usual defensive role, she slotted into life as a forward seamlessly, presenting well, clunking strong marks and using her smarts and experience to score goals in the most effective way possible.

Southern Saints:

#9 Winnie Laing (Midfielder)
24/05/2002 | 165cm

Stats: 15 disposals, five marks, four tackles, two rebound 50s, one inside 50

Laing has developed a reputation as a speedster for a reason, she was able to put it to good use over the weekend. Laing found space out wide well, and created plenty of momentum moving forward for her teammates.

#37 Georgia Foran (Forward)
17/10/2004 | 174cm

Stats: Seven disposals, four marks, one tackle, one goal, one behind

Playing more as a forward compared to where she is normally seen in defence, she was the one that got the Saints’ fight back started. After taking a strong mark and converting a goal late in the second quarter, she continued to present well and even though she only got one goal herself, she set up other chances for her team mates.

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