PREVIEW | Green vs Gold – The future starts here

IT is a milestone week in the world of Australian women’s cricket.

In the first step of what may become something regular in the long term, a multi day Green vs Gold match is taking place in Adelaide.

With the increasing number of test matches the Australian women’s team is playing, the need for better preparation has been realised, and as such this game has been added to the calendar and is hoped will be the start of something bigger.

With the top tier of Australian talent away in India on WPL duties, this game will consist of the next tier down of talent, with many of the players playing later today very young.

The Green squad will be captained by Heather Graham with Chloe Piparo as her vice captain.

In the team includes the likes of young quicks Hayley Silver-Holmes and Tayla Vlaeminck, and West Australian pair Maddy Darke and Amy Edgar. Sophie Reid was initially supposed to also be in the team, but is injured and was replaced by young NSW opener Tahlia Wilson.

Meanwhile the Gold side is being led by Queenslander Charli Knott, who has Victorian keeper Nicole Faltum as her deputy.

Young quicks Darcie Brown, Tess Flintoff and Milly Illingworth will all suit up for the Gold side today, as will seasoned campaigners Katie Mack and Amanda-Jade Wellington.

Kim Garth was also meant to be in the Gold team, but has stayed home to prepare for Australia’s upcoming tour of Bangladesh, and was replaced in the side by young quick Stella Campbell.

The Green vs Gold match will get underway at Adelaide’s Karen Rolton Oval later this morning, and will run from today until March 7.



Heather Graham (c), Chloe Piparo (vc), Maitlan Brown, Maddy Darke, Amy Edgar, Alana King, Lilly Mills, Kate Peterson, Hayley Silver-Holmes, Courtney Sippel, Tayla Vlaeminck, Georgia Voll, Tahlia Wilson


Charli Knott (c), Nicole Faltum (vc), Emma de Broughe, Darcie Brown, Stella Campbell, Sophie Day, Tess Flintoff, Sianna Ginger, Milly Illingworth, Katie Mack, Grace Parsons, Courtney Webb, Amanda-Jade Wellington

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