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Keeley Kustermann

height: 166cm


D.O.B: 17-04-2004

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, AFLW U18 Championships

Keeley Kustermann is one of the top South Australian prospects heading into the 2022 AFL Women's Draft. Having come through the pathway and represented the Croweaters on multiple occasions, the well-balanced utility was able to play a key role in the midfield at the 2021 AFL Women's Under 19 Championships. Fresh off a half-season with West Adelaide where she expanded her roles from half-back to half-forward and on a wing, Kustermann was able to spend time inside, and was just as comfortable there. The 166cm talent is comfortable wherever she plays, with a willingness to go in and get the ball, lay a tackle or receive and go. Whilst not possessing elite speed - she still has above average levels - it is her evasion ability, or that composure when under pressure that helps her stand out. She can use either side of her body to dispose of the ball and almost always picks the right decision.

In 2022, it will be fascinating to see where she plays at West Adelaide, with a potential midfield spot looming for the now top-age talent. Playing alongside fellow future AFL Women's talents in Zoe Venning and Lauren Young among others, the Bloods have been a hotbed of talent of late and Kustermann is no exception. With clean hands, lovely kicking technique and her unbelievable versatility, Kustermann is on the cusp of being around Rookie Me Central's Top 10 talents for 2022. If there was one area to build on going forward, it would be her accumulation, because when she wins it she uses it so well, so getting her hands on the pill more will make her all the more damaging.

SANFL Women's League

2021West Adelaide Women's7917967003108820098.81.910.
2022West Adelaide Women's1145717116005703026171912.76.319.

AFLW U18 Championships

2021South Australia Girls1392240080221134.
2022South Australia Girls301848500806260310.
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