2024 AFL Sydney Women’s Premier preview: Round 10

EXPECT each of the four matches in Round 10 of the AFL Sydney Women’s Premier Division matches to be close early, before each of the favourites on paper pull away. The class and ability to find space, along with the contested ball-winning ability will be key in order to get the win.

Saturday, June 22 @ 11:50am
Gore Hill Oval

North Shore is the clear favourite on paper, however based on recent form it looms as a much closer contest against the newcomers of the competition. The challenge has been set for them to hang onto their finals ambitions. The Bombers last quarter of football last week, not only allowed Sydney Uni to take the win, but displayed the same linkages weakness that St George has struggled with in its early days of the competition

Expect to see an enormous amount of contests, and it will be the team and individuals that figure out that deliberate work has to be done with the footy to create enough space for an effective execution. That will either reduce or blow out the margin.

For North Shore, the Bombers will either need to adapt and win by 60, or at the very least get their more experienced players around the ball and never let St George even get a sniff of victory.

For St George, the Dragons would benefit this week from watching the tape of their successful linkages around the edges of the field they pulled of against the Eagles, and figure out how to translate that to successful play through the middle of the field and contested areas. The Dragons could also look to Grace Parsons to show the same footwork and evasion she did for them last week.

It will be a great test for both teams, and look for Adrienne Keeffe to have a big impact on the game and scoreboard. Bombers to win comfortably if they find their best form, or getting it done in a low-scoring tussle if they cannot get free of the Dragons.

Saturday, June 22 @ 11:50am
Weldon Oval

Manly is the favourite in this one as the Wolves are the best in the league at pressuring the ball carrier which in turn will make it difficult for Sydney Uni to score. The question will be whether or not the Students can find enough repeat exits from around the stoppages to post a winning score, while restricting Manly defensively to keep the wolves in check.

Watch for Jasmine Smith for Sydney Uni to either be dominant or deliberately tagged, and Emma Walsh and Saskia Johnson have been in good form to provide some run and carry. However the Students might find it difficult for the ball to get out to them, so they may have to spend more time around the contest. Manly to just eek out a few late goals to win in a tight one.

Saturday, June 22 @ 12:10pm
Kanebridge Oval

Reigning premiers East Coast Eagles are favourites, but this will be one of their toughest tests in a while.. The recent run of wins by Parramatta have been hard-fought and earned the tough way. The question will be if the Goannas have the linkage and run in them to constantly worry the Eagles players, with enough damage on the scoreboard to win the match.

At this point they are still developing that aspect but when Lauren O’Sullivan and Kiera Yerbury provide support to Amanda Farrugia in the midfield gain the confidence and concepts to move from really great efforts into really great damaging play, look out later in the season.

For East Coast, the Eagles need to move that central Goannas core around the ground as much as possible, requiring effort after effort in different locations They also need to make sure they do not rely on the forwards to put the score on the board, but really value the people getting it down there.

East Coast is coming off a huge win over St George last week where Brooke Bailey – out for this match – kicked five, but her fellow goalscoring stars in Caitlin Davidson (six) and Amelie Prosser-Shaw (five) will show up for the Eagles and look to give their side the upper hand.

Saturday, June 22 @ 3:50pm
Henson Park

UTS Bats are the favourites here, however the game against the Bulldogs should be very close for a long time. Both teams have struggled with converting enough opportunities to put a winning score on the board, even though they are clearing quite a few contested situations.

Watch for the Bats to try and run the lines on the outside, while the Bulldogs will look to take control through the middle as their inside brigade is their strength. Though the midfielders will need to be on song with the Bats rucks coming off an impressive outing once again.

UTS Bats to win in a close contest that should provide entertaining tactics.

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