TALENTED Vic Metro teenagers have pressed their case for the number one pick in the fourth round of the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships.

Vic Metro’s seven-goal opening quarter was sheer dominance, running out winners by 67-points against South Australia at Etihad Stadium on Friday.

Possible no.1 picks Will Sutherland and Cameron Rayner were damaging in the attacking half of the ground, with Sutherland’s clean pick ups from ground level impressive, booting two goals from his 13 disposals. Rayner showed his power, clunking multiple contested marks completing an impressive outing with 16 disposals, seven marks and five goals.

Eastern Rangers forward Jaidyn Stephenson had his best game of the carnival with 28 disposals and five goals, showing off his good burst of speed.

Metro’s 190cm players Nicholas Coffield and Charlie Constable both looked first round selections and will no doubt be in recruiters minds as possible top ten selections.

Coffield’s composure in the defensive half of the ground was impressive and his poise with ball in hand was impressive to collect 19 disposals. Constable backed up his best-on-ground performance from last week with 23 disposals, seven marks and a goal, again showing his cleanness through the midfield.

Metro captain Joel Garner (eight disposals) cracked in hard when he needed to go, but suffered an ankle issue in the second term – that left him on the bench for the entire last quarter.

In his first game back from a quad injury, Sandringham Dragon Andrew Brayshaw showed good signs with 20 disposals and five inside 50s attending multiple centre bounces.

In what was a disappointing day for South Australia, bottom-ager Izak Rankine was their best gathering 22 disposals. Rankine showed off an elite side step and booted a goal from the pocket in the tightest of angles.

Tall Defender Harrison Petty was one who may’ve increased his draft stocks, marking well in defence and distributing the ball well on his right foot. Petty finished the day with 18 disposals, seven marks and six rebound 50s.

South Adelaide tall Nathan Kreuger showed promise in his opening game of the Under 18 Championships, booting a goal in the second quarter, providing a marking option up forward for South Australia. Kreuger finished the day with 16 disposals, eight marks and five inside 50s.

Possible top ten draftee Darcy Fogarty was unable to get into the contest, recording just four disposals and three tackles.

Both sides will converge on Simonds Stadium on Wednesday, with Vic Metro playing the Allies at 2.10pm, while South Australia will face Vic Country at 4.40pm.

VIC METRO                            7.3      11.3      15.5           18.7 (115)
SOUTH AUSTRALIA               1.1      4.2         4.5            6.12 (48)                   

VIC METRO: Stephenson 5, Rayner 5, Sutherland 2, Constable, Petruccelle, L.Fogarty, Podhajski, Hayes, Xerri
SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Crowden, Kreuger, Lukosius, Rankine, Denton, Hewson

Constable, Rayner, Stephenson, Higgins, Coffield, Mynott
SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Rankine, Petty, Kreuger, Edwards, Crowden, Martini

Matt Balmer’s scouting notes:

Vic Metro:

#3 Ethan Penrith – Was a tackling machine in the defensive 50 laying a game-high nine tackles. He was cleaner than the game at Punt Road, not fumbling as often. Has played mostly as a small defender, but his one appearance up forward for Northern might be worth continuing after the carnival as he can turn the ball over at stages rebounding out of defence. His tackling and pressure would make him appealing as a small forward in the mould of the Richmond AFL forwards at the moment.

#19 Cameron Rayner – Again got the job done up forward and through the midfield. Has been isolated at times by the Metro coaches as the deepest forward where he can clunk marks with ease. There were a few occassions when the ball went up in the air and he was the only player who just wanted to get the ball. 16 disposals, seven marks and five goals – A stellar day that enhanced his no.1 pick chances.

#23 Jaidyn Stephenson – Played his best game of the season and bounced back after a disappointing carnival to date. Collected 28 disposals playing on the wing and across half forward. His field kicking can be a off at stages and he did miss a few targets throughout the game. Overall though, he managed to boot five goals and his game showed that he is more than just a forward. Possesses a good burst of speed which he applied well at certain stages.

#24 Charlie Constable – Another super performance that has stamped his paper as a first round selection – if not a top ten. Constable was again clean around the ground and super at the stoppages, where he was able to use his good hands to clear the ball to teammates. Another strength was his tackling and very rarely when he tackles does the ball come loose, resulting in a few free kicks for holding the ball. Laid seven tackles to go with his 23 disposals.

#25 Nicholas Coffield – Again was the general in defence and dominated his match-up with Darcy Fogarty. In traffic he doesn’t seem rushed and finds targets by hand and foot with ease. His efficiency numbers are some of the best in this draft pool and like Constable shapes as another 190cm player who can play through the midfield. Should feature in a similar draft range to Constable.

#31 Will Sutherland – Took another step forward after last week and was superb in the opening quarter. Picks the ball up from ground level better than anyone and shovels out quick handballs to teammates. Booted two goals from his 13 disposals and did have a run around in the midfield as the game went on. For a bloke coming off a limited football preseason and being his first year in the ‘rep footy’ pathway, there has been plenty of promising signs.

South Australia: 

#2 Izak Rankine – Arguably leading the race for the South Australian MVP. Is lively on the outside and his work forward of centre is very good. Was SAs leading disposal winner with 22 and booted a goal. His flashy moments are very good and certainly catches the eye. The bottom-ager has been super and would be a high selection if he was eligible for this year’s draft.

