Amelia Radford

height: 168cm


D.O.B: 13-07-1995

Leagues: AFLW, Vflw

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Amelia Radford is a tough inside midfielder who is clean at ground level, strong aerially and can impact around the ground. When she irons out some areas of her game such as her opposite foot and kicking consistency, Radford could be a player to watch at the top level not just in the midfield, but being able to adapt to other positions on the ground.

Essendon's Amelia Radford is a mature-age midfielder who had an impressive season for the incoming AFLW expansion side's VFLW unit this season. Though not pre-listed, Radford was one of only a handful of mature-age VFLW players to earn an AFLW Draft Combine invite, suggesting interest from clubs outside the red and black. She does have a number of traits that lend themselves to being able to adapt to the top level; from her defensive pressure to her stoppage craft and strong hands around the ground. She still has areas to improve on, most notably her kicking consistency, and in turn, her opposite foot.

Radford is a strong, 168cm midfielder who is clean by hand overhead, and at ground level, and lurks around the stoppages to try and win the contested ball. She can spread well to the outside and win it in transition, often being a player who can dart laterally and put it on the boot true and straight. Her kicking itself can be inconsistent, though she does put it to the right spots. At times she goes for distance, and still directs it to damaging places on the ground, but an improvement on her opposite left foot would help with the overall consistency and efficiency of her kicking. Radford's stoppage craft around the ground is strong, as is her ability to clunk marks on a lead.

One area that really stands out from a technique perspective, is Radford's tackling, which is often a case of pinning one arm and leaving the ball handler with no ability to dispose of the ball cleanly. If the Essendon midfielder can tidy up kicking consistency - particularly her opposite foot - and at times decision making, then she has some nice defensive and offensive traits as a midfielder who can play in other positions.


Amelia Radford recorded 20-plus disposals in nine of her 15 VFLW games thus far, showing a high level of consistency to her accumulation.

Clean hands
Defensive pressure
Ground balls
Stoppage work
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]
Opposite foot




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2023Essendon VFLW5748105400270151621414.312.
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