Taylah Gatt

height: 169cm


D.O.B: 01-11-2004

Leagues: NAB League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Dandenong Stingrays’ Taylah Gatt is an explosive winger with terrific athleticism and a high impact-per-possession gamestyle. She has some areas to sharpen up in terms of influencing the play off-ball, but overall her ceiling is quite high, and she is one of the most damaging metres gained players in the AFLW Draft crop. An eye-catching player who will only get better with more development.


Taylah Gatt is one of the most damaging players in this year’s AFLW Draft crop. With incredible speed and vision, Gatt can break the lines and hit targets down the field going inside 50. Possessing a lovely kicking technique and a high impact-per-possession gamestyle, Gatt is a player who has shot up the draft boards in 2022.

The main question marks around Gatt surround her accumulation and contested work, both of which are not major concerns at the next level. Even with 10 disposals - her AFLW Under 18 Championships average - Gatt can often create a high volume of metres gained, most of which are kicks going inside 50. The fast winger is suited to the style given her work rate up and down the ground, and though at times she could get into more ball-winning positions, when she has it, she is incredibly noticeable.

Gatt was one of a number of Dandenong Stingrays to step up in a great year for the talent program, and she would quite often be a player that seemed like she had 20-plus disposals even when she had less than 10. Given the importance of wingers in the modern game of Australian rules football, Gatt is a highly talented prospect who will only benefit from being in the elite system.

Another area of improvement will be ironing out her consistency within games, particularly off-ball impact. Though it comes hand-in-hand with getting into the right spots, Gatt is still learning that area of her game. Once she has the ball in her clutches, she can do wonders with it. Her ground balls, though not untidy, could still be improved to make her that split second quicker to take off and create even more separation for her opponent, as very few could catch her when she gets going.

Expect Gatt to be a highly sought-after talent given her niche role, and abilities that perfectly suit that role. With pace to burn and nice technique, she is one with a high ceiling.


Taylah Gatt finished in the Top 20 for both the Yo-Yo test and 20m sprint at the preseason testing day, the only player to do so.

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