#13 Jackson Edwards – The Adelaide father-son selection again was solid without starring. Found 21 disposals and laid five tackles. Used it well on his left foot and looks most comfortable on the outside.

#16 Mitch Crowden – Strong lad who cracks in hard at every opportunity. Laid seven tackles and was superb in the midfield for SA. Mostly chose to dispose of it by hand coming out of heavy traffic, but was able to weave his way through the stoppages.

#38 Harrison Petty – One of South Australia’s best – playing as a tall defender, before switching forward late in the contest. Intercepted the ball well and defended well when he needed to. Rebounded it well off his right foot and is a player who no doubt would’ve caught the eye of those watching at home.

#40 Darcy Fogarty – A disappointing day with just four disposals and three tackles. At times he picked and choosed when he wanted to defend, mostly spending the game forward. It would’ve been nice to see him thrown back as he has played some good games there at stages. Will be interesting to see how he bounces back on Wednesday.

#41 Nathan Kreuger – Was one of the shining lights up forward and does lead to the question as to why he hadn’t played a game earlier for South Australia. Took eight marks and had five inside 50s, often turning onto his left foot and finding a target with ease. Very athletic player who can do some things that other forwards can’t. One I hope who can do it again on Wednesday, justifying his place inside my top 30 all season.


Date Time League Season
June 30, 2017 4:40 pm Under 18s Championships 2017


Vic Metro U18s456995115187115
South Australia726294861248

Vic Metro U18s

# Player Position K HB D M CP UP T HO CLR I50 R50 GL
1Dylan Moore-515201129503310
2Jack Higgins-12172961812605400
3Ethan Penrith-10414158900040
4Lachlan Fogarty-68142410801101
5Patrick Naish-94134210400510
8Joel Garner-448134100110
9Andrew Brayshaw-515202614401510
11Ryley Stoddart-51015158200110
13Trent Mynott-8101837111001220
14Jack Petruccelle-549154301311
15Angus Styles-97166412401120
17Adam Cerra-8816289707320
19Cameron Rayner-9716798403315
22Riley Jones-314123400000
23Jaidyn Stephenson-1612283524502335
24Charlie Constable-7162341013703301
25Nicholas Coffield-118194514201340
26Mitchell Podhajski-92116011200131
28Noah Balta-909445101340
30Hayden McLean-549245281100
31Will Sutherland-8513485401302
36Tristan Xerri-55104644130101
37Sam Hayes-63931021233001
14Izak Rankine-000000000000
3James Rowe-000000000000
5Stefan Giro-000000000000
13Connor Rozee-000000000000
12Alex Martini-000000000000
13Jackson Edwards-000000000000
14Isaac Hewson-000000000000
15Jordan Houlahan-000000000000
16Mitch Crowden-000000000000
17Brad McCarthy-000000000000
18Brodie Carroll-000000000000
24Brandon Zerk-Thatcher-000000000000
26Josh Smithson-000000000000
27Liam Denton-000000000000
32Thomas Schmusch-000000000000
34Sam Davis-000000000000
42Jack Lukosius-000000000000
29Charlie Ballard-000000000000
38Harrison Petty-000000000000
40Darcy Fogarty-000000000000
41Nathan Kreuger-000000000000
45Bryce Denham-000000000000
49Callum Coleman-Jones-000000000000
 Total 17416934372142205994435503118

South Australia

# Player Position K HB D M CP UP T HO CLR I50 R50 GL
2Izak Rankine-12102241211003321
3James Rowe-58132510202210
5Stefan Giro-12102231113303040
6Connor Rozee-369336600100
12Alex Martini-146205139705230
13Jackson Edwards-129214813501220
14Isaac Hewson-128203614302401
15Jordan Houlahan-459262603310
16Mitch Crowden-811193712705201
17Brad McCarthy-10717389303220
18Brodie Carroll-4610437300020
24Brandon Zerk-Thatcher-246133200000
26Josh Smithson-437324400010
27Liam Denton-213114400001
32Thomas Schmusch-459227000210
34Sam Davis-369238000200
36Jack Lukosius-7411639100101
37Charlie Ballard-93123011000230
38Harrison Petty-117187117321260
40Darcy Fogarty-224113300200
41Nathan Kreuger-10616896212501
45Bryce Denham-0440312152010
49Callum Coleman-Jones-46102465241000
1Adam Cerra-000000000000
6Charlie Constable-000000000000
6Patrick Naish-000000000000
6Ryley Stoddart-000000000000
7Jack Petruccelle-000000000000
8Nicholas Coffield-000000000000
9Andrew Brayshaw-000000000000
10Riley Jones-000000000000
10Angus Styles-000000000000
10Dylan Moore-000000000000
11Ethan Penrith-000000000000
12Noah Balta-000000000000
14Trent Mynott-000000000000
14Lachlan Fogarty-000000000000
16Jaidyn Stephenson-000000000000
18Sam Hayes-000000000000
19Cameron Rayner-000000000000
21Joel Garner-000000000000
30Mitchell Podhajski-000000000000
30Hayden McLean-000000000000
31Will Sutherland-000000000000
35Jack Higgins-000000000000
44Tristan Xerri-000000000000
 Total 1541372917212417571423337296


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