Determined Ferling never gave up despite hurdles

PERTH Scorchers and ACT Meteors star Holly Ferling has faced plenty of setbacks in the past few years, with injury after injury keeping her away from the sport she loves.

But she is back and determined as ever to keep playing cricket.

During her time off due to injury, her very structured nature helped her get through the challenges the injuries caused her to face.

“I think what I’ve learnt what’s best for me is you’ve got to give yourself a bit of time to, grieve isn’t the right word but be upset, feel the feels, and then I’m a very structured person, so the one thing that helped me the most is having a plan and being able to see the plan. So literally printing out a calendar and having days that I can tick off, and you count down the sessions until you can do a certain movement in the gym or until you can start running or whatever it might be that gets added into the program.”

Like many young girls, her love for cricket began in the backyard with her brother in Queensland.

“I think for me it was in the backyard playing with and against my brother, but probably I never actually knew that it was an option for girls,” she said.

“I grew up watching it all on tv and never seeing the girls, but I used to go along to my brother’s club trainings and bowl in the nets to him and his club team mates, and that was probably where it kind of started, was sticking it to the boys as much as I could. But definitely playing and training alongside my brother was where it all began, and he has definitely what made me the player I am.”

The Sunshine State is where Ferling started her WNCL career, but at the end of last summer she made a move she admitted she did not think she would ever make, and that is south to join the ACT for this summer.

What began as conversations in the back end of last summer led to a realization for Ferling that her three core values of love, impact and improvement lined up well with the values of the Meteors, and she just could not turn down the multi year offer on the table for her from the Meteors.

The WNCL move was not the only one for her in the offseason, with Ferling moving WBBL clubs across to the Perth Scorchers ahead of the season that just finished.

Ferling wasn’t sure where she would be this season and for a while was not sure she would have a home for WBBL08, but the Scorchers came through last minute and everything aligned up well.

Renowned for her pace bowling and is a self confessed poor batter, she has an interesting reason as to why she became a pace bowler as opposed to spin bowler.

“Weirdly I think it’s such an uncoordinated action and I’m such an uncoordinated person that I think it was a match made to be” she said.

“Probably my height and everything leant itself to pace, but it was one of those funny things where you go along to some of these trials with girls, and a school team which was the first team I was apart of, and I could naturally bowl and it would go nice and straight and everything and I’d get some decent bounce, versus some of the other girls who were still trying to coordinate the arms and the feet and everything else.”

Although she has made Australian teams in the past before the injury issues, her goal now is to dominate at domestic levels and “control the controllables”.


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