Medium Utility


Charlie Molan

height: 187cm

weight: 86kg

D.O.B: 23-01-2003

Leagues: Coates Talent League Boys

POSITION: Medium Utility

SNAPSHOT: "Arguably the most well-balanced player in terms of footballing traits, Molan puts out consistent four-quarter efforts and can play anywhere on the field, making him the most versatile player going around."

Charlie Molan is a coach's dream. The Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels utility is the ultimate team player and one of the most guaranteed locks for playing a role his side needs. His defensive accountability, work rate and versatility make him perfect as that plug-and-play type who can go in any position on the field, and make few mistakes. He might not be the most flashy player and create those memorable offensive moments that everyone can relate to, but if you want a player that gives 100 per cent effort each and every game, and rarely makes a massive blue, then Molan is that player.


+ Defensive accountability
+ Work rate
+ Versatility
+ Consistency
+ Clean skills
+ Evasion


- Hurt factor
- Explosive speed

When watching Molan, the first thought you have is, the fact that there is nothing completely limiting him like some draft prospects. His ball use by hand or foot is clean, he is able to compete in the air or at ground level, he is smart enough to evade opponents to get out of trouble, and his work rate is higher than the majority of players out there. Drop him in the forward line and he kicks scores, put him in defence and he nullifies opponents and mops up, put him in midfield and he wins the ball and is able to execute to teammates cleanly. So with all that said and done, why is Molan perhaps not considered in the top few prospects?

As a whole, Molan just lacks that really damaging trait or aspect. He does not have that explosive speed or real hurt factor that can win a game off his own boot. But in saying that, Molan is underrated for what he does do, because he ticks a lot of boxes. The utility is the type of player every AFL club has had over the years, where they might not receive the outside accolades, but inside the four walls, they are highly valued, and Molan looms as that player. He is consistent with his disposal - be it short, medium or long by foot - as well as his composure by hand to quickly flick on a handball or open up space for a teammate.

From a defensive standpoint, there are few better than Molan for his repeat efforts, great work rate and endurance, and sheer consistency from that aspect. Throw in the versatility, and Molan offers so much to a club that it is worth viewing what he does well, compared to what he might not be able to. His consistency all year for the Rebels and coming through the Vic Country Under 16s and Under 19s program attest to his sheer willingness to succeed, and he is one of those players who will bleed for the jumper, and deserves a chance at the top level.



It is anticipated that Charlie Molan will land somewhere in the mid to late draft. He might not bear the elite explosive traits of some others, but for sheer consistency and few flaws, Molan is a far safer draft prospect than a lot of others, and expect a club to take a chance on him. He would undoubtedly impress clubs through the interview stage, and could easily be a leader in the future, and willing to take on any role that is thrust upon him at any level.

Coates Talent League Boys

2019GWV Rebels1510259131120125027.
2021GWV Rebels7386152370023003018298.19.616.
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