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Judd McVee

height: 182cm

weight: 72kg

D.O.B: 16-07-2003

One of the smoothest operators in the draft pool, Judd McVee is the kind of player you want rebounding the ball out of defence. He handles the ball cleanly and is efficient in his use by foot, showcasing class to manoeuvre out of tight spots and keep cool in a crisis. With greater consistency and enhanced midfield craft, McVee has the tools to become a tidy player at the top level.

The 18-year-old was impressive with plenty of midfield time during his state's Under 16 National Championships campaign in 2019, but has since found a more permanent home across half-back where his pure class comes to the fore. He averaged 14.8 disposals across 12 Colts games this season and even cracked the Reserves grade, before also representing WA in the improvised Under 19 carnival.


+ Class
+ Clean hands
+ Kicking
+ Rebounding


- Production
- Consistency


Image Credit: Pixell Photography

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