2024 WAFLW Player Focus: Poppy Stockwell (South Fremantle)

WHEN it comes to mature-age talent, few have enjoyed stronger seasons than South Fremantle’s Poppy Stockwell. The 21-year-old forward produced her best performance of the year against Peel Thunder on Saturday, racking up 20 disposals, clunking seven marks and booting three goals.

It was the first time Stockwell had cracked 20 disposals this season, but her influence has been undeniable. A dual sportsperson who has made waves in the cricketing space is carving out an eye-catching football season in the WAFL Women’s, averaging 1.4 disposals, 4.3 marks, 2.5 tackles and booting 19 goals at 1.6 per game.

South Fremantle-logoSouth FremantleMedium Forward

Poppy Stockwell

Height: 165cm

Weight: -

DOB: 24-10-2003


2024 WAFL Women’s: Round 14
South Fremantle 5.6 (36) defeated Peel Thunder 4.1 (25)

#8 Poppy Stockwell (South Fremantle)
Stats: 20 disposals (15 kicks, 5 handballs) 7 marks, 5 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 3 goals, 1 behind


Poppy Stockwell started the game on fire getting involved in the opening minute. She laid a fantastic tackle inside 50 and won a free kick from 20m out. There she made no mistake and slotted the goal to get on the board.

A minute later with South Fremantle winning the very next clearance, she positioned herself well in front of Evie Cowcher and clunked a great mark close to goal. Once again with a reliable routine, Stockwell went back and delivered to make it two goals in as many limits and loom as the key target up forward forward the Bulldogs.

Strangely, the Bulldogs would kick just three more goals for the game, bbut Stockwell remained involved even when not kicking them. She laid a great tackle on Dakota Sexton then set up the Bulldogs’ third goal to Alira Fotu with a well weighted kick.


Stockwell’s second term was a quiet one compared to the rest of the quarters and she actually ended up pushing up the ground early in the term, winning it at the top of the defensive 50. There she thumped it long to clear danger, then returned up forward.

Her other touches came later in the quarter with a nice strong mark in the 16th minute at half-forward, and while her piercing low ball looked brilliant, was spoiled by the opposition. in the final minute she won a free kick 40m out but her set shot just fell short and was marked on the line.


Getting back to her best work, Stockwell picked up the slack again in the third term, kicking her third goal in the seventh minute. Against Cowcher one-on-one and with a second defender coming towards her, Stockwell did well to work her younger opponent under it, let it go over the top and into the goalsquare where she turned around and slammed home her third major.

Either side of that goal, Stockwell had a couple of quick handballs with one being effective allowing a teammate to keep it moving, while the other was a little rushed under pressure. At the 13-minute mark, Stockwell took a good mark at the top of 50 after finding some great space in the forward half.

Unfortunately she rushed the kick off a step that was easily picked off by Cowcher deeper in the 50, before setting up a shot to Noa McNaughton with another clever kick inside 50.


Stockwell laid a great tackle to start the quarter, and then got her first touch four minutes in with a terrific sliding mark. She passed off then ran forward to half-forward where she ran to the next contest, got the handball receive and kicked to the danger zone 30 metres out from goal. She almost took another mark a couple of minutes later and then was claimed in a tackle and pinged holding the ball.

Midway through the quarter Stockwell feature again with a clever one-on-one to get rid of her opponent in the marking contest and take a shot on goal. The subsequent shot fell just short and bounced up awkwardly, though stayed in.

In the 16th minute, Stockwell gathered it cleanly at speed coming out of centre half-forward and dished off quickly by hand to a teammate coming at her, then took another sliding mark with two minutes to play in the match. She went back from 40m and looked good for the most part, hitting the post at the end.


Poppy Stockwell is still young and developing as a player. In the past, Stockwell has shown signs of being of AFLW quality without the consistency, and she has gathered more of that in 2024. Playing as a marking forward inside 50 for the Bulldogs, Stockwell can win the ball not just in the more traditional way, but also at ground level and kick some ripping goals in general play.

Though not the complete package just yet with areas to work on, it is hard to deny the impact she has on-field. Stockwell is a player where in a full-time environment, she can take her game to another level, and should be viewed as a possible mature-age option.

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