Scouting Notes: 2022 AFLW Futures

IMPRESSIVE efforts from Woodville-West Torrens utility Shineah Goody and Peel Thunder winger Kaitlyn Srhoj earned the pair best on ground performances for their respective sides in the 2022 AFLW Futures game at GMHBA Stadium yesterday. We took note of the top performers in the match, with a number of players from various states standing out in the trial match to determine next year’s AFLW Academy.

TEAM BLACK 1.1 | 3.4 | 5.5 | 6.9 (45)
TEAM WHITE 4.1 | 5.1 | 5.3 | 7.1 (43)


Team Black: G. Clark 2, S. Peters, S. Goody, D. Davies, G. Whittaker
Team White: B. Parker 2, L. Keck, A. Raison, M. Lamb, S. Berry, B. Parker


Team Black: S. Goody, M. Brooksby, G. Clark, J. Henry, K. Weston-Turner
Team White: K. Srhoj, S. McMullen, L. Keck, B. Barwick, P. Window


#1 Elaine Grigg (North Adelaide/South Australia)

The high-speed pressure player applied her usual gamestyle to the match, catching the eye with her close down speed and presence around the ground balls. At times she would be a little overzealous with her tackling causing some frees against, but her work rate was incredibly high. Possessing clean hands on a damp deck was crucial, and though she would tend to rush a touch by foot, her decision making was sound.

#2 Sophie Peters (Maroochydore/Queensland)

The bottom-age winger who showed some promising signs against Vic Metro at the AFLW Under 18 Championships largely did her best work up forward, kicking a goal with a soccer off the deck in the second term after running hard forward. She had another flying shot on goal that missed to the right, and finished the day with 1.2. Generally used the ball effectively, putting it to a dangerous spot, with her other behind being from a set shot inside 50 – which she played on from – and was unfortunately just touched on the line.

#6 Shineah Goody (WWT Eagles/South Australia)

Another best on ground performance from the star midfielder who seemed to be everywhere, played not only in the middle, but in defence and up forward. Her positioning all over the ground was as one has come to expect, with Goody’s high-level footy smarts and ability to get into ball-winning positions, allowing her to control play throughout. After mopping up in defence the first term, she had a couple of shots on goal in the second, with the first just missing to the right, and the last – which was the final kick of the half – sailed home in an important goal for her side. She took a number of intercept marks in defence, and was terrific with ball-in-hand, able to make great decisions, deservedly earning best-on for her side in the win.

#9 Molly Brooksby (Norwood/South Australia)

Was a clear standout with Goody throughout the four quarters, and the Norwood midfielder is always so clean and composed. Her decision making is fantastic, and she is able to sum up situations quickly, and even gain distance down the ground such as in the second term where she kicked under pressure along the boundary line to gain 40m and ensure it was not deliberate. Brooksby looks inboard to open up play whenever possible, and when going forward, lowers her eyes to hit leading targets coming out. Even if she does not hit the target by foot, she puts it into a damaging position to force the defender to spoil.

#13 Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner (Western Jets/Victoria)

The Western Jets double-barrel is a high impact player, and her performance for Team Black in the game was no different. She started with a strong intercept mark and kick to a dangerous spot inside 50, which would become the trademark for her performance. Weston-Turner has a booming kick that can go 50m, and though at times she could do with a touch more composure, her size and athleticism – as she showed when dancing through opponents at a forward stoppage – is something to behold, and will make her a really exciting prospect in 2023.

#19 Jaime Henry (Swan Districts/Western Australia)

Henry is a consistent midfielder who will always give 100 per cent effort and a player anyone can rely on to get the job done each week. She is strong in close, with clean hands and effective foot skills, which pair well with her high-level footy smarts. She was often found right in the thick of it, burrowing herself into the contest and winning free kicks for either her tackles, or getting there first. The on-and-off wet conditions suited the big-bodied inside midfielder perfectly, and she was able to have an influence on the match.

#20 Georgia Clark (Glenorchy/Tasmania)

The Tasmanian tall forward just kept getting better as the game went on, looking more and more dangerous leading up. She finished with two goals, but could arguably have kicked a bag, with a number of chances from various set shots. Of her 16 disposals, 10 came in the second half, with her first goal coming off a dribbler in the first term to kick Black’s solitary goal late in the term. She kicked her second later in the fourth quarter with a good mark on the lead and subsequent set shot from 30m, having missed one just before, and then another earlier from the pocket. Her aggression at the ball carrier matched her aerial ability, and she presents as one of the most damaging forwards in next year’s AFLW Draft.

