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Morgan Ferres

height: 190cm

weight: 80kg

D.O.B: 13-03-2003

Leagues: SANFL Reserves, SANFL Under 18s

Image Credit: Mel Faull/Get Snapt

POSITION: Medium-Tall Forward

SNAPSHOT: "A hard working, endurance-based forward who might be undersized at 190cm, but he is a strong contested mark with good athletic capabilities."

Morgan Ferres is a player who had two of the most dominant Under 18s performances of the season for Sturt, booting a mind-boggling 13.8 in those games, also averaging 17.5 disposals, 9.5 marks - including three contested - in two big wins. He went up to Reserves level where he found the going a little tougher, averaging a goal a game, but nonetheless his work rate and athleticism were still adaptable against senior bodies. He is far from the finished product with some areas to clean up, but overall Ferres presents as a player whom clubs might take a chance on later in the draft.


+ Endurance
+ Work rate
+ Contested marking
+ Scoreboard impact
+ Athleticism


- Defensive pressure
- Kicking consistency

The Sturt prospect plays like a mobile tall forward, but in reality he is that awkward 190cm height. This means clubs will need to look long and hard as to what role he plays at the elite level. He has the mobility to be a third tall, which is likely where he lands, but then he has the body that acts like a key position player. Ultimately though, at his size, he will slot into that medium-tall bracket where he can potentially take advantage of weaker opponents who might not be able to match him for either endurance or athleticism.

He has the high-level work rate to push up and down the ground if required, and he is not afraid to work up to a wing to win the ball. This will be important at AFL level, and he can use his strengths to work over an opposition defender. He has enough speed and agility to be more mobile than opposition defenders, without being elite per se. It is more his defensive pressure off the ball that could be utilised better given his endurance, as well as his kicking consistency when he wins the pill.

Ferres might be viewed as a later draft prospect based on the above and the question marks, but there is a lot to like about the Double Blues talent. His strong hands and consistency at hitting the scoreboard is a positive, and his athletic profile allows him to create scoring opportunities in multiple facets. Throw in his experience against senior opponents, and it gives clubs an idea that Ferres can still impact regularly if given the chance. He might need to develop his game at state league level, but is one that has the base foundation going forward.

DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie


Ferres is a medium-tall forward who plays that tall role despite standing at 190cm. His two performances at Under 18s level were out of this world, and he was still a solid contributor for his age at Reserves level. Whilst he is far from the complete package, ironing out some inconsistencies and areas to improve, he is one who might be picked up late in the draft, or perhaps as a rookie with a long-term view on his scope as a player.

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SANFL Under 18s

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