WA announces State Academy Women’s Summer squad

WESTERN Australia has named its Women’s State Academy squad ahead of the 2023 season to train over Summer. The squad, which features 30 players across the West Australian Football League (WAFL) Women’s has a balance of players across all three lines. Headlined by AFLW Academy member Georgie Cleaver and All-Stars best-on for her side Kaitlyn Srhoj, the Sandgropers have some impressive developing talent.

Cleaver headlines half a dozen East Fremantle prospects, including fellow tall Anjelique Raison, who represented Western Australia at Under 18s level this year as a defender, but has proven herself up the other end for the Sharks as well. Taya Chambers can play off half-back or further afield, with small forward Tiani Teakle the youngster sister of Port Adelaide’s Julia. Another bottom-ager next year is forward/wing Zippy Fish who looms as the Black Ducks top prospect for 2024.

Swan Districts’ Jaime Henry is another potential Top 20 pick this year, with the midfielder looking comfortable in the role after playing defence for her first 18 months in the WAFL Women’s. Black Ducks teammate Tyla Fitzgerald also impressed as a bottom-ager this year, while over-age defender Mackenzie Webb was invited back into the State Academy program. The other two over-age prospects (2004-born) are Swan Districts’ Kloe Taylor and East Perth’s Ruby Burgess.

West Perth duo Liliana Grassenis and Kayla Van Den Heever are both draft possibilities for next year, with pair having key roles in the Falcons’ inaugural League side in 2022. Tackling machines Jorja Elisseou and Rosie Anderson, and exciting forward Ella Slocombe enter their top-age years as well. From a bottom-age perspective, along with Fish, Peel Thunder’s Jorja Haines, Claremont’s Claudia Wright, West Perth’s Megan Norbury and South Fremantle’s Molly O’Hehir and Noa McNaughton are among the top talents for the state the following year.

The full list is below, with the full squad to take part in two camps, in November and January respectively. From there, the State Academy will aid selectors in picking a West Australian squad for the 2023 AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships. The West Australians take on South Australia in Perth on April 30, the Allies in Sydney on August 6, and Vic Country back at home on August 20.


Name SurnameClub
Jorja Elisseou Claremont 
Eva O’Donnell Claremont 
Ella Slocombe Claremont 
Claudia Wright Claremont 
Mackenzie Webb Claremont 
Holly Gill Donnybrook (SW) 
Anjelique Raison East Fremantle 
Taya Chambers East Fremantle 
Georgie Cleaver East Fremantle 
Zippy Fish East Fremantle 
Tiani Teakle East Fremantle 
Tayah Palmer East Fremantle (MW) 
Ruby Burgess East Perth 
Jorja Haines Peel Thunder 
Kate Newson Peel Thunder 
Dakota Sexton Peel Thunder (SW) 
Kaitlyn Srhoj Peel Thunder 
Noa McNaughton South Fremantle 
Zoe Keley South Fremantle 
Molly O’Heir South Fremantle 
Rosie Anderson South Fremantle (UGS) 
Indiana West Swan Districts (SW) 
Riley Fisher Swan Districts (SW) 
Jaime Henry Swan Districts 
Tyla Fitzgerald Swan Districts 
Jorgina Kean Swan Districts 
Kloe Taylor Swan Districts 
Megan Norbury West Perth 
Kayla van den Heever West Perth 
Liliana Grassenis West Perth 

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