2021/22 Men’s Premier Cricket wrap: Camberwell Magpies

WITH the Victorian Men’s Premier Cricket competition wrapped after an entertaining 2021/22 campaign, it’s time to reflect on the season that was. Each side had a different journey over the last few months, so we take a look at how each side fared over the past six months.

The Camberwell Magpies showed glimpses of promise in season 2021/22, but could not convert it to wins. They finished with just three victories throughout their campaign, and ended up in the bottom two on the ladder at the end of their home and away fixture. There were some cracking displays throughout the season, but the Magpies lacked the consistency to turn it into a winning record.

They started their season in ideal fashion with a three-wicket win over Dandenong as they looked to build on a ripping opening round performance. Unfortunately, it was Camberwell’s last win in a while, as the Magpies struggled to maintain that form. Suddenly, they began to slide down the standings as their ability to produce a winning score began to waver. The Magpies only ended up winning two more games for the rest of the season, but one of those triumphs echoed around the competition as one of their best of the season.

Best Win

It was a contest that not many expected Camberwell to win. In Round 14, the Magpies were scheduled to take on Melbourne University, who were vying for a spot in the top four heading into the finals, while Camberwell were in the midst of a serious form slump. However, things did not go as planned, with the Magpies claiming one of the biggest upsets of the year. Despite only setting the required total at 169, Camberwell produced a magnificent performance with ball in hand. Melbourne University had delivered some big totals throughout the season, but they were held to just 106 runs in remarkable fashion by the Magpies.


There were a few contenders here, with a number of players shining in a disappointing team campaign. None more so than bowler Christopher Bridle, who was excellent with his aggressive style of delivery. He finished with 23 wickets for the season, which was equal 23rd in the competition, with a season-best performance of 4/31. While he was not always the most economical with ball in hand, he was always the one to get the breakthrough wicket whenever the Magpies needed one.

Next Season

There are a number of areas to be addressed for the Magpies to improve heading into next season. We saw the best sides throughout 2021/22 able to get to a score of 160+ on a weekly basis, so if Camberwell wish to climb the rankings, they will need to find a consistent method of reaching that total. Their bowling was decent, but not enough to win matches, so expect the recruitment of some big-hitting batsmen heading into season 2022/23.

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