#22 Darcie Davies (Southport/Queensland)

Just as one Davies sister gets drafted, another one steps up, and after Giselle and Fleur have both been shining lights for Queensland over the past couple of years, now it is Darcie’s turn. The 184cm ruck/forward competed well against the taller Scholz, and then was able to go inside 50 and take a good mark in the third term. She converted the set shot well from 40m, and though she was not always consistent with her marking, provided a presence, and that rare athleticism from a player of her size.


#1 Brooke Barwick (Glenorchy/Tasmania)

Smooth and composed, Barwick is one of the cleanest midfielders going around, and she is able to balance her skill with her toughness, being a consistent performer through the midfield for Team White. She was busy across the ground, and able to win the ball in traffic, also moving well in and out of opponents. She did make a few uncharacteristic mistakes by foot, but her overall performance was impressive and she drew a number of free kicks for her hard work.

#2 Lila Keck (Bendigo Pioneers/Victoria)

Vic Country’s top AFLW Draft prospect for next season, the Bendigo Pioneers small had some highs and lows throughout the game, and is the type of player that wears her heart on her sleeve. The lows included a 50m penalty for coming over the mark, and rushing a kick here or there when there could have been another option to give off to, but the highs were incredible, with Keck snapping the first goal of the game off the right boot to bounce home. Her vision in tight was very good, and her disposal by hand was clean, always looking to keep it moving, and staying active in the contest.

#4 Sienna McMullen (Bond University/Queensland)

The Queensland midfielder came to play in the game, being a standout talent and arguably second best for Team White with her work across all thirds, particularly pushing hard in defence. McMullen has nice athletic traits which she uses to burst away from the stoppage, or on the outside to create some separation. Not too dissimilar to boasting traits of Brooksby, McMullen is clean by hand or foot, and her short, sharp kicks are particularly potent. When not able to hit a target, she gets in the right area, and her disposal by foot is at least piercing which is a promising sign. Her clean hands off the deck were also impressive, and she work hard in defence.

#6 Piper Window (Glenelg/South Australia)

It was another consistent performance from the Glenelg talent who is arguably an efficient kick away from being an all-round draft prospect. Her strength on the inside is outstanding, her hands are clean and she can impact up forward or at the coalface. Though her performance did not show anything that draft watchers did not already know, Window proved she is among the top contested ball winners, cracking in hard and providing that defensive pressure, winning a number of free kicks from tackles.

#8 Kiera Whiley (Western Jets/Vic Metro)

Whiley looms as a player who is an all-round talent both offensively and defensively, and can play a wide variety of positions as well. She is generally clean by hand or foot, gets into the right positions, shows good footy smarts and lowers her eyes with strong vision. She might not quite have the four-quarter consistency just yet Whiley has a lot of upside for next season, and she is one who looks comfortable as a midfielder.

#10 Kaitlyn Srhoj (Peel Thunder/Western Australia)

The Peel Thunder winger played inside in the match, and worked well with her burst and work rate up and down the ground to amass more touches than anyone else on Team White. Despite only getting the one official clearance playing inside, it was Srhoj’s spread from the inside to outside, and ability to win the ball in transition and distribute by hand that really caught the eye. Earning best-on for her side, Srhoj’s run and carry from the midfield going forward is how she impacts a contest consistently. She kicks to the right spots, and hit up a teammate perfectly on the lead in the final term after a nice burst to create separation from her opponent. Though she is not always pinpoint with her passes, Srhoj has a lot going for her and has high upside for the future.

#11 Madison Lamb (North Hobart/Tasmania)

Donning the pink helmet for the game as she had for the NAB League Girls season, Lamb had the same impact on the game as she does for the Devils, but even had more time and space. She missed a chance early in the first term from 15m out off a rushed kick, but soon shrugged off a would-be tackler and slotted a goal on the move from 20m. Her hands were clean and quick, and she even spent time in the midfield, where she was able to help shovel the ball out to teammates before spending most of her time on the outside.

#22 Amy Gaylor (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro)

Had a massive first term before going quieter later in the game, Gaylor had one kick and 10 handballs for the match, but picked up the seven clearances. Six of those disposals and four clearance came in the opening quarter, with her clean hands at ground level – and ability as a first possession winner – coming to the fore. She might not have had a four-quarter game, but she will be one to watch through the NAB League next season.

#29 Matilda Scholz (Glenelg/South Australia)

The towering ruck had the height on her opponents, and look impressive there, even though her kicking under pressure was hit and miss. Then Scholz remarkably went into defence, playing full-back in a role that not many might have predicted from the ruck and resting forward, though Scholz did it pretty well, providing good run on a number of occasions. At one point in the fourth term, Scholz kicked out from full-back and ran it down to half-back, kicking long to the wing.